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10-20-2010, 01:25 PM
Tomlin transcript -


Q: Are you concerned about the high number of touches Rashard Mendenhall is getting?

Tomlin: I am. We had a limited number of options here the first month of the season. He had to carry the torch for us and he did a very nice job of it. Hopefully as we proceed we’ll find ways to lighten his load moving forward.

Q: Does that mean you’re gaining more confidence in Isaac Redman?

Tomlin: It also means that. It also maybe means spreading the ball around a little bit. We’ll see.

10-20-2010, 01:28 PM
Run the ball! Yoi!

The touches aren't the issue. Again, it's the punishment he takes because of the congestion at the LOS because of formation.

Spread these damn teams out, use him like he should be used. Three wide as a base offense and nail Johnson and Spaeth to the bench.

10-20-2010, 01:29 PM
I am SO glad to hear Tomlin say this, remembering the "...till the wheels fall off" strategy that ended in FWP's injury a few years ago.

Thanks for posting this, psu-do43 , I've been wondering about this for a while now.

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10-20-2010, 01:30 PM
I'm all for this. I think it would be good to get Redman 10 touches per game or so. I think he's earned an slightly increased workload especially if that means Mendy will be fresher later in the season.

10-20-2010, 01:49 PM
yeah. the mendenhall/redman combo is potentially a dynamic combination. i think redman has earned another handful of touches per game. in the name of mendenhall longevity.
sure wish dwyer would get some playing time. i'd say that will happen next year but there may not be one.
i think moore is done.
the rb future looks dam good with mendenhall-23,redman-25/26 and dwyer-21.

10-20-2010, 01:51 PM
I too had been wondering about Mendy's very large work load. I knew he'd carry us while Ben was out and probably until he got his feet wet (Browns) but wondered if that would change come week 7. I think Mendy at 15-20 and Redman at 10-15 would be ideal but not every game goes as planned , there will still be times he goes for 25 or 27 carries , let's face it , he's an elite back.

Having him fresh and primed for Dec-Feb football is key.

Yup , that's right......FEBRUARY football baby !!!!

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10-22-2010, 01:50 AM
I'm glad to see Redman will be getting more carries, I also worry about Mendy getting hurt...

NFL from the sidelines

After hobnobbing around the NFL in the press boxes and sidelines, sports reporter Dale Lolley will let you know the insider scoop.


Redman to get more carries

I spoke with Isaac Redman. He told me he'll be getting the carries in the last five minutes of games to help ease the load on Rashard Mendenhall.

You can read my story in Friday's O-R to see more about it.

© As expected, James Harrison returned to practice today.

Retirement avoided.

© I learned Wednesday that Ziggy Hood suffered a sprained ankle early in the season that has limited his play.

posted by Dale Lolley


Harrison-Tomlin meet
I've just been informed that Mike Tomlin met with James Harrison this morning and that the two had a "very productive" meeting.

Tomlin then excused Harrison from practice today.

Harrison, of course, has gone on numerous sports talk shows and expressed his frustration at the $75,000 fine levied against him for a hit on Cleveland's Mohamed Massaquoi last Sunday.

He's even gone as far as saying he's contemplating retirement if he feels he's unable to play under the current rules - which he has 20 million guaranteed reasons not to do.

Tomlin is likely allowing Harrison - who sometimes does not practice on Wednesdays anyway - a little cooling off period.

© On a side note, the play on which Josh Cribbs suffered a head injury has now been changed to a sack, with Harrison and LaMarr Woodley each getting credit for a half-sack.

Cribbs originally dropped back to pass before scrambling out of the pocket.

posted by Dale Lolley


Tuesday with Tomlin, preparing for the road show
The Steelers will not have Brett Keisel available this weekend when they travel to Miami. He'll be out with a hamstring injury.

Coach Mike Tomlin is opening things up at the position to see if Ziggy Hood or Nick Eason step up their game to fill that role. But that's nothing new for Tomlin, who likes to pit one player against another rather than simply elevating a guy into a starting role.

Trai Essex is expected return to practice this week after missing the past couple of games with an ankle injury. Doug Legursky has been starting in his place and has played reasonably well. But he suffered an MCL sprain against Cleveland - and returned to the game.

The healthier man will probably start.

Rashard Mendenhall has a bruised shoulder and will sit out early in the week. Tomlin admitted to being concerned with Mendenhall's heavy workload and - as I said on another post this week - look for Isaac Redman to spell him a little more often moving forward in an attempt to keep him a little more fresh.

posted by Dale Lolley


Hypocrisy 101

Rodney Harrison talking about players needing to be suspended for helmet to helmet hits on other players screams of hypocrisy.

This is the same Rodney Harrison, after all, who routinely won the vote for being the dirtiest player in the game when he still played. This is the same Rodney Harrison who was fined over $200,000 during his playing career and suspended himself for illegal hits.

And some of the hits he pointed to were made by Steelers linebacker James Harrison Sunday against the Browns.

I sat in, as I do every year, on the officials meeting with the media when they come to training camp to explain rules interpretations and points of emphasis.

One of the new ones this year was put in place to protect receivers from dangerous hits. Defenders are no longer permitted to launch themselves into those receivers and must aim their hit to the torso.

Take a look at the hit by Harrison on Mohamed Massaquoi in the photo that is posted here and you see he's not launching himself. He simply lowers his shoulder moments after the ball arrives. It's a legal hit - as explained to me this summer by the NFL officials who attended the Steelers training camp.

As for the hit on Josh Cribbs, he's a running back on that play and there are no rules in place to protect them from helmet-to-helmet plays. In addition, that play was more of a freak happenstance than anything. Cribbs happened to turn into Harrison just as he arrived to help LaMarr Woodley get Cribbs to the ground.

posted by Dale Lolley


10-22-2010, 01:58 AM
Issac Redman: Clock Killer?
http://pittsburgh.sbnation.com/pittsbur ... rse-of-370 (http://pittsburgh.sbnation.com/pittsburgh-steelers/2010/10/22/1767155/issac-redman-rashard-mendenhall-pittsburgh-steelers-ben-roethlisberger-curse-of-370)
by Pete Wilmoth • Oct 22, 2010 12:42 AM EDT

Apparently, someone among the Steelers brass instructed second-string running back Issac Redman to get ready for a heavier workload. Redman, who's received most of his opportunities this season (21 rushes, 89 yards) in short-yardage situations, could be used more extensively to protect Pittsburgh leads from here on out.

This is great news for breakout rusher Rashard Mendenhall (99 ypg), who is currently on pace for over 370 carries, a number that has typically spelled doom for the welfare of some of the league's most decorated running backs. Granted, the list of runners who've been leaned on this hard is pretty short - so the sample size for the "Curse of 370" is pretty weak - but feeding Redman in games that are more or less decided is a smart move, regardless.

No use risking injury to Mendenhall, who (pardon the pun) carried the offense in Ben Roethlisberger's absence.

10-22-2010, 03:22 AM
very happy to hear the news about REDMAN... just right now, they showed a commercial on CBS talking about double header action this Sunday: STEELERS VS PHINS followed by CHEATS VS CHOKERS.. Imma be staying home recording and editing the commercials this Sunday... :tt1

1st and Goal--
10-23-2010, 06:13 AM
I'm all for this. I think it would be good to get Redman 10 touches per game or so. I think he's earned an slightly increased workload especially if that means Mendy will be fresher later in the season.

The yard he made getting a 1st down on the Steelers 2nd possession has to be one of the most remarkable plays I ever saw. I have not seen even one mention of it anywhere.

I'll even go one step further. Maybe this play saved this entire season. Go ahead laugh--scratch your head---whatever, but if he does not make this play Pittsburgh is forced to punt and after watching this game a second time I'm not sure the Steelers offense gets untracked and who knows what happens ---even a toothless, nearly non-dimensional offense like Clevelands is liable to get lucky and get a few points and actually win the game.

What I saw after watching this play a dozen times was---The entire center of the Pittsburgh line was smashed and Redman was grabbed by at least two Browns ---one low around the legs another high around the shoulders---and pushed back 21/2 yards into the backfield. Somehow he managed to free one leg and sort of slide sideways and then give one last surge forward and clearly land a foot past the yellow line. I thought it was amazing. Even Ben seemed to have a dumfounded look on his face.

Anyway, what followed was the Steelers got into gear and went 71 yards in quick fashion. Scoring on that 29 yard strike to Wallace. He also hit Emmanuel Sanders for 22 yards on a very critical 3rd down on this drive. Hmm! Sanders in the game for 3 measly plays and makes two very important 3rd down catches. Seems to me we have found another Cedrick Wilson---a guy who just keeps making critical plays and probably will go unnoticed by some.

My point is, all that happened in the above paragraph, is as far as i'm concerned, routing stuff. I expect that to happen. But, none of that occurs, if Redman does not get that one freaking yard. How he managed that is beyond me, but it was one heckuva effort.

But to get back to the thread. No doubt RM's load will be lightened. But, more likely by re-balancing the passing/running ratio. 23+ carries per game is way too much. Someone said we would probably not have a RB by game 14.

Actually Redman is getting on the field. He played 18 downs vs the Browns. He was in as a RB for 7 plays and as a FB for 11. But he only had 6 carries. And, of course did his usual really good thing. 6-31-5.2 avg. The only game he didn't hardly play at all was the Raven game and well we did not win. Giving him the ball a few more times would probably not be a bad idea, but more likely the Steelers will add a few more plays to their already proven dangerous passing game.

Yeah, a few more touches for Redman and/or Mewelde Moore [he still has plenty left, do not give up on him just yet] some added pass plays, that should keep RM alive and fresh for the entire season.