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Ben speaks
January 26th, 2011
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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger talked to reporters before practice Wednesday, and he touched on a number of different subjects.

Here is Roethlisberger on...

Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews
Hes an animal. Hes got long hair. Wears No. 52. He plays for the Packers. I know all those things. Hes really, really good, and we have to account for him and know where hes at. But there's not much else to say about one of the best players in the league.

Winning a third Super Bowl
Im not thinking about winning one yet. Im just thinking about the preparation this week, because weve still got two weeks to prepare for a huge game against a great defense.

What he needs to get accomplished before the game
Im just trying to get prepared the best that I can to face a great defense. It seems like every week now we keep facing a really good defense, so every day Im trying to get more film study and get everybody used to what were going to face down there.

Jonathan Scott and Flozell Adams returning to Dallas to play in the Super Bowl
Im really happy to answer a question about me winning the Super Bowl because it would mean a lot. But it means just as much if not more for me to win one for Flozell, especially since he's going back to Dallas. He's never had a chance to play in one, let alone win one, so I want to win for him as much as myself.

The lead up to the Super Bowl
I just try to have fun with it and enjoy the circus atmosphere and all the media attention. The key is not to get overwhelmed or let it stress you out. So, I tell the young guys to just enjoy it, because you might never get back. It's going to get crazy, but you have to focus in on the game once we get going there and you have to put everything else behind you.

The Steelers resiliency
Were a resilient team, so I enjoy playing for this team and this organization and putting that Steelers jersey on, the practice jersey on every day and the game jersey on Sundays. That's something I'm honored to do and I cherish it every day.

Maurkice Pouncey and Doug Legursky filling in for him at center last Sunday
Im so proud of the way that Doug played. He came in and stepped up. He came in for a Pro Bowler that has played all year and has done a great job. But Doug has done so much for us this season, and I'm very happy with the way he worked. I cant say enough about him.

The offensive line
I have all the faith in the world in those guys. The last time we were in Tampa we had a makeshift line. But as Coach (Tomlin) says, the standard doesn't change. So, the guys know that, and they bust their butts every day. So, I have faith in anybody who plays those positions.

How different it is for him in this Super Bowl
I just want to be smarter and know the offense better and not take as many risks. It might not seem like that, but I just want to play with as much joy and not take anything for granted. I want to play this game just like it's my last (one).

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
Im friends with Aaron, and he's a phenomenal quarterback. I think he's an elite quarterback in this league. He has a really quick release and a strong arm. Hes very athletic and mobile, and in my opinion he really is an elite quarterback in this league.

The Steelers tradition
Its such an honor every day to know that you play for an organization like this with ownership like the Rooneys and coaches like Noll, Cowher and Tomlin. And all the players who graced the locker rooms, first at Three Rivers and now here. Theres way too many to name, from the 70s up to now. Its an awesome honor to be a part of that to say that you're now a part of it forever.

Mister Pittsburgh
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Jeez. Dude is such a 'me first' Ahole.... :D