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Sorry for taking so long gang. We FINALLY got it done. Thank you Emmanuel (i know youre checking us out). ;)

1. via SteelUniverse.net - Who do you compare yourself to, past or present as a wide receiver?

-- I donít know about how close our games are but I hope I have a career like Chris Carter. I idolized the way he carried himself and handled his business. He was a true professional.

2. via PlanetSteelers.com - What is the primary difference you have noticed in catching balls from Ben Roethlisberger vs. Byron Leftwich (and even Dennis Dixon or Charlie Batch for that matter)?

-- I see why Big Ben gets the big bucks. I never watched him before being drafted and practicing with him but Iíve never seen anything like it. Heís a beast! They both have rocket arms but Ben has a little more touch. Sometimes I gotta tell Byron to ďchill outĒ.

3. via SteelUniverse.net - How different is the route tree in a pro style compared to the spread you had at SMU?

-- I had never ran a comeback in college. Thatís the only real difference for me. The rest is just getting open. The routes arenít too much different. Every team runs the same routes its just the combinations that are different.

4. via PlanetSteelers.com - What advice did June Jones give you to prepare for the NFL based on his experience as head coach of the Falcons in the mid 90's?

-- Coach Jones coached the whole team like it was an NFL team. The first meeting we ever had he said ďIím going to treat yall like youíre in the NFL so when you get there it wonít be such a shock.Ē What he did that really helped me was that he also had position coaches that played and/or coached in the league also. So I was getting lessons about the league from every coach.

5. via SteelUniverse.net - How do you see yourself fitting in the Steelers offense this upcoming season? How do you like your chances of being the #4 or even #3 WR?

-- I couldnít ask for a better situation. Itís a wide open competition and thatís all I could ever ask for. I feel like when the competition heats up, Iím at my very best. I know whatís at stake and thatís why I lived in the weight and film room all summer.

6. via PlanetSteelers.com - What portions of the NFL WR route tree do you feel needs the most work to adjust from a "Run & Shoot" style offense in college to a "Pro Style" NFL offense?

-- I just have to get more familiar with the offense and the adjustments then its like playing in the backyard again. Iíve been watching Santonio tapes from the past few years and I really think its going to slow things down. Iíve been in many systems and the biggest part is knowing it 100% so I donít have to think about anything but catching and scoring.

7. via SteelUniverse.net - What and/or who has impressed you the most so far?

-- Honestly, its something that happened off the field. We were playing basketball at Benís house and Ben hit like 15 straight 3-point shots. I said ďdang, bro I didnít know you had a shot like that.Ē He said ď Iímma an athlete bro - pure athleteĒ.

8. via PlanetSteelers.com - How much help are the vets to the rooks?

-- The vets have been extremely helpful. Charlie Batch and I have become really cool. Who knowís Pittsburgh and the offense better than Charlie? Iíve been like a sponge since Iíve gotten here.

9. via SteelUniverse.net - What intrigues you the most about the Steeler organization?

-- Everyone is a winner. I think I fit right in because everyone is on a mission. From the top of the organization to the bottom, everyone is in it to win it.

10. via PlanetSteelers.com - How comfortable are you as a returner and how well did you do in college? Better at kick-off returns or punt returns?

-- Iím very comfortable returning punts. I didnít do much kick-off returns but I want to. I want to do it all haha punt, pass, kick, snap, hold, catch....

11. via SteelUniverse.net - Could ya go in depth about the moments after ya found out Steelers drafted you?

-- It was a blur. I was so pumped that I had to go outside because I thought I was about to tackle one of my cousins. Iíve always dreamed about how the moment would be and I was way off. But honestly, I was ready to play. All I could think about is the competition and what itís going to take to get on the field.

12. via PlanetSteelers.com - What NFL WR do you think you're most like?

-- Steve Smith: Not the biggest but has the biggest heart on the field and won't back down from anything.

