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04-12-2010, 09:09 AM
Please, post only picks on this thread. There is a separate thread for reaction and commentary. Also, there are still a heck of a lot of slots open (and possibly more that I originally thought, since it appears that Woodley of Troy is sufficiently disgusted by the Santonio trade that I guess he won't be here for Seattle and Tennessee now). Please continue to sign up at the Planet Mock Draft Sign-Up Thread. I was going to grab a couple of more teams myself, but I was thinking about later teams like Dallas and San Diego...now I may have to fill in with some early teams instead just to get us through this first day. Join us here, folks, if only to get your mind off the trading of a Super Bowl MVP for a bit.

Anyway, here is the pick schedule (all times are Eastern Standard Time, since that is the time zone where Pittsburgh is located, so no whining from folks from the West Coast or international posters):

Round 1

Monday, 4/12/10

(9:00-9:59 a.m.) St. Louis (1-15) Chadman SAM BRADFORD, QB, OKLAHOMA
(10:00-10:59 a.m.) Detroit (2-14) RuthlessBurgher RUSSELL OKUNG, OT, OKLAHOMA STATE
(11:00-11:59 a.m.) Tampa Bay (3-13) RuthlessBurgher NDAMUKONG SUH, DT, NEBRASKA
(12:00-12:59 p.m.) Washington (4-12) RuthlessBurgher TRENT WILLIAMS, OT, OKLAHOMA
(1:00-1:59 p.m.) Kansas City (4-12) HardlinerKC ERIC BERRY, FS, TENNESSEE
(2:00-2:59 p.m.) Seattle (5-11) RuthlessBurgher GERALD MCCOY, DT, OKLAHOMA
(3:00-3:59 p.m.) Cleveland (5-11) AkronSteel JIMMY CLAUSEN, QB, NOTRE DAME
(4:00-4:59 p.m.) Oakland (5-11) RuthlessBurgher BRUCE CAMPBELL, OT, MARYLAND

Tuesday, 4/13/10

(9:00-9:59 a.m.) Buffalo (6-10) RuthlessBurgher BRYAN BULAGA, OT, IOWA
(10:00-10:59 a.m.) Jacksonville (7-9) D Rock TIM TEBOW, QB, FLORIDA
(11:00-11:59 a.m.) Denver - from Chicago (7-9) RuthlessBurgher DAN WILLIAMS, NT, TENNESSEE
(12:00-12:59 p.m.) Miami (7-9) RuthlessBurgher BRANDON GRAHAM, OLB/DE, MICHIGAN
(1:00-1:59 p.m.) San Francisco (8-8) AkronSteel JOE HADEN, CB, FLORIDA
(2:00-2:59 p.m.) Seattle - from Denver (8-8) RuthlessBurgher CHARLES BROWN, OT, USC
(3:00-3:59 p.