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02-05-2011, 12:08 PM
Let me first try to summarize this season...

If you look back at the beginning of the season, with of course, Ben's suspension for the first 4-games.

I heard all the pundits talking about how the Steelers would be lucky to be 2-2 thru the first 4 games. There was also one Radio Show host, that I respect alot, who also dissed the Steelers...Jim Rome. Yeh, I like the guy, but the day he said the Steelers were going 0-4, I almost drove my car off the road, I was so pissed!!!

I don't think, no, I'm POSITIVE that there isn't another team in the NFL that would have been able to go 3-1 (so close to 4-0) without there Starting QB. The fact that the Steelers did it with Dixon, and Batch is almost insane, if you think about it...

I believe that was the start of good things to come the Steelers way...

I also felt "Entitled" to scream some "F-Bombs" at Rome while I was driving my truck to work, for those first few games.

The Steelers were also dealing with many O-line issues... The guy that I have most impressed with, besides MP, is Flozell!!! The guy comes in, and doesn't say or doing anything, but be a players-player. He learns the RT position, even though he's a LT. Totally unselfish!! The guy has started all 18 games, and gets a chance at a Ring in all places...BIG D!!! Even the players show him respect by wearing his college Mich St jersey on the plane ride to Dallas....How great is that!!!

Then as the beginning of the season starts to work its way into the middle of the season, the NFL Commish, and his band of derelicts try to ruin the game!!! (They still trying, don't misunderstand me here, they still trying!!!)

Starting with the WORST officiated game, is NFL History....The Raiders Game!!!! (The 1A worst game officiated was the Divisional Playoff Game vs the Dolts in Jan of 2006. Pete Morrelli's reversal of Troy's INT with 6-mins left in the 4th.)

Zebra Corrente, and his worth-less crew, flagged the Steelers 14 times for 163 yards!!! Almost unheard of, especially for the Steelers.

They flagged them for "Helmet to Helmet" hits when it was clear the helmet hit the WR's back, and of course, this is also the game that Deebo started to get "Targeted"!!!!

The bad calls were not just called against the Steelers Defense....The bad calls, or "Non-Calls", were even more infuriating!!!

For instance, the H to H hit on HW vs the Pats**, no flag, no fine!!! The H to H hit on HM, no flag!!! The "Cheapshot" from Geymour on Ben...25k fine...WTF???

The bad calls seemed to last until the Week 15 vs the JETS, and then finally came back to reality.

And through it all, the STEEEEEELERS didn't flinch!!!!! They grinded out victory after victory!!! They didn't give up to the adversity, and if anything, they got stronger and stronger until they crushed it!!!!

They were even able to win despite some, ugly at times, playcalling by the one and only BA. (But I'm gonna let that go for now....We're in the Bowl, and that's what counts.)
Oh, PLAEEEAZE BA, dont RUTFM in the BOWL!!!!!

This Steelers team, has been disrepected, targeted, and at times, been the laughing -stock of the league...

But who's laughing now....B!ATCH!!!!!

For everything that has happened, they perservered, and have been undaunted in ONE-SINGLE-UNITED-GOAL.............TO BE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REPEAT after me....I WANT #7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT #7!!!!!!!!! I WANT #7!!!!!!!!

Now, I'm FRRRRROOOOTHHHHHing at the mouth, like a frigggggin crazed dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just get out the way Green Bay, just get out the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!