View Full Version : Dear Commisioner Goodell

10-18-2010, 05:12 PM
Dear Commisioner Goodell,

I envy your position right now as leader of the NFL. You hold the future of the game in your hands. As this debate over the violence of the game is hot and fast in the media and court of public opinion, you seem perfectly positioned to take a stand for the traditional aspects of this sport we all love so much.

I want to encourage you to avoid the urge to change the game. Instead, the opportunity to clearly define the game as a game of tough men and big hits is the best option you have. Please come out and tell the world that the game is what it is and it needs to stay that way.

This would be a nice recovery for the horrific way you handled the Patriots cheating scandal, and the consistantly inconsistant punishments seen under the "personal conduct" clause of whatever rulebook was invented to overpower you in your current position.

Thank you for your consideration of the obvious choice here. Have a good day.


10-18-2010, 06:04 PM
Take a look at the UFC as an example of a sport that was ruined by pussification. The original UFC was awesome. No time limit. FIghts only ended if someone gave up or got knocked out. No weight classes. And it was tournament style.

The modern version is lame. Guys no longer fight to win. They fight not to lose. It's become more like boxing. And too many fights are decided by judges. There are way too many weight classes and there are no more iron men heroically fighting multiple fights in a night. There's too many rules. It's lost it's appeal. It's watered down. If only they'd bring back the 1993 version of UFC.

Please don't follow the footsteps of the UFC and pussify your sport. You've already slanted the rules toward the offense as it stands. What's next? NBA scores?

No one likes the NBA.

If you ruin the NFL, only hockey will remain. And I hope the NFL fans follow and thus they get all the network revenue if you ruin football.