View Full Version : Colbert's 20 SPECIAL players that we may not have considered

04-28-2011, 04:22 PM
Kevin Colbert's comment this week about there being 20 "special players" on the Steelers' draft board is really sticking in my mind about now. What to do with that information...

The Trade Up Option:

This could be one of those rare years like in 2003 and 2006 that we trade up to get a "special" guy that we really like, especially if our braintrust feels that there are only 20 of them and then a drop off in talent (and we are down in no man's land at #31). Pouncey is the guy most of us are focusing on for a potential trade-up, but what if Mike doesn't fall within a reasonable trade-up range, but someone else like Prince Amukamara or J.J. Watt unexpectedly fals (as Rick Gosselin suggested in his final mock earlier today)?

The Trade Down Option:

If a trade up is not in the cards, and none of the special 20 fall to us, then perhaps we could trade down with one of the teams picking in the top half of round 2 who want to move up to the latter portion of round one in order to get the 2nd tier QB of choice. If Colbert sees a dropoff after his top 20, and none of those guys are available, then what is the difference if we are picking in the early 30's, late 30's, or even early 40's, if we can get some extra assets in return?

An Unexpected Stay Put Option:

We've heard all of the usual suspects. Aaron Williams, of course, as 85% of mocks are seemingly picking for us. Cam Heyward if he falls. Derek Sherrod if he falls. Ras-I Dowling if we are convinced that his injury woes are behind him. We've talked about these guys endlessly already. I was racking my brain over other possibilities for who may be one of Colbert's "special" 20 prospects, who might fall into our laps that we really haven't considered all that much. I came up with one name: Adrian Clayborn.

I originally saw him as a 4-3 DT prospect rather than a 3-4 DE option, but then again, I thought the same things about Ziggy Hood a couple of years ago (both guys are 6'3", unlike Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel who are both 6'5"). He seems like a bright guy with a high motor...the only reason that he may slip could be if teams get scared off by the Erb's palsy, which doesn't worry me, since that is a condition that he has been dealing with since bith, has received therapy for it, and it hasn't impacted his productivity in a major college football program (in fact, it may have even made him a harder worker than your average prospect). I see Clayborn's Erb's palsy in the same light that I see Hines Ward's lack of an ACL...both sound bad, but those guys have played through those conditions forever, and it never seemed to slow them down whatsoever.

Just a thought...it's one name that I haven't heard much about with respect to the Steelers at all, but I think he might be a legit target for us tonight if things fall a certain way...just seems like the kind of guy our front office likes (and he wore a pretty sharp looking uniform in college as well). In fact, I may even alter my final prediction in PSUdropout's prediction contest, just to change things up a bit, giving me a target there that no one else has...