View Full Version : What are some possible trades to look for tonight?

04-22-2010, 04:04 PM
Cleveland wants Bradford, but that ain't happening. The Rams don't want to give him up, and the Browns would not be willing to give up the insane amount it would require to move up to #1 anyway. They would love it if Eric Berry were available at #7, but may worry about Seattle possibly taking him at #6. Perhaps they would be willing to move up to #5 by giving K.C. one of their 3 third rounders. The Chiefs could still get Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams at #7 (assuming it goes Bradford-Suh-McCoy-Okung, then the Browns move up for Berry, the Seahawks take either Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams, then the Chiefs get whichever one is left). If K.C. was going to take Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams at #5 anyway, it would be like getting an extra 3rd round pick without giving up anything. That's always a good deal.

The Eagles want to move up to get Earl Thomas, and they have the ammo to jump up since they have 2 second rounders, 2 third rounders, and 2 fourth rounders. The Jaguars and Dolphins do not have 2nd round picks, and would really like to get one back, I'm sure (and the Jaguars could justify taking Tebow at #24 better than they could justify taking him at #10 solely to sell tickets). The Eagles could offer their first round pick and the early second round pick they got for McNabb to get up into the 10-12 range for Thomas, or they could offer their late 1st, late 2nd, and late 3rd (and still have an early 1st, early 2nd, and early 3rd).

I really like Joe Haden, but I know that the Niners do as well, and they have two picks ahead of us, and jumping up to #12 ahead of them might be too costly for us, since we would have to give up a premium pick in a deep draft. However, they also need an OT, so if they decide to go OT with their earlier pick at #13, hoping to take Haden one spot ahead of us at #17, we could possibly trade up a few spots with the Titans, Giants, or Seahawks to get him. The compensation required in that case would be more palatable.

Any other suggestions for what other trades might go down? (and please, no suggestions involving us trading away Ben Roethlisberger...I don't need an ulcer).

04-22-2010, 04:24 PM
i just heard the Eagles are frantically trying to trade up with the Dolphins -

Earl Thomas?

04-22-2010, 04:34 PM
See my sig for the trade I want to have happen... :tt2

I realize that Mays won't be there at 1.29, but, that's my mock and I'm sticking to it.


04-22-2010, 05:24 PM
Cowboys trade their 1st and 2nd pick to Dolphins and draft Earl Thomas at No.12.