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07-21-2010, 04:19 PM
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Ed Reed appeals for support from Ravens
July, 21, 2010 Jul 212:37PM
by ESPN.com staff

Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed has asked for more support from the Ravens as he recovers from a hip injury, but he wouldn't get into specifics.

According to The Baltimore Sun's Jamison Hensley, Reed said "I haven't had the support from the other side as you think has been there."

Reed indicated he hadn't asked the Ravens for a new contract this year, but that he did last year. He's unhappy with his current deal, which has three years remaining.

"The word I got was: 'We're comfortable with where we're at,'" Reed said. "Yes, you would be comfortable with the plays that I'm making on the field and paying me what you're paying me."

"There are six, seven players in front of me [financially] at my position that I honestly wouldn't let hold my jock, and I don't even wear one," Reed said.

07-21-2010, 04:24 PM
This is a good thing. Reed was just as importnat to the Ravens defense as Troy was to ours. Because of his ability to pick off balls and return them for TDs he won games they would have lost. Without Reed the ravens are much weaker.

As I mentioned in another thread you get the sense that all the love for the Ravens is like all the love the Browns got two years ago. They won't fail as miserably as only the Browns can but they will not be as good as being projected.

07-21-2010, 05:05 PM
I bet there's a lot of unhappy players out there with the upcoming CBA issue.

07-21-2010, 06:02 PM
"There are six, seven players in front of me [financially] at my position that I honestly wouldn't let hold my jock, and I don't even wear one," Reed said.

That was funny....

07-22-2010, 04:49 PM
STFU and play... Or retire and don't get paid.

stlrz d
07-24-2010, 10:30 AM
The beat goes on.

http://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/s ... films.html (http://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/spo/2010/07/24-30/Reed-reel-upset-over-mixup-with-game-films.html)

Reed reel upset over mixup with game films
By AARON WILSON Landmark News Service
Published 07/24/10

OWINGS MILLS - The latest wrinkle in star free safety Ed Reed's dispute with the Baltimore Ravens? He has accused the team of refusing to provide him game films to study.

That's the "minor issue" Reed was referring to earlier this week when he said he wasn't getting enough support from the organization.

"This is the organization that you want me to play for," he said in an interview with WBAL. "I got the text message to prove it, so this ain't nothing I'm not lying about."

Reed has yet to make the text message and its contents public, though.

The Ravens have responded calmly to Reed's comments, labeling the entire situation "a misunderstanding."

"If this happened, it had to be a misunderstanding of some sort," Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne said in a statement. "We know Ed is a great student of the game and studies video all the time. We encourage our players to do this."

Still, Reed was definitely upset.

"Don't treat me like that after I gave my blood, sweat and tears for this guy, for this organization," Reed said. "I train my tail off. I'm putting my life on the line."

It's believed that Reed's claims about the game films do technically have some merit.

However, it's also believed that the underlying cause of Reed's issues with the team are financial in nature. Reed was rebuffed when he requested a new contract last year. The disconnect between player and organization also involves the team's insistence that Reed have his surgically repaired hip examined by team doctors. Ravens officials also want the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year meet with coach John Harbaugh.

"I don't have to be playing for them," said Reed, who's expected to begin training camp - if not the regular season- on the physically unable to perform list. "I could retire. I don't need the money."

Meanwhile, Harbaugh said he's not concerned about Reed's attitude and expressed confidence that everything will be fine.

"I know he loves to play," Harbaugh said in a 105.7 The Fan interview. "I know he loves the Ravens. I know he's going to be there when he can be."

Harbaugh stressed that he has a close football relationship with Reed.

"We've had lots of conversations about a lot of things," Harbaugh said. "He has a good heart. He cares about the Ravens. I think he cares about his legacy as a football player. I believe he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I think he wants to finish strong. ..

"The thing I shared with him is we, as a coaching staff, want to do everything we can to help him be the best player he can be as he finishes his career. I know he wants that. All the other stuff is best addressed one-on-one, face-to-face. That's what he and I agreed on when we talked on the phone. We will talk about it when he gets in ... I'm sure we'll get a lot of things worked out."

Meanwhile, Harbaugh weighed in on the backlash created with the signing of new backup quarterback Marc Bulger after Reed and starter Joe Flacco took issue with how Bulger's presence affects Troy Smith.

Harbaugh downplayed the issue.

"I don't think there's anything to it as far as it being an issue for our football team," Harbaugh said. "Having Marc Bulger makes us better and our players know that. Sometimes guys will make statements to support their teammates and guys they become friends with. I know Joe feels good about Marc Bulger being a part of it. He respects him, and he knows he's going to learn a lot from him."