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11-29-2010, 12:31 PM
How can a guy with no football coaching experience (at any level), who knows NOTHING about the x's and o's of the game (me) know the first two plays we ran yesterday? I saw the formation on the first play and told my wife "Mendy run, right side". On 2nd down, I said "bubble screen to Ward". I'm NOT bragging. I'm just saying that someone that is as dumb as me can know the plays by formation, what does that tell you?

I still can't understand why we don't trust Ben to put games away. When we needed a couple of 1st downs to win the game in regulation, not once did we play action pass. Not once. I watched the Ravens let JOE FLACCO pass late in the game to keep a drive going. Not to score but to get a first down and maintain possession. The Ravens trust Joe fu#king Flacco but we don't trust a 2 time Super Bowl champion QB. :wft

Redman. Why isn't he used more? I'm not down on Mendy but I think the change of pace would be good.

CB: Why do they play 5-10 yards off the LOS (most of the time). Yeah, I know we don't have the guys to do it consistently. Certain situations they need to be up. Here's the thing. On 4th and 2 yesterday, they were giving AT LEAST a 5 yd. cushion. Then on 1st down (after the Bills convert the 4th down) they are right up on the LOS! Another :wft :wft
During the Ravens game, NBC isolated Mason and showed how he ATE UP loose coverage. Look for him to have BIG game next week.

Tomlin. I like the guy but this is the most undisciplined Steeler team I have ever seen. Granted, last week's refs were the worst but not yesterday. The number of penalties are out of hand and it's not ALL the ref's fault.

This team has me scratching my head. I don't know if we're contenders or pretenders. :HeadBanger