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1st and Goal--
11-28-2010, 01:06 PM
It seemed to me that this was a very quiet week in regard to Steeler hype on the local media. The week was filled with college football talk and an awful lot of hockey stuff. Considering I have never seen a local college game, nor have ever seen anyone wearing a Pitt jersey even though I have always lived no further than between 40 to 65 miles from the Steelers home field this annoyed me a bit.

This puzzled me since I have the opinion the Steelers are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now and while not peaked just yet are moving in that direction. Is this not just about the perfect time for this type action.

It's not often that I visit the opponents newspapers to get an idea of their thinking prior to a game. But, I did so this morning. One article stood out for me. It focused on the nightmare the Steelers have been for Bills QB's going back into the 90's. Even then, when they were an AFC power, the Steelers had their number. It mentioned the Steelers have beaten the Bills 7 of the last 8 times they played. The writer inferred that this trend might continue. Hope he's right.

The weather will not be a factor. It is clear and just under 40ish. This is good. I am not one who thinks bad weather conditions favor the Steelers. AAMOF I think the opposite.

That's about it for me. The main thing for me is my optimism that the really sharp play starting in the 4thQ of the NE game [3long TD drives and another 64 yard drive stopped by the clock running out], all done is just over 8 minutes of playing time, plus the solid play in the Oakland game in all phases of the game will continue.

I just turned on the radio, they are giving out the not actives. I'm Ready. Are you Ready.

Bring on the sunshine! Go Steelers Go!

1st and Goal--
11-28-2010, 01:30 PM
Might as well mention the Inactives. Spaeth(concussion) Keisel (hurt his calf) Brown ( darn it the swelling did not go down) then the regulars. Batch, Scott NOT JONATHAN, Hills, A. Smith, Dwyer.