View Full Version : Memorial Stadium - Night Practice

07-26-2011, 10:31 AM
Looking for some advice. I've been taking my kids to Steelers camp the last few years, but always to Saint Vincent in the afternoons. Due to our schedule this year, the only practice we can make is the night one at Memorial Stadium. I know how to find it, the practice is at 7pm, and that gates open at 5pm, but I need some insider info....

Can the kids still get autographs at this practice? Any advice on when and where to set-up for their best opportunity?
Do they sell merchandise there? Same stuff I'd find at SVC? Footballs for autographs or hats, etc?
Gates open at 5pm. Do I need to be there earlier? Does a big line form and rush the grounds like at SVC?
I'm assuming I'll just throw a blanket on the bleachers to save our seats. How's bleacher etiquette there?
Can we eat there? Can I bring food in?

Thanks! Andy