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Steelers safety Polamalu is looking healthy
Monday, August 2, 2010
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Troy Polamalu practiced again Sunday, giving yet another indication that the Pro Bowl safety is not suffering any lingering effects from the knee injuries that wrecked his 2009 season.

Polamalu, who played in parts of just five games last season, has been a full participant in the Steelers' first three practices of training camp.

"My plan is to practice every day," Polamalu said.

Coach Mike Tomlin might have something to say about that given Polamalu's importance to the defense and the fact the latter sustained two separate but significant injuries to his left knee last season.

The Steelers are certain to err on the side of caution with Polamalu, resting him from time to time.

Polamalu strained the medial collateral ligament in his left knee last season and later strained the posterior collateral ligament in the same knee.

The injuries came a season after Polamalu intercepted a career-high seven passes, and his extended absences loomed large in the struggles of the Steelers' secondary in 2009.

Polamalu said he spent the offseason strengthening the muscles in his knee as well as his quadriceps.

"It was a very long offseason," Polamalu said. "It actually started in the middle of last season, so it's nice to be back."

Polamalu acknowledged that he will have to monitor how hard he pushes himself during camp.

"My knee feels fine, but sometimes when it's a little weaker and you're driving like a race car, then other things start getting nicked here and there," Polamalu said. "Camp's long. You always want to make it out healthy."

That is always one of the Steelers' top priorities, and that is particularly true when it comes to Polamalu.

Not having him for much of last season deprived the Steelers of one of the NFL's most dynamic players. Not coincidentally, the Steelers only intercepted 12 passes last season, with Polamalu making three of them to tie Ryan Clark for the team lead.

"It's good to have him out there moving well," starting free safety Ryan Clark said. "He looks good."

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He wants to be out there everyday as a veteran on the team and to set an example for the rookies and younger players, but discretion is the better part of valor. The Steelers can ill afford top lose him during camp and like Ben, this isn't his first rodeo. He should only get enough reps to stay sharp. I'm certain he's already in top physical condition and ready to go. Give him enough work to stay sharp and omit from enough work to keep him healthy coming out of camp.

This is where the coach earns his keep.