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10-14-2010, 01:21 AM
Browns Player Quotes 10-13
Colt McCoy and Josh Cribbs talk about Pittsburgh
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Posted: 10/13/2010

BEREA, Ohio - LB Marcus Benard

(On if he appreciated the Browns-Steelers rivalry last year)- ďI understood. That was the first thing anyone has ever told me when I came here, was to beat Pittsburgh. I didnít quite understand but that game week I understood. Pittsburgh is a great team full of great guys. Guys that I look up to, guys that everybody looks up to as role models as far as football from the quarterback to the safeties to the linebackers. They are a great team and they should be respected.Ē

(On how much of a different player he is now than he was in his first game against Pittsburgh last year)- ďIím more comfortable. That was my first year, my rookie year and I was nervous and excited. Now, itís a slower game for me.Ē

(On if all of the sacks against the Steelers last year were a result of scheme, coverage or pressure)- ďAll of it. We had great coverages, we had great schemes and we had great guys that were beating one on one blocks. It was a great overall defensive game.Ē

WR Joshua Cribbs

(On if playing Pittsburgh isnít the same as other games)- ďItís not quite the same because this game does a lot for our city, negatively or positively. A win could be big here for our momentum going into the rest of the season and it could mean a lot for this city and our fans.Ē

(On what scouts didnít see in him when he was an undrafted rookie)- ďI think that itís the desire. You canít judge a manís desire and will on what he does at a combine or working out. Thatís why a lot of scouts look at game film to see what a player actually does as opposed to what he does in the weight room, what he does working out and doing individual drills.Ē

QB Colt McCoy

(On if it feels like old times for him)- ďCoach Mangini said Iím going to get most of the reps in practice this week. It will be a big transition, a big change as far as getting reps and those things. Iím excited about it. You can tell my teammates are all joshing with me, giving me a hard time, but Iím really excited.Ē

(On if it feels familiar to him to be in this position)- ďOh yes, back in the huddle, back calling plays. Obviously as a third string guy, for me, I know this is not where we wanted to go at this point in the season. Coach Holmgren said it at the very beginning of the season, Coach Mangini, that I was going to watch and learn. But you know what, throughout the first five games of the season, Iíve prepared like I was the starter. I worked hard in the meetings, in the film room, studied with Jake (Delhomme) and Seneca (Wallace) and Coach Daboll and I prepared like I was going to play. This week will be the same way. Iíve been doing that for the last five weeks and I understand what we are doing offensively, I understand our game plans and Iíve been in those meetings. Now youíve got to go out there and do it.Ē

(On how going 13 for 13 passing in the last preseason game helped his confidence)- ďThat was obviously good. Anytime you complete all of your passes, thatís what you want. That was good. Like I said earlier, I donít really want to talk about the past as much, but the preseason games were my practices. I went in to the preseason games and made my mistakes, then I went in there the last couple of games and did some really good things. That obviously helped. It helped around the locker room and it helped around my coaches, so Iíve got a lot of confidence. Going into Pittsburgh, Iíve watched them play for a long time. They have won Super Bowls, they have tremendous players. (James) Harrison, (Troy) Polamalu, (Lamarr) Woodley, theyíre all good defensively. Casey Hampton went to UT, so I know him. I have all of the respect in the world for those guys and so does everybody in this locker room. We know what challenge we have ahead of us and we just got to have a great week and really prepare and just get ready.Ē

(On who he played in his first road game at Texas as a starter)- ďI donít even know. I know my first home game, but my first road game, I think, was at Rice. We played at Reliant Stadium.Ē

(On if this game will be like going into Oklahoma when he was at Texas)- ďVery similar if you want to compare it to college. We are going against the best defense in the league and we have got our hands full. There are a lot of challenges, but I definitely trust the guys up front. I trust the guys on this team that we are going to go out there and give it our best effort and practice hard this week and really prepare well. Weíll see what happens.Ē

(On what he has learned in the first five weeks of the season)- ďIíve learned so much since I stepped in this locker room. Itís like I said earlier, this wasnít the scenario that the coaches here wanted. Weíve got tremendous quarterbacks, Jake and Seneca are outstanding. Iíve learned so much from them, Iíve been in the locker room with them, Iíve been in the meetings with them, Iíve been in the meetings with my coach and Iíve taken the same notes they have all year long. Iíve prepared like Iím

the starter every week and thatís not going to change this week.Ē

(On other rookie quarterbacks starting and succeeding this season like Sam Bradford and Max Hall)- ďItís all about taking care of the football, executing and leading your team. Thatís what Iím going to be asked to do and thatís what those guys are doing. Iím proud to say that Sam and I are close, I know Max a little bit. Itís awesome to see a rookie quarterback go out there and do good things because the NFL is tough. It doesnít matter who you are playing, everybody is good. We are playing the best of the best, the best there is, so you have got to understand that. Obviously to see those guys do it, that will give you a little bit of confidence going out there.Ē

(On if he will have to get rid of the ball quickly because of Pittsburghís pass rush)- ďI think our guys on this team have full confidence in our coaches to know what to do and what plays to call. Itís our job to go out there and execute. Iíve watched their defense the last two days a lot and theyíre really fast, they fly around the ball and theyíre physical. One of their big things is they move around. They walk around, they try to get a rusher free or somebody in pass coverage that is not accounted for. You have just got to be aware and be ready. As a group, as a team, as an offense, we have got to go out there and completely execute together. Itís not one guy going in there, itís not me going in there and have to play an outstanding game. Itís all of us going in together, playing together and doing our best.Ē

(On going in to this game as an underdog)- ďYou know what, I hadnít even thought about that. My mind is totally on doing the best that I can do for this football team, especially for this offense, our coaches and our organization. I canít wait, Iím excited and thatís my complete mindset. Iím going to go out there and do the best I can to help us win.Ē

(On the team as an underdog on Sunday)- ďWe donít talk about that that much, honestly. We know who we are, we know what we can do and when we pull it all together, we are a pretty good football team. Thatís what we have got to do.Ē

(On if he has got any words of wisdom from Mike Holmgren)- ďYou know what, Iíve talked to Coach Holmgren and Coach Haskell throughout my time here. I think it would be foolish not to use them, theyíve been around the game for so long. Going into this game, Coach Daboll has worked with me the last couple of days. For multiple hours, we have studied hard. Heís my coach, heís calling the plays, so thatís where we are going with this. We are working hard, we are going to have a good game plan and like I said, itís not one person going out there and having to win this game. Itís not me having to go out there and do something spectacular. Itís all of us going in there together, running the football, executing what we are trying to do and playing our best.Ē

(On making his NFL debut in a hostile environment such as Pittsburgh)- ďFor me, Iím trying not to even think about that. Iím thinking about what I need to do offensively for this team for us to be successful. Going on the road in Pittsburgh, yes thatís tough. All of the odds are stacked up against us, but if we go out there and do what we do, I think we have got a chance.Ē

10-14-2010, 01:35 PM
yeah mccoy. you're TRYING not to think about it. but you still think about harrison catching you on the blindside for a ferocious hit. back breaker. long day, colt. long day.