View Full Version : Would you trade a young speedy WR for a young possession WR?

05-09-2011, 01:45 PM
First things first, I know we can't trade players during the lockout.

Second things second, I really like what I have seen from Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown so far.

Third things third, those two are quite similar, and we don't have a Hines-Ward-type waiting in the wings for the future (and Hines is on the back nine of his career).

Just a thought...St. Louis wasn't able to get the gamebreaking wideout it craved early, settling instead for a couple of very similar possession-type receivers in rounds 3 and 4 of this draft (Boise St.'s Austin Pettis and Hawaii's Greg Salas). The Rams could use a shifty speed demon, and we could use bigger, stronger tough guy with soft hands that can find holes in zones.

Would you trade, once the lockout ends, say, 2010 6th round pick Antonio Brown for 2011 4th round Greg Salas? Brown's raw speed and his added returnability, plus the fact that he has a year of NFL experience under his belt to show that he belongs, could be sufficient for the Rams to overlook the 2 round disparity in their recent draft position (it appears now that Brown was a bargain in the 6th, and should have probably gone at least a couple of rounds earlier).

Just seems like the Rams got two of the same guy in this year's draft (Pettis and Salas), and we got two of the same guy in last year's draft (Sanders and Brown), so a 1-for-1 swap to give us Sanders and Salas and them Pettis and Brown could make the future WR corps for both teams more well rounded.

Wide Receiver | Hawaii | SR Greg Salas
Height: 6-1? | Weight: 210 | 40-Time: 4.56

Terrific height and bulk
Naturally athletic and pretty smooth
Soft, reliable hands and good concentration
Superb ball skills and nice body control
Able to create and pick up yards after catch
High football IQ and just knows how to get open
Tough and not afraid to work across the middle
Smart and instinctive with a good work ethic
Durable and will play through pain / injuries
Lots of experience and was extremely productive

Timed speed is merely average, at best
Not very quick or explosive and lacks a burst
Doesn't get much separation. Not a vertical threat
Isn't a very polished route runner
Blocking leaves something to be desired
Played in a system that padded stats

Career Statistics
2006 RS - - - -
2007 7 3 35 11.7 1
2008 14 57 831 14.6 3
2009 13 106 1,590 15.0 8
2010 14 119 1,889 15.9 14
Totals 48 285 4,345 15.2 26



05-09-2011, 02:00 PM
The last series of the Super Bowl says "yes please."

05-09-2011, 02:42 PM
Wanna see something strange. Combine results...

Antonio Brown 40 time 4.5, 20 yard shuttle 4.18, 60 yard shuttle 11.3

Greg Salas 40 time 4.56, 20 yard shuttle 4.10, 60 yard shuttle 11.21

Pretty similar.

Here is my take. Both Sanders and Brown are undersized, but more quick twitch. Salas and Pettis are larger bodied slow twitch guys. It simply depends on what you like. IMHO, Sanders IS a possession receiver. He has the quickness out of his cuts and soft hands that make a possession receiver effective. He also has good downfield speed to back slower #2 corners off. Brown is a little different. AB is a return specialist and slot receiver with more wiggle and make you miss than Sanders. I think he is a very nifty runner who will continue to develop as he learns to set up his routes better. I think we are set for now. Hines is still here. Miller is a big possession receiver. Sweed will get one more look as a big bodied receiver. And, next year's draft is pretty stacked with good sized receivers. We can get one then if we need one. Right now, I like Sanders taking over as the starting possession receiver. Hines and Brown coming in for multiple receiver sets. I also think that Brown can be a special returner if we had better blocking in front of him. So, I don't want to trade Antonio Brown. Brown is our best kick/punt returner of the returning vets. They have already said that Curtis Brown likely won't be asked to return punts. Sanders likely won't be asked to return kicks as he becomes the starter opposite Wallace. So that leaves Brown and Randle El for punt returns and Brown and Baron Batch for kick returns. If we lose, Brown our return depth is completely shot.

Finally, if Donny Avery comes back healthy, the Rams don't really need a guy like Brown. Amendola fills that role to an extent too.

05-09-2011, 04:07 PM
I actually think Sanders and Brown are both possession receivers best utilized in the slot.

05-09-2011, 08:10 PM
No way I get rid of Brown. He's made plays in critical situations. He seems to have a natural ability that most don't have. I wanna see how this plays out in the near future.

And I'm still not counting out Limas Sweed. He's got some work to do, but may be the most gifted WR on our roster with the highest ceiling if he works hard and dedicates himself to the craft.

05-10-2011, 01:28 AM
We have a big possession receiver with soft hands. Heath Miller. So no.

05-10-2011, 02:17 AM
I would not trade Sanders or Brown for Greg Salas and I have watched virtually every game of Salas' career.

Salas will struggle to gain separation against NFL DBs, and Sanders and Brown are way more proven commodities with a lot of potential to get even way better.