View Full Version : Effective running game important for both sides of the ball?

08-03-2010, 01:36 PM
I think we will have a more clear answer of this question by the end of the year. I have posted in the past that our decision not to commit to the run last year not only effected the offense and their ability to move the ball down field but also had a great impact on the defenses ability to finish games. On multiple occasions last year the following scenario took place at the end of games

1) Defense plays its usual bend but not break style yielding yards early in drives but increasing intensity as the opponent crossed the 50 finally stopping them and forcing a punt.

2) Offense uses a very effective passing game to QUICKLY move the ball down field to score or has to punt. total TOP < 3-4 minutes

3) Defense comes on to field still partially gassed from previous stand and plays bend but not break...but this time breaks because there's not enough in the tank.

Now take number 2 and add an effective running game and TOP would increase to > 5.
The added rest is in my opinion the difference, especially for the above 30 crowd in our front 7, between creating effective pressure and exposing an average secondary.

We were also plagued last year with horrible special teams play that put pressure either real or perceived on the offense to answer quickly and respond with a quick score of our own to recapture game momentum. In retrospect I think we would have been better off grinding out 8 minute scoring drives than scoring in 2.

If we are to avoid the late game defensive let downs of last year it is my opinion that we must increase TOP early in the game through better clock management utilizing a little more running and a lot more effective running.

With all that said I am very optamistic about our chances this year. I think a proper rotation of the D front 7 combined with greatly improved special teams play (helped in large part by out Gibson and Worlids) combined with more effective running will put us on the winning side of all those close games we lost last year.

I am so happy the hitting has started......I'll see you guys on Halloween in New Orleans!

08-03-2010, 02:13 PM
I agree with everything you posted. Mendy will have a good year i think and if they sub the front 7 a bit more you will see the 4th Q letdowms become less and less. Guys were gassed last year partly due to the Offense. I'm sure Hood, Foote ect will help the starting front 7 out a ton this season.