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03-08-2011, 09:40 PM
So, after a bit more investigative work on the Chadman's Awesome Draft Analysis thread, the picture becomes somewhat clearer. Or should we say, slightly less murky. Sort of. Just.

Still a long way away from anything to be realistically close to accurate, but we'll give this second Mock a run & see where we end up....


6'5" 288lbs


A change in direction. Chadman had previously had CB Brandon Harris selected here, but after doing a depth/value check, the real value may lie in selecting a young DE here as the drop-off from Round 1 to Round 2 is quite steep. The need for younger players on the DL cannot be overlooked, as only 1 player on the roster is under 30 years old. Heyward is a good player, good character, comes from a pig program, proven opposition & has a career record to prove he can play. He's the 'real deal'.

Pass rush: Though not a true outside pass-rush threat, he will pressure the quarterback no matter where he lines up. Lines up on either end, as well as at the five-technique and uses quickness off the snap and excellent length to split double-teams, get inside of linemen when man-up, or push back guards into the pocket. Agile enough to be effective on twists from the outside. Running backs and tight ends are no match against Heyward in pass protection. Tough one-on-one matchup for guards inside due to his lateral quickness, hustle and club move. Corrals and punishes quarterbacks in the backfield, closing quickly and exploding into the tackle. Inconsistent disengaging from blocks; better left tackles can stand him up and latch on with impunity. Can be pushed back with an initial punch but keeps coming to provide a strong secondary rush. Not a great threat to turn the corner from the edge. Forces tackle up the field and can spin inside to prevent scrambles or pressure quarterbacks stepping up into the pocket. Has the length to affect passing lanes when unable to reach the passer but could get his hands up more often.

Run defense: Strong against the run whether lining up against guards or tackles. Crashes down to close gaps. Can spin off of blocks when runners cut back against the grain. Crashes down on inside runs, using length to get into a play. Good punch to knock his man back, attacks the ball when it is in his area. Maintains edge discipline to prevent bootleg plays on his side of the field. His height can be used against him -- he fails to get low on occasion and loses leverage against stronger guards and double teams. Susceptible to cut blocks, though he is athletic enough to recover and get back into the play. Too strong for tight ends to handle one-on-one and uses leverage and hands to blow through edge blocks. Only adequate backfield awareness, will be sucked in on misdirection and lacks great change-of-direction agility.

Explosion: Excellent quickness off the snap, splits double teams with ease and provides a rare pop into his blocker's pads to knock him back. Will be first man off the ball when pinning his ears back on the rush. Very difficult for slower linemen to match his combination of strength and explosiveness, makes beating them look easy.

Strength: Flashes great upper-body and hand strength, dominating most college linemen with leverage and burst, but does not consistently overwhelm better players. Does not have exceptional muscle definition in his arms. Plays tall inside and lacks a great anchor to maintain his ground against NFL-caliber double-team blocking.

Tackling: Solid tackler; can be explosive and always gives good effort. Leans when closing on the ball to ensure contact and his long arms allow him to wrap consistently. Good hustle downfield on screens. Also follows plays down the line and can chase to the opposite sideline. Best when attacking plays in front of him. Though he can redirect well for his height and size, he doesn't change direction easily and lacks the immediate burst to play on the edge in the NFL.

Intangibles: He has a great attitude, work ethic and immense talent. Well-liked by his teammates and coaches, he has fun playing the game. Hustles without wearing down much during the game. Returned for his senior season because he enjoyed college and wanted to win a national championship. Father, the late Craig "Ironhead" Heyward, was a star running back in college and the NFL. Stepfather is Cory Blackwell, a star basketball player for the Wisconsin Badgers in the 1980s who played one season for the NBA's Seattle Sonics.

03-08-2011, 09:48 PM
Round 2

6'0" 185lbs


The coaching staff said it. Kevin Colbert said it. The press said it. We've been saying it for a couple of years. The Steelers need a DB upgrade. There will be a lot of clamouring for a Round 1 CB, but given the value/depth of the position, the drop-off from say Aaron Williams to Brandon Burton is not as steep as Hayward to the 2nd round DE's. Burton is good enough right now to contribute as the nickle- he's certainly better than Anthony Madison & likely Willie Gay. For the Steelers DB's to really improve next season, the Draft will only really offer a package formation fix- FA needs to provide the #2 CB upgrade. Burton possesses the size the Steelers like the CB's to have.

Read & React: Flies to the ball once recognizing where the it's going, exciting defensive coordinators playing a lot of zone. Tends to react a step late on out-cuts and comebacks when in man due to sloppy footwork. Needs coaching on how to read receivers off the line and anticipate routes.

Man Coverage: Scouts appreciate his quick feet on the edge in man, as he can turn and run with any receiver down the sideline. Good jitterbug backward from the snap to wait for receiver to make his move. Fluid enough to mirror routes. Likes to guess, however, which allows receivers to get inside position after a fake outside. Has the size to handle NFL receivers and is willing to lay his hands on them (officials believe he gets too grabby at times). Knocks away jump balls with above-average height and vertical, but needs more want-to in battling situations even against smaller receivers. Stays too high in his backpedal, limiting his change of direction ability.

Zone Coverage: Looks like a press corner but understands zone concepts and could excel in the right scheme. Comes off initial read to follow underneath route. Had communication issues with safeties at times, allowing plays down the seam. Good hand-eye coordination and closing speed to break up throws, but only adequate hands for the interception. Flashes the ability to knock away passes, but needs to find the ball in the air more regularly.

Closing/Recovery: Owns plenty of closing and recovery speed to earn playing time at the next level. Flies to shallow routes, even if in man coverage on another receiver. Recovers quickly enough to trail effectively over the middle or catch up to receivers downfield if beaten off the line. Wastes his speed at times by taking false steps transitioning forward from his pedal.

Run Support: Knows his assignments when attacking runs or quick screens. Forces plays inside, and can shed blocks to get to the ball. Should be more effective in this area given his size and strength. Does try to use his hands to defeat blocks, but is too easily held off plays by receivers giving up significant size. Does not feel lineman coming into his area, gets put on the ground.

Tackling: Usually uses his size, arm span and strength to bring down receivers immediately after the catch. Stops his feet after contact at times when tackling in the open field, allowing ballcarriers to run through his attempt. Resorts to cut tackles when unnecessary but is generally effective at taking out the legs of the ballcarrier. Does not defeat cut blocks with his hands. Gives some effort as a chaser downfield but could do more.

Intangibles: Took a leadership role with several players lost to graduation in 2009. Vocal on the field, letting young teammates know about miscommunications in the secondary and never backing down from an opponent's challenge. Seems to bounce back well after giving up a play.

03-08-2011, 09:55 PM
Round 3

6'6" 317lbs


Willie Colon has not been offered a long term contract. Flo Adams is older than Al Davis. The Steelers OL is bad- really bad if you ask some people. An upgrade is required, and the value/depth of the OT position flows nicely into the 3rd Round. Ok- he's not Derek Sherrod or Gabe Carimi. But Ziemba is big, tough & battle-tested against good competition. Steelers interviewed him at the Combine.

Positives: Massive mauler of a run blocker who can fire off the snap and move defenders. Started as a true freshman. Extremely experienced and durable prospect with good technique. Extends arms well and has a strong punch. Huge frame, long arms and powerful hands. Finishes blocks with attitude. Decent holding up against the bull rush despite his height. Can run and hit a second-level target.

Negatives: Somewhat high hipped and stiff, and tends to play high. Not athletic enough to hold up in the NFL off the edge in pass protection, which will require a move inside. Poor lateral agility. Knee bend is inconsistent; tends to lean. Lacks good balance and will end up on the ground too often. Can whiff in pass protection against quickness, especially double moves.

03-08-2011, 10:06 PM
Round 4

6'4" 241lbs


The Steelers play a 2TE set, so the 2nd TE is ACTUALLY a starter. Do YOU feel comfortable knowing that Matt Speath is a starter? Didn't think so. Kendricks is a quality recieving TE that will be able to contribute, if not start, right away. He's an UPGRADE to the team, in the 4th round. That's value.

Another in a long line of excellent Wisconsin tight end prospects (Travis Beckum, Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham). Long, lean-looking player with excellent athleticism. Former WR who still runs routes smoothly. Sells his blocks on play action and is able to get "lost" in a crowd. Gets off the LOS well and can get separation. Has good, soft hands for the catch and snatches the ball well. Excellent body control and can shield the ball from the defender effectively. Can be split out into the slot and can also operate out of the backfield. Willing, and surprising blocker who was asked to do a lot of it in the Badger offense. Can seal on the edge and can block on the move. Is an effective cut blocker. Not the strongest of TE blockers, but is better-than-expected for a guy who is primarily a receiving threat.
Has built-up speed and isn't going to run away from anyone except for the slower DEs and LBs. Seems to suffer from lapses in concentration as he has good hands, but will drop catchable passes too frequently. A bit shorter than you'd like at TE and not the strongest of in-line blockers. Probably more of an H-back candidate at the next level, and fewer teams utilize an H-back than a true TE, limiting his opportunities. Isn't going to get many looks as a FB because he's not physical enough as a lead blocker and plays too upright.
Kendricks is a good athlete who is a solid receiving threat and a better blocker than many others his size. If he runs well at the Combine, he could really vault himself up the draft boards. Looks to be a solid third to fourth round selection in the 2011 NFL Draft.

03-08-2011, 10:10 PM
I would be very ok with Heyward and Burton.

03-08-2011, 10:13 PM
Heyward would be a great value pick at 31. I think he has the potential to be very good and teamed with Ziggy, they could potentially be better than Kiesel and Smith.

03-08-2011, 10:13 PM
Round 5

6'7" 325lbs


The continued improvement of the Steeler OL is paramount to this offense as, we now, the OL has had...issues...for a number of years. Hurd is big enough & ugly enough to be able to at the worst, compete for a roster spot. The OL has been so bad these last few years, it almost can't hurt to throw a bunch of bodies at it & see which ones stand out. Big enough to handle OG/OT duties if required.

Positives: Has good athleticism and quick feet for his size. Uses his bulk and strength to create lanes as a run blocker. Gets under the pads of defenders and drives them out of the play. Sustains his blocks once he gets leverage on the defender. Kicks out and seal the edge and gets out to pull despite his hulking frame. Engulfs undersized linebackers. Has a strong upper body and uses his arms to sustain blocks in pass protection. Has good balance and recovers well when getting knocked backwards. Shows the ability to cut block. Knocks players to the ground when coming with a full head of steam. Has a quick first step off the snap. Explodes off the line and keeps his pad level low. Prevents quick penetration on running plays. Gets to the second level quickly. Works his way outside and squares up nicely on outside linebackers and cornerbacks.

Negatives: Lacks football instincts, often hitting the wrong target or seeming unsure whom to block. Looks uncomfortable as a pass blocker and tries to attack defenders with his body instead of keeping his balance and engaging them. Tends to catch the defender in pass protection instead of making the first contact. Doesn't keep his legs running when engaged. Fails to stay square at times and can be shed by defenders. Tends to lead with his shoulder rather than engage linemen with his hands. Gets lazy at times and prefers not to block downfield if the play isn't directly in his area. Doesn't take great angles and can fail to keep the defender in front of him.

03-08-2011, 10:19 PM
Round 6

6'0" 211lbs


The Steelers DB's are not complete with the addition of 1 CB. The Safeties are not getting any younger, and smart, athletic players added to the mix cannot hurt. LeGree's level of competition may drop him lower than he should be, but he is praised for his on-field awareness & leadership. Sounds like just the guy to learn behind Ryan Clark for a year or two.

LeGree is a physical, athletic defensive back who has ably filled the enormous shoes at safety left behind by three-time All-American Corey Lynch.
Good instincts, tackling and range.
Lacks elite speed.

03-08-2011, 10:26 PM
Round 7

6'2" 310lbs


Chris Hoke & Casey Hampton are 650lbs combined. They are also 67 years old, combined. They can't play forever & the need to find a younger body to replace at least Hoke in the next year or two is upon the Steelers. Larrimore is big enough, tough enough & has the experience against good competition. Might never be a starter, much in the way Hoke has never been a starter, but he can contribute when required.

03-08-2011, 10:44 PM
I would be very happy if the draft unfolded like this for the Steelers...I would much rather draft OG/OT Clint Boling out of Georgia in the 3rd round than Ziemba though.

03-08-2011, 11:09 PM
Don't shoot the messenger.

Senior Bowl note:

* I felt really badly for Auburn offensive linemen Lee Ziemba who was abused all day long. Every year, a player from Auburn or Alabama get invited to the Sr. Bowl who probably don't deserve to be here just based on the fact that the game is in Mobile and Ziemba's confidence has to be shot as HE is that player this year. Ziemba has issues with strength at the point of attack and is being pushed around way too frequently.

03-08-2011, 11:16 PM
Okay, so Ziemba got some bad press, but regardless, I like the position selected there, just maybe a different player. The only other thing I would change is that if the kicker from Nebraska is available in the 6th the Steelers should take him. He would present great value in the 6th round, he's got a big leg and an accurate FG kicker. He is also a punter; so he would provide real value for a 6th round selection. He could potentially free a roster spot (the punter) and provide deep kickoffs (something the Steelers lacked) and he's a reliable point producer.


03-09-2011, 12:59 AM
I have to come clean. Lance Zierlein wrote this in his blog.

* I felt really badly for Auburn offensive linemen Lee Ziemba who was abused all day long. Every year, a player from Auburn or Alabama get invited to the Sr. Bowl who probably don't deserve to be here just based on the fact that the game is in Mobile and Ziemba's confidence has to be shot as HE is that player this year. Ziemba has issues with strength at the point of attack and is being pushed around way too frequently.

Here's a favorable write-up on Ziemba...

1/31/2011 - Auburn offensive lineman Lee Ziemba was dominant during the Senior Bowl on Saturday. Playing at right tackle, Ziemba knocked defensive ends off the ball on running plays and kept the South quarterbacks' jersey clean when they dropped back to pass. "I think I played well," Ziemba said after the South's 24-10 win. "The coaching staff did a good job of preparing us, and I just wanted to go out and execute as well as I could." Ziemba said he was glad to play in the game and felt he improved his NFL draft stock with his performance during the week in practice and in Saturday's game. Having three drop-back passers was a change of pace for Ziemba after blocking for Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton during the season. "I think I showed that I can learn quick and play with different players, you know?" Ziemba said. "I want to be able to go out and get on the field real quick, and I think this was a good experience for me." - Jason Blakeney, Pensacola News Journal

The Sodfather
03-09-2011, 07:35 AM
I think there is no chance Kendricks last until our 4th round pick.

03-09-2011, 09:19 AM
Great effort as usual Chadman.

Got to be honest but I really don't like Heyward. Seems to take way too many plays off during the season.

I think Ziemba will be available in Round 4 and I think Hurd will be gone by the end of Round 4.

Maybe we should do what we did during Tomlins first draft, i.e. draft the same position in Round 1 and 2. That fixed the LB corps for the future with Timmons and Woodley. Maybe we can do the same for DBs.

03-09-2011, 11:16 PM
I liked your draft.

I hope Steelers draft CB and FS early in this draft. I am on fence on Burton though especially watching him play against Baldwin.