View Full Version : Hockey is like a disease

D Rock
06-29-2010, 06:08 PM
...just that it's one that I love to have.

I already want hockey season to be back. I think I may be close to enjoying hockey more than football now just because the players are more down to earth and as fans we can just sit back and enjoy it instead of reading every other day about the trouble everyone is getting into.

Long live hockey!

06-30-2010, 12:09 AM
Amen, Brotha D Rock!

Love the NHL. Love the Pens. But, just like baseball, I am much more ecumenical with the teams I follow in hockey. Big fan of the Sabres and Blue Jackets and, to a lesser extent, the Avalanche, Canucks, Sharks and Blackhawks.

Have been a four-year subscriber to NHL Centre Ice (altho, I may take a year off this year because I'll be full-time in work and school) and try to attend at least one NHL game every year somewhere. If I can't, I usually try to visit the Lake Erie Monsters (AHL affiliate of the Avalanche in Cleveland) at least a handful of times every year. Just a great game!

Hoping to get to the Monday game on tailgate weekend, if the circumstances allow. Gotta, at least, get to the Winter Classic at Heinz. Gotta dump the DC Chumpitals in front of all of North America that day!