View Full Version : Changing my stance on the last draft

08-18-2011, 05:08 PM
I had previously stated that I thought they should have traded several picks forward to the next draft since we would be relying more on veterans and the rookies with a short camp would not be getting much in value in year one. So much so that I thought a 4th round and under draft pick would have been deemed worthless with a lost year.
BUT with this ridiculous kickoff rule, I don't think we need to keep ANY special teams aces. Battle gone and whoever else was left on the roster for a similar position. We have often kept 2 suck players.
But now I think we can just keep 2 more rookies, get them on the field a bit this way and make them at least run down the field. Returns are going to be a minimum, so not worth 2 higher prices veterans. This will kill players like Allen and Battle. Mundy would never have had a job. And similar.
So I do think we will have room for at least 2 more rookies, this keeping 5 total. Both rookie CBs likely make the team though I don't think either will be for poop as CBs in the long run, but that's my opinion. I still think we only end up keeping 2 of these rookies long term because of this preseason due to lockout. But they will be 1 year cheap fodder. No more $900K veteran minimums for players that don't play much offense or defense. Now punting may have problems, so beware. we better kick HIIIIGH.