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1st and Goal--
10-06-2010, 12:46 PM

A couple weeks ago I found something called a "Player Participation Chart". I cannot describe how valuable this could be to us casual fans.

Anyway this has been coming out on Thursday on the Steeler Depot. Frankly, that;s a little late in the week since by then focus on the upcoming game is on the menu. So I figured I would do a search and see if there was anything like this elsewhere. And, the search turned up the above linked [maybe]site.

Unfortunately, the Player Participation Chart was the one from the Steelers Depot. But what really flipped me was the unbelievable extent of the Steeler coverage nowadays.

Just a few weeks ago, I was listening in on a group of Steeler fans talking about the pre-Bradshaw days. One remembered how in the late 60's many Steeler home games were not televised, and the only radio coverage of the Steelers during the week was the Myron Cope radio program. This was broadcast on the the Steeler FLAGSHIP station, l250AM at I think 6:30 pm during the week when it wasn't pre-emted for just about anything. I used to try to listen to his show in the 70's and 80's and joked about how it was rarely on and would probably be pre-empted if some old ladies were having a knitting contest. Actually, it didn't really matter much since it was hard to pick the station up anyway.[In just the past few years, I have seen complaints from hockey fans within 35-40 miles from Pittsburgh saying that can't get the signal]. Well that, and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette were just about it for fans of that era.

Looking at this page sort of made me laugh. Would this be Overkill? But, then again it occurred to me how many fans of the Steelers are from various parts of the country. This doggone page would probably simplify their search for Steeler info.