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10-14-2010, 01:30 AM
Harrison's film study could produce sacks
Thursday, October 14, 2010
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James Harrison admittedly is never overly interested in watching game film, especially of an upcoming opponent.

However, he might change his ways this week, especially after hearing about the success Atlanta's John Abraham had against Harrison's arch-nemesis last week in Cleveland left tackle Joe Thomas.

Abraham had two sacks against Thomas, a three-time Pro Bowler, and pressured Cleveland quarterback Jake Delhomme into an interception during the Browns' 20-10 loss to the Falcons.

Thomas, who has started all 53 games since his rookie year in 2007, allowed one sack last year.

Abraham said he was able to use a bull rush and also use an inside rush to beat Thomas on a number of occasions — two of Harrison's specialties.

So, will Harrison incorporate what worked for Abraham on how he attacks Thomas this week?

"I do what I do," said Harrison, who has more sacks than any AFC player over the past two-plus seasons. "Who knows? We'll see."

Harrison has 37 1/2 sacks since taking over the starting right outside linebacker spot in 2007, but has been able to record only a half-sack against Thomas in five career meetings.

Thomas shut out Harrison the past two years in the sack department and has taken him out of the games almost completely. Harrison had only nine tackles in two games last year against Thomas.

"He does well," Harrison said about Thomas.

Add that the two have had their differences, and it adds to the matchup. Thomas accused Harrison of flopping during the past two contests last year. Thomas was called for two holding penalties all last year - both came against Harrison.


"No disrespect to the other guys — they did a phenomenal job — but we are a better ballclub when he is on the game. So it's great to have him out there and we're moving forward."

—Hines Ward

Steelers wide receiver, on the return of Ben Roethlisberger


43: Steelers' biggest margin of victory over the Browns, a 43-0 win on Sept. 12, 1999.

51: Steelers' largest margin of defeat against the Browns, a 51-0 loss on Sept. 10, 1989.