View Full Version : Redundant Thoughts 2010 Week 12 @ Buffalo

11-29-2010, 02:28 PM
1. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
Link! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_buffalo_Buffalo_buffalo_buffalo_buffalo_Bu ffalo_buffalo)

2. Most important observation about this game: the old buffalo helmets were dorky.

3. Second most important observation about this game: Suisham performed well. It appears that the Steelers suspect offense will need Suisham to be effective to make up for their ineffectiveness which was due to …

4. The third most important observation about this game: penalties. The Steelers are all of a sudden the most undisciplined team in the NFL. Our offense can’t attempt a pass without holding and our defense can’t attempt to rush the passer due to the fact that James “Hitler” Harrison plays for them.

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSJik_FfUvqPd5w0hDCPlKxQM5TISI5c 4g9Gewgune8gPXYtAm-hZ5Xm72h
This IS James Harrison right?

5. The play-by-play guy almost pissed his pants with glee when it looked like Ben was going to get sacked at the end of the game right before Ben broke his heart and scrambled for 20 something yards. Ben hurt him deeply on that play. You could hear the Ravens fans bitterly weeping on the broad shoulders of their male cheerleaders after Ben did that.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

6. The Steelers opened with a 13 play – 7 minute 54 second drive for a TD. That was perfect. They should be commended. Bruce Arians should be praised for that drive.

7. Like the Raiders last week; the Bills looked completely overmatched (in the first half). Like the Raiders last week the Bills had about 50 yards of offense (in the first half). Like last week the Steelers committed many penalties.

8. The difference in the first half and the second half: the ball and the calls were going the Steelers way (on balance) in the first half.

9. At the end of the half and based on the stats; I’d call 13-0 a “win” for the Bills.

10. Disturbing Hanes commercials has a guy sticking his package in Michael Jordan’s face. Repeatedly.


11. Harrison is such a monster. He should be shot by firing squad at sun-up. Honestly I’ve tried to avoid talking about this but …. COME ON! How can you NOT “lead with your head” when your head is at the top of your body?

Harrison is history's greatest monster!

12. If I was in the role to develop a gameplan against the Steelers I would focus on stopping the run. In this offense Ben holds the ball too long forcing his patchwork oline to hold blocks for too long which results in inevitable holding calls. Yes, Ben will make a play here and there but a holding call will be just as likely negating that play.

13. On the Mendy fumble in times past that play would have been blown dead before the fumble happened. The advent of replay has served the situation of referees letting plays run longer than they have in years gone by.

14. Did you notice that on the holding call on Kemouatu that they showed a reply on … the one that was said to be “obvious” holding by the color analyst because Kemo put his hand on the outside of the defensive lineman’s shoulder … did you also notice that the defensive lineman literally pulled Kemo to the ground by his facemask. Odd that this wasn’t called. Especially in light of the fact that …

15. As Kemo was being pulled to the ground by his facemask he was LEADING WITH THE CROWN OF HIS HELMET as he no doubt learned from his hero: James “baby seal clubber” Harrison.

What James Harrison might look like

16. It was nice to see Troy P make a play. Was Timmons even on the field? And where was Woodley? For that matter why were the Steelers unable to get to Fitzpatrick?

17. Perspective: the Steelers are living on borrowed time and reputation … and the Ravens will not fall into the reputation trap: they know the Steelers too well. If the Steelers play disciplined football (e.g. not commit penalties) they will beat the Ravens. However this duck has been quacking for weeks now. The Steelers ARE what their record indicates (for the time being) and they HAVE the problems that the last two weeks have been highlighting (going forward). Overall it appears that Father Time has caught up with them. There are just too many injuries.

And I hope I hae to eat every one of these words next week.