View Full Version : A tiny "bright" side!

NC Steeler Fan
02-09-2011, 04:57 PM
As bummed as I am about the loss just like the rest of you, I did manage to find just a
little, tiny something about it that brought a quiet smile to my face today.

I was walking back into my office and saw the "Six Time Super Bowl Champions" magnet
on my filing cabinet across the room and thought, "Well, gee, at least no one can take
that away from us, it's STILL damn accurate and considering times are tight, I didn't have
to spring for a new one and all the other "#7" memorabilia right now!" :wink:

And I thought, I'll just be sure to save a little extra to splurge on #7 when it DOES come!

02-09-2011, 05:40 PM
For me, I think that the bright side is that at least we got in as much Steeler Football as possible before the lockout (I hope they're not that stupid, but I see the train a'commin).

If I'd have been told during camp that we would make it to the SB but go down, I'd have taken it. That being said, the loss hurt.

I was happy that they fought back and I still had hope up until that last drive. Maybe that's the downside of having Ben. No matter how much we're down, or if he's played poorly throughout the game, I just believe that we'll come back. I've seen him do it too many times.

The tough part of having hope is when it doesn't pan out...but it's better than not having any hope to begin with.

02-09-2011, 05:46 PM
30 out of the 32 teams in the NFL wished they had gone as far as the Steelers... :tt2

Mister Pittsburgh
02-09-2011, 06:01 PM
I have been complaining all week, until today my one Steeler buddy set me straight. I felt like a spoiled kid whose parents buy him everything but I was sitting there crying and whining in toys r us cause i didn't get the toy i wanted. We have been in 3 Superbowls, winning two, in the very recent past. Ben has probably 6 more years so I am sure we will be in the hunt again.

Just made me realize I am a spoiled fan and need to sack up and quit complaining. Time to start gameplanning for next seasons dominating year of the AFC North!

02-09-2011, 06:01 PM
Next year is our year, this was a year to soon.

05, win.


08, win.

09 off...10 SB loss..off

11, win.

Pattern. :tt2

02-09-2011, 06:39 PM
here's another "bright" side...

at least the Patriots* didn't win and we would have to listen to how Tom Brady is the greatest QB ever.

at least the Jets didn't win and we would have to listen to Mr. Foot Fetish run his mouth.

at least the Ravens didn't win because I just plain can't stand them for some reason. oh wait, now I remember what it is...