View Full Version : My Grades for today

11-21-2010, 06:28 PM
Well, this may be difficult because I'm still seeing RED over the "officials"

QB: B This is a tough one. Ben played well, had some mistakes, but did not turn the ball over. Could make a case for a different grade.

RB. C- Another tough one. Mendy didn't look that good but how much is his fault vs the O line???

OL. C+ Only because they kept Ben pretty clean.

WR: B+ Wallace continues to impress, the young guns are improving, ARE was pretty much on the bench (where he belongs!). Heath had a good game.


Line: A McFadden was a non factor, decent pressure, good contain

LB: A ++++ Farrior was a BEAST, Great play by ALL LB's

CB: A- Ike was ripped off on a couple of calls, no one got burnned.

SS: A Troy and Clark were solid. Troy looks like he's on the way back.

Special Teams: A+ Great coverage all day. Sweeshem (sp) put one (or two) kicks into the endzone.

Officials: F, F F F F F F. Like last week, I wish I could give a lower grade. I've seen better officiating in pee-wee games. This $hit about "repeat offenders" is a bunch of crap. Harrison's hit on Campbell was textbook. :wft does the league want. I couldn't even enjoy this game because of the $hitty calls.

11-21-2010, 06:30 PM
oops. Forgot about coaching. B+ - this team was ready to play. Could be higher but we have the BA factor. LeBeau gets a A+ for today.