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02-15-2011, 08:46 PM

I need to get over this and move along. On that day we were beat by the better team who took advantage of the opportunities given and Aaron Rodgers was pretty much all world. If I was to summarize after watching the game again I would point out the following:


Walking away from this day in Steeler History my lasting impression will be not how DBs like Gay looked overmatched against their receivers but instead our failure to get to Rogers consistently whether it be a sack, knock down hurry, etc. I know box score says 3 sacks but there was not the type of disruption needed to affect his timing on those skinny posts, slants, etc.

The blitzes for the most part were neutralized or timed wrong and Woodley could not beat Buluga or the TE.


Beside the obvious turnovers it looks like the the loss of Manny was huge. In the second half I am surprised we did not exploit the loos of Woodson & an injured Shields more but kudos to Green Bay who managed to do OK with these key losses. The running game was working but who knows if Green Bay was conceding this so we scored in a fashion that ate the clock.

At the end of the day there was still a chance to win but like everyone saw there was sloppy communication with Brown & Wallace as well as a selfish penalty & only one timeout left.
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02-15-2011, 08:51 PM
The delayed blitz 10 yards off the ball has to go. It's pointless.

02-15-2011, 09:01 PM
The delayed blitz 10 yards off the ball has to go. It's pointless.

What was the purpose of this? I remember John Lynch using this a lot with the Broncos and of course the Giants against the Pats but I dont understand what was the point here? It just takes so much time to develop but they had to see something in scouting or film study to feature this.

02-16-2011, 01:13 PM
The delayed blitz from a deeper position can work, but if the QB sees it last second, you are doomed if he has someone running into that area. The top QBs will see this.

As for this game, the talked about the number of hits Rodgers took, but he stood in there. We took the game over in the 3rd and Rodgers had three straight 3 and outs. He looked flustered, nervous and was about to choke if we took the lead. It was all over his body language.
At this point came the fumble. It was just a bad all around play, but Rodgers came back out sharp at that point. Our blitzes took alot away from Rodgers. He threw alot in the middle and they dropped 4 passes. Do you know why? Yes, they were terrified to get hit. But they did catch some of them and scored some points.
The game plan wasn't as bad as people think. The WRs were not in sync and Ben was clearly hobbled. The OL played really well, but a few lapses were all it took. The first INT was a blown OL assignment and not much Ben could do when they bumped his arm in mid throw.

It was mostly a bad bounce day. We clawed as they did, but we couldn't overcome some glaring issues.
-3 turnovers on us and none from them though there were some loose balls and tip passes that they avoided losing
-inexperience at WR (lol for those talking pregame about ABrown as possible MVP, that was insane)
-battered OL that did well for them, but ultimately were responsible for the 2 turnovers

Unlike many here, I don't see major needs. The D held up mostly considering the 2 short fields. The had a buster coverage up the middle, but GB wasn't running as amoke as people say. Troy and BMac were struggling physically. Obviously GB had their struggles physically too, but they were not in areas we were trying to exploit.
We lost by 6 pts with a chance late. All from a team many thought wouldn't make the playoffs.
I hope guys recover physically from this deep run in time to get back for training camp.