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10-08-2010, 12:55 PM
First of all, my wife was out of town for the night and the girls were in bed by game time,
so my son and I were able to enjoy our first hockey game together. With that said, he's
a mommas boy and was somewhat fussy every now and then, so I didn't focus on every second
of the game. Good times with my boy, but I'm sure the experience will be much more
rewarding when he understands line changes, icing, Gordie Howe hat tricks, Barry Melrose's
hairdo, et cetera, et cetera. :lol:

Overall, I thought the Pens played pretty well, other than not being able to get that pesky
puck in the net, they looked decent. Just seems like Philfadelphia capitalized on their
opportunities while the penguins did not. Sometimes you just need horse shoes.

I missed Philfadelphias 3rd goal. What happened there? Short handed? :x

Can't wait till Staal returns. Word is he may be back by Thanksgiving. American or
Canadian? It would be nice to have him back on Monday. But it looks like Jordy will
be at home enjoying some Thanksgiving Moose and canned salmon, or whatever those
people eat over there with their beady eyes and flapping jaws.

10-08-2010, 02:10 PM
Yeah, their 3rd goal was a shortie. We responded with a goal about 20 seconds later on the same power play.

I just hope this Bobrovsky kid is a fluke. The one thing you can always depend on with the Flyers is a crappy goaltending situation. We don't want that to change.

By the way, if your son can somehow understand Barry Melrose's hairdo, please have him explain it to me.


I'm not your guy, friend!

I'm not your friend, buddy!

I'm not your buddy, guy!