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05-30-2010, 03:22 PM
Sorta "generic" in as to which sport topic this belongs to, but maybe one of Steigerwald's few and far between worthy "rant" articles.... Maybe... :lol:
A sports mad world has gone insane
By John Steigerwald

When did we lose our sanity?

We have hockey in June, baseball in November and football in February. As Joe Butler of Metro Index Scouting Service recently pointed out on his blog, by 2014, when (speaking of insanity) the Super Bowl will be played in New Jersey, it might be almost March when the game is played.

The NFL is seriously considering a 17- or 18-game regular season and adding more teams to the playoffs. That could push the game beyond the first week of February.

Then there is the Big Ten insanity. First, no one bats an eye over the fact that there are 11 teams in a conference that calls itself the Big Ten. Now, there's talk the Big Ten could expand to as many as 16 teams. Rutgers is considered the front runner from the Big East. If Rutgers leaves the Big East and joins the Big Ten, that would mean Penn State would be playing Rutgers on a regular basis but not Pitt.

How insane is that?

I'm looking forward to the Stanley Cup Finals between two teams from good hockey towns, Chicago and Philadelphia, but don't we have to be insane if we've reached the point where playing the biggest hockey games of the year in June doesn't even seem all that insane anymore?

The seventh game of the World Series was scheduled for November last year. That's hockey in June. Baseball in November. The world is upside down.

Then there is the story of Matthew Clemens. He's the 21-year-old slob who intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old girl at a Phillies game at Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia on Wednesday. That's right. Matthew, after heckling a guy and his two daughters sitting in front of him, stuck his finger down his throat and threw up on the girl.

At what point do sports teams have to start thinking about not selling beer at their games?

Remember, it was in the same ballpark that a 17-year-old kid was brought down in the outfield by a cop with a Taser. The worst part about the Clemens story is that he's probably not going to get prison time. It's a good thing for him that I wasn't the judge. I would have tried for life in prison and worked back from there.

I know he's only 21, but when you turn a kid's ballpark experience into what Clemens did to that little girl, in my book, you've pretty much forfeited your right to be out here on the outside with the rest of us.

Remember the father son team that came out of the stands at a White Sox game and beat up a first base coach? They didn't get jail time, either. Are the jails really that crowded that we can't find a spot for such people?

Speaking of life in prison, if I were in charge, that would be the punishment for any person who stands behind someone doing a live TV report and uses his cell phone to call his buddie, then starts waving and jumping up and down like a chimpanzee.

I watched several grown men making idiots of themselves behind Stan Savran and Paul Alexander of FSN during a live pregame show to Game 7 with the Canadiens at Mellon Arena. Have any of the people who do this ever seen a tape of themselves ?

Joe Paterno did an interview on the 93.7 The Fan morning show a few days ago. And he gave the same lame excuse for why Penn State and Pitt can't play each other.


JoPa says that football funds the other 28 athletic teams at Penn State and he has to get seven home games. The Penn State women's softball team just finished a nice three week trip to New Mexico and San Diego. Does that make you feel any better about being subjected to Penn State-Youngstown State in the season opener at Happy Valley next September?

Does the field hockey team really need to play a Big Ten schedule and all the travel that goes with it? Does it make you feel good, when you pay for a YSU-PSU ticket, that the Field Hockey team's hotel in Iowa is covered?

If you're a Penguins fan, you probably have a deep and abiding hatred for the Philadelphia Flyers. If so, that's exactly why you should be rooting for them to win the Stanley Cup. It's that hatred that makes the games interesting. The Flyers coming into Consol Energy Center as defending champions would only add a little fuel to the fire. If the NHL is smart - and I know just how big that if is - it will schedule the Flyers for the Penguins first home game next season.

The Broad Street Bullies of the mid-70s and their total domination of the Penguins is the root cause of that hatred. Even if it means putting your feelings aside, you really should force yourself to watch HBO's documentary on that team. Nobody does sports documentaries better than HBO and this one is every bit as good as all the others. Come to think of it, nobody does TV better than HBO.