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09-16-2010, 11:03 PM
Scott has experience in Tennessee, with Young
September 16, 2010 01:36 AM
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PITTSBURGH - Max Starks walked around the Steelers' practice facility Wednesday without a boot, cane, crutch or even a limp. But the massive left tackle did not practice with his sprained left ankle, leaving the door open for Jonathan Scott to make his first start with the team Sunday at a familiar place.

"I played a game at Tennessee last year," Scott said of his time with the Buffalo Bills. "It's a loud crowd."

It was one of Scott's eight starts at left tackle for the Bills last season, and the Bills were hammered by the Titans, 45-17.

Scott came away unscathed by any defensive end, but his former college teammate - a guy he "shed blood, sweat and tears with at the University of Texas" - Titans quarterback Vince Young, picked the Bills apart and running back Chris Johnson rushed and received for 100 yards each.

Scott came to Pittsburgh because of a tip the Steelers received from their new offensive line coach Sean Kugler, who coached Scott in Buffalo. Scott was only happy to oblige.

"It was an opportunity to be with an organization that prides itself on winning tradition," Scott said. "Being a free agent, it was almost a God-given blessing. One, having a coach that's familiar with my play, and, two, being a free agent and the Steelers actually wanted me to be here. I'm just pleased to be part of the organization."

Scott stepped in Sunday for Starks after Maurkice Pouncey drove a Falcons defensive lineman into Starks's feet. The left ankle was sprained and Scott is at the ready in case Starks can't practice later this week.

"I think I'm very prepared," Scott said. "Knowing the offense and knowing what we're trying to get accomplished, from the receiver standpoint to the quarterback standpoint, I definitely have a bead on that. That's not an issue. We just have to continue to practice and work on the small nuances of their defense."

DIXON VS. YOUNG: Scott was talking with another teammate, former Texas teammate Tony Hills, when this week's backup swing tackle pointed to Dennis Dixon

"Doesn't he remind you of Vince?" Hills asked.

"Of course he has the same number, so wow I see some of the same things," Scott said. "He makes things look effortless out there on the field. Dennis is a helluva player. I expect him to do great things."

Dixon was asked about the comparison to Young.

"He's been on the field a lot more than me," Dixon said. "He's seen more defenses than me. But I can't use that as an excuse. I've got to be able to compete."

Will that include more running with the ball Sunday?

"It doesn't matter," Dixon said. "I'm just trying to make plays out there, whether it be run or pass. I'm just taking what the defense is giving me."

DRAFT REVIEW: In the 2008 draft, the Dallas Cowboys drafted running back Felix Jones 22nd, the Steelers drafted running back Rashard Mendenhall 23rd, and the Titans drafted running back Chris Johnson 24th.

All three backs are off to strong career starts, with Johnson having already achieved superstardom by rushing for 2,000 yard last season.

Did Titans coach Jeff Fisher specifically want Johnson over Jones and Mendenhall in that draft?

"We had all three of them on the board, I'm guessing eight picks before us or something like that, and were just hoping one of the three would be there," said Fisher. "We didn't have one rated higher than the other; we were just hoping one would be there. We were lucky, as was Pittsburgh and was Dallas."