View Full Version : just kick it off already!!

02-03-2011, 12:21 PM
Between working two jobs every day, I get little time to watch sports shows or listen to them for that matter, but it just seems that the Packers are getting tons of positive press while the Steelers seem to only get the whole "Ben" talk.

I am growing sick of hearing "if bens wins this is he a hall o famer", or "is he a top tier qb IF he wins this", or even, "does hines ward need to win this game to put himself in canton"...

Rodgers seems to be pumped as the the next montana (and he is good), and the whole packers teams is being drooled over from what I see and hear and again I am watch sport shows for about an hour a day combined. Ben is elite, his stats are great, just look at this year, last year and 07, he had a decent 08, but he won a super bowl so that should count shouldn't it???
And another thing, I also hear how he is benefiting from good defenses, correct me if I am wrong but were we not dominant in the 90's on defense also, and how many super bowls did we win then??

Hines Ward is not a premadona receiver, he plays and blocks and he is clutch, he will catch a ball over the middle and get that big first down. I am tired of hearing media say his notorious "dirty play" may cost him...These "experts" need to open their eyes and see he is not dirty, he just plays the position tough and hits people, he does not hit them in the back but he hits them legally (well it was legal until they made the hines ward rule) now he still blocks and does it legal....