13. via SteelUniverse.net - What's youre early impression on the Steelers fanbase?

-- Iím still in awe. I started a facebook fanpage to get closer to the handful of fans that I had. Three weeks later I was chatting with Steeler fans in Mexico City, Brazil and Iraq. Thereís no doubt who has the deepest fanbase in the league. Shout out to all my friends on the fan page.

14. via PlanetSteelers.com - What was his first impression of the city upon entering downtown via the Fort Pitt tunnel?

-- Pittsburgh is beautiful! I tell all my boys back home that itís better than Dallas and they laugh. Man, Iím so blessed. Perfect situation on so many levels.

Part 2 coming soon...

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via PlanetSteelers.com - Who's the coolest Steelers player/coach you've met so far?

-- Everyone's been real cool but I've been kicking it with A. Brown. We are gonna do big things for many years.

via SteelUniverse.net - Who was your idol and fav teams growing up?

-- My idol was Deion "Primetime" Sanders. We share the same last name and I enjoyed everything about him. Greatest athlete of all time. Never really had a favorite team though. Once the Oilers left Houston that is.

via PlanetSteelers.com - Why did Bruce Arians get to pick your number when it seems that everyone else gets to pick their own?

-- I had #18 for a little but he said that he wanted recievers to have 80 #'s. 88 is starting to grow on me. I thought it was going to be too big but I love it now.

via SteelUniverse.net - What was the impact of your rookie mates not only seeing 6 Lombardis in Pgh, but also rich history in the HOF?

-- When we went to the HOF last month, I had never been so inspired in my life. Immediatly after we got home, I had my girlfriend reading off plays to me. Seeing those trophies and having the opprotunity to get a few and be in the HOF has boosted my drive. Anything less will be a failure.

via PlanetSteelers.com - Have you ever played in cold weather?

-- I think so but I'm sure it's nothing like the weather in Pitt. One fan told me on twitter though- As long as I catch passes and score, I'll be plenty warm.

via SteelUniverse.net - What does it mean to you to be a Steeler?

-- It means so much to make it to the NFL but to be a Steeler is a true blessing. The championships, the fans, the high standards: I couldn't ask for more.

via PlanetSteelers.com - Are you worried about big NFL corners? How will you beat them off the LOS?

-- Naw, I'm not worried. I'll watch so much film on them that I'll know everything about them before I step on the field. I just have to be patient and let him make the mistake. It's all about being patient.

via SteelUniverse.net - Are you aware that the Steelers fanbase is among largest in NFL?

-- It's crazy. On my facebook fanpage I've been chatting with Steeler fans in Brazil, Mexico City, Japan and Iraq. I love it. Makes me even more hungry knowing that I could have everyone on my side if I ball.

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as i have putting it together. :)

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And thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Manny!


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Cool stuff Prok!!!!

I'm really excited to see Sanders play. This is gonna be Tomlin's defining draft class and I have a feeling Sanders might be the premiere pick of the class.

Ward, Wallace, and Sanders - 3 #3s that are gonna light it up with Ben. I hope he really gets a shot at ARE's spot.

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If any of you can get hold of anyone from SU:

Could you please alert them that i cannot, for the life of me, get their website to load at this time and will post this ASAP?

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If any of you can get hold of anyone from SU:

Could you please alert them that i cannot, for the life of me, get their website to load at this time and will post this ASAP?

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Good job Prok! Thanks! Mr. Sanders sounds confident in his athleticism. He also sounds like a hard worker. We shall soon see what he's made of. :P

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You rock Prok!!


and so do you number 88!!

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ď Iímma an athlete bro - pure athleteĒ.

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I love it!

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Great Work Prok! Really appreciate sharing this one.

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Sanders sounds like a very intelligent and mature young man, thanks Prok for allowing us to see this side of him! :Bow :Clap :tt2

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Nice Prok. But you didn't ask him if I could get tickets. I was counting on you man.