View Full Version : Lost & Found - Original James Harrison statement

10-22-2010, 07:45 AM
Mr. Goodell -

It's not over between us. It's over when I say it's over.

Was it over when the Memphis Showboats won the Superbowl? H3ll no!
Was it over when the you suspended Ben Roethlisberger for PR reasons? F no.

It's over when we say it is. Because when the going gets tough. I start destroying people.

Chad Henne? Dead!
Ronnie Brown? Dead!
Brandon Marshall? Dead!

And we're not finished with the Dolphins. We will unleash the H3ll this year.

Your beloved Tom Brady? DEAD!
The Elite Carson Palmer? DEAD!
Drew Brees? Finished!

We're gonna put such a hurtin' on every SOB that takes a snap against the Pittsburgh Steelers the next 14 games that none of them will be able to get out of bed the next morning.

And when you hand Art Rooney that Lombardi Trophy in February? The entire Pittsburgh Steeler defense will be waiting for you.

Enjoy the rest of the season puppy boy.