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10-10-2010, 02:21 PM
http://www.steelersdepot.com/2010/10/st ... us-ravens/ (http://www.steelersdepot.com/2010/10/steelers-week-4-offensive-participation-chart-versus-ravens/)

Everyone seems to be interested in the various sets the Steelers use. But, unless you have the results of the plays they are employed in, they have little meaning.

A couple weeks ago I found something called a Player Participation Chart. It simply listed the players on the field for each offensive play in the game. By itself, it has little meaning. But, if used in conjunction with the Offical playxplay of the game and/or a video tape, then it can be very valuable.

In the link there is something called "Offensive Personnel Grouping" eg.

3WR 1TE 1RB was used on 17 plays

2WR 2TE 1RB was used on 15 plays---

Really, interesting, but so what. What does it mean. Nothing unless you know what the result of each of those plays was. Then maybe you could make a fairly informed opinion on say which set was the most effective running or passing or productive overall. Now, this could get confusing, but to simplify it a bit I did the following:

A 17 3WR 1TE 1RB
B 15 2WR 2TE 1RB
C 5 1WR 3TE 1RB
D 4 2WR 1TE 1RB 1FB
E 3 1WR 2TE 1RB 1FB

Then it is not hard to find out which plays fit. eg. ARE was in the game for 22 plays. Obviously 17 of them fit A.

B Spaeth would be the 2nd TE on these 15 plays.

C D E ---I wasn't going to include these plays and only compare A and B, but since Redman and D. Johnson would be involved in these plays, they had to be included. The other 6 plays are exactly that ---Others---easy enough to fit them in when you see the following:

You could simply print out the playxplay. It takes about 4 pages. Then put the corresponding letter on the page and there you have it. But, what I did was the following.

1. B 1-10 P30 l4:55 ------34 +2 RG
2. B-------------------------34 +3 RG
3. O-4W HB----------------SG -8 Sack-Punt (this would be 1 of the 5 other plays ARE was in on)

4 A 1-10 P36 6:16-------P34 +4 SM
5 A-------------------------34 +6 M
6 B-------------------------P86 +5 SR
7 B-------------------------34 +2 LT
8 A-------------------------P82 +34 DL
9 O-------------------------34 NG
10 O--------------------------34 TD Legursky was the FB on these 2 plays.

Of course it would be much easier to use the printed Official playxplay. I did the above so I could take my time and visualize each play. Since I really was only interested in how Redman did when he was in the game this stuff was okay, but no doubt anyone could look at how the Steelers did in the A B or whatever setup and after a few games draw some pretty sound conclusions.

Incidentally, Isaac Redman was only in for 7 plays. 22,25,29,30,39,45,and 42. Yes, 42. This was the play ARE made the l6 yard 3rd down play which gave the Steelers a chance to win the game. 21 was listed on the chart but 33 was in on the play. He also was in on play 39 when Heath Miller got 13 yards and kept the 93 yard drive alive. RZ [I like this better than IR] seems to be a lucky player. Good things happen when he's in. He also caught a +6 yard pass on play 45 and Mendenhall scored around RE on the very next play.

This site--steelersdepot.com is really coming up with a lot of good stuff this season.

Oh, 1Question: Does anyone have any idea why the Steelers are having trouble running to the left? I've seen some threads on this, but am really puzzled how with Kemo and Starks over there [2 freaking monster]--- yet very little results.