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06-27-2011, 11:19 AM
Well, while many of us seem to believe that these rankings are bogus, there are only 10 players remaining and one of them is our guy. Who wants to take a shot at how they will be ranked? Not how you would rank them but how the list will end up.

Here is who is remaining alphabetically:

Andre Johnson
Ray Ray

Here is my list:

10 - Peppers: I don't see how he made it this far. He would have made my list 5 years ago but now he is here on reputation.

9 - Reed: I think that Ray Ray will rank higher because of the respect the players have for him league wide. Given the choice of having to make someone a bit lower, his teammate gets knocked down.

8 - Brees: Again a situation where the players are thinking that they can't go 1,2,3 QB so someone has to take a fall. Perception still has the top 2 being Manning and Brady so Brees falls down.

7 - Lewis: Okay, enough adulation for this guy. He is one of the greatest of all time, but it is ridiculous to think that he is currently a top 10 player.

6 - Adrian Peterson: It does not look like the players list have given much credence to the RB position. CJ 13, Foster 25. only one in top 10 and 3 RBs in top 25.

5 - Andre Johnson: Only top 10 WR is also a top 5 guy

4 - Troy: Not bad, second highest ranked D player behind only Revis.

3 - Revis: IMO a little high as he shouldn't even be the #1 CB. Nnamdi gave up something ridiculous like only 13 completions to his man last year and no TDs yet he ranks behind Woodson and Revis. Even with a below average year last season due to injury, Revis ranks #3 overall and top D player.

2 - Manning: Rings beat stats - but just barely as the guy still makes it to #2.

1 - Brady: 36 TDs and 4 ints. Say what you want about the guy or his team, but he is the greatest game manager in history - and I mean that as a compliment.