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Mister Pittsburgh
01-20-2011, 01:47 PM
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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Blood is thicker than water -- except when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Joe Namath knows that as well as anyone.

Namath will be rooting for his beloved New York Jets Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, but he's not going to have the support of his family members, many of whom still live in and around the iconic quarterback's hometown, Beaver Falls, Pa.

Mike and Mike in the Morning
Hall of Famer Joe Namath previews the AFC championship between the Jets and Steelers. Namath says Jets QB Mark Sanchez's growth has been impressive this year.

"I promise you, the Steelers are a way of life in Western Pennsylvania," Namath told ESPNNewYork.com Thursday morning. "My entire family is for the Steelers. My sister told me, 'Joey, we love you, and if you were on the field we'd be pulling for the Jets, but you're not going to be on the field, so we're pulling for the Steelers like the rest of the family.'
"I'm the one Namath rooting for the Jets," he said with a laugh. "I might be the only person from Western Pennsylvania pulling for the Jets."

As a kid in Beaver Falls, located about 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Namath was a Steelers fan. You had to be. It was as much a part of life in Western Pennsylvania as the old steel mills, where his father and grandfather earned their living.

But Namath said there were strong feelings in his town for the Baltimore Colts, who had a tight end named Jim Mutscheller, a Beaver Falls product. Mutscheller caught a pass from Johnny Unitas -- another Western Pennsylvania legend -- to help set up Alan Ameche's game-winning touchdown in the famous Colts-Giants NFL championship game in 1959.

Namath doesn't think he'll make it to Sunday's game in Pittsburgh, but he'll be watching from his home in Florida. Naturally, he likes the Jets' chances. Always has. During a training-camp visit to Cortland, N.Y., over the summer, he predicted big things, calling the 2010 Jets "the most legitimate contender we've had."

On Thursday, he echoed that sentiment.

"This is the best team they've had yet," Namath said. "I remember the other [championship-game] losses, but we've never had a dominating defense like this. The last two weeks, against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, were wonderful displays of how well we can play on defense."

Namath stopped short of delivering a guarantee. Naturally, he thinks the Jets can win, but he wouldn't make a bold prediction.

"It's a great opportunity," he said. "The problem is the Pittsburgh Steelers and that monster defense ... The really, really good news is the Jets know they can win. They've already won there (last month, 22-17), and they expect to win. It's not false bravado. As long as they play smart, aggressive football, they'll have an excellent chance."

When Namath led the Jets to the Super Bowl championship in January 1969, he figured the second wouldn't be far behind. They haven't been back since that historic day in Miami's Orange Bowl, when the Jets stunned the heavily favored Colts 16-7.

"We fully expected to be back the following season and the next season, but things happen in football," Namath said. "There's no way any of us, or any Jets fans, could've dreamt it would be as long as it's been. But this is a legitimately very good team. Hopefully, it's good enough to get over the hump."

01-20-2011, 10:25 PM
Reading this article it dawns on me?

Would there be an NFL or Football even if it wasn't for the PITTSBURGH REGION.

Namath, Martin, Ty Law now Revis --- all the players that took the Jets deep into playoffs and all Pittsburgh area players

Broadway Joe said you had to root for the Steelers in the 50's and 60's BUT there were Baltimore Colt fans because most every great player on the Colts was from you guessed it the Pittsburgh area.

I just hope every fan out there realizes that them watching their favorite football dynasty from Joe Montana's 49ers, to Tony Dorsett's Dallas Cowboys to Ed McCaffrey's Denver Broncos or Mercury Morris' Miami Dolphins they are just watching PITTSBURGH TAKE OVER THE WORLD, go Pittsburgh diaspora!