View Full Version : It's what the Rooney's think that matters

04-18-2010, 05:34 PM
I think whether Ben stays or not depends entirely on how confident the Rooney's are that there will NEVER be a repeat of anything even remotely like this. If there would be, Ben's trade value would be about zero. So, unless the Rooney's are pretty sure, very sure, that no more ugly headlines are coming, I think their calculations would be to unload him while he has SOME value.

Almost certainly they have a lot more information than we have. Just my :2c, but if they figure it's best for the Steelers to trade him, I'm 100% in favor of that.

And, if in their wisdom, they think it's best for the Steelers to not trade him, to give him counseling, impose discipline/punishment, and take a chance on him, I support that 100% too.

I'm becoming more and more comfortable "resting in the tension", and just waiting to see how things turn out.