View Full Version : Even in losing...

NC Steeler Fan
02-14-2011, 01:06 PM
...the Steelers still make for a moving and inspirational front page.

I just received here in my office a copy of the Pgh Post-Gazette on Monday
February 7, 2011 courtesy of my Steeler godfather in da burgh.

The bold headline reads: "Seven Can Wait"

And, beneath it in full color you see Hines Ward walking away, jersey #86 with his
back to the camera, head slightly bent down, amidst a flurry of red, white and blue confetti.

What's more amazing to me though; and I guess it's because we don't have a huge local NFL team affiliation (the panthers in Charlotte don't exactly count), is the fact that the paper still has a huge 20 page section on nothing but the game. And, the sponsors and advertisers still put together an enthusiastic show of support with full page color ads saluting the Steelers' season and how they are "still #1 in our hearts".

I won't get a chance to read all the articles and "side stories" today, but if I come across
anything noteworthy I'll be sure to pass it along here.

My buddy asked me why I wanted the paper "this time" and I said I wanted to feel it
like the motherland feels it, what can i say...