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There are members who know a lot about everything just ask them :lol:

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I can tell by the size of the Roethlisberger name on the back, it's the real deal. Wait...that sounded bad. :oops:

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Everything about the jersey looks real......the reebok tag, short sleeves, hand warmer is a big reason to believe its real....although someone could have added that to it, also the length of it. If its fake, someone did a great job with it. I'd have to say its real.

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He has worn jerseys with the built in hard warmer before.

Try these sites for help. There are so many counterfeit jerseys out there, I wouldn't pay a lot without some sort of guarantee. Try Reebok themselves. They don't want counterfeits of their jersey. I emailed photo to Mitchell and Ness before and they confirmed that a jersey was counterfeit that an ebay seller with 100% approval was claiming was genuine.

http://nfljerseyfanparadise.forumotion. ... bok-jersey (http://nfljerseyfanparadise.forumotion.com/f13-how-to-tell-a-fake-authentic-reebok-jersey)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Faq_acOK ... re=related (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Faq_acOKkCk&feature=related)

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When it comes to knock of jerseys there are two ways to really tell that I know of. One is the lettering on the back is a bit different in shade of color than the gold on the sleeves. The second, and this is the most popular from what I have been told, is they use less stars in the small NFL logo on the front colar. Many sites out there offer great knock-offs for 25-30 dollars and unless you are looking for the stars, you can't tell the difference between them, and one for 300 from the Steelers web site.

And also.....you will never get a "real" game jersey. The "real" ones players wear are very puffy in the shoulders because they are shoulder pad fitted.