View Full Version : Official cussing during the Steelers game?

08-16-2010, 11:28 PM
Yeah, FF, this makes two.


Angry NFL official's expletives aired in stadium
Aug. 15, 2010

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Unfortunately for the officials, it was open mic night at Heinz Field.

After the Steelers scored their first touchdown Saturday in a 23-7 exhibition victory over the Lions, referee Jeff Triplette's field microphone picked up expletives uttered by him or one of his crew members apparently aimed at the replay official.

Unhappy that a review of quarterback Dennis Dixon's 5-yard run was ordered during a heavy rainstorm, an official was clearly heard saying, "It's raining like this, I'll kick his ... " followed by several expletives.

The official then added, "He's trying to get to the Super Bowl already."

The call was overturned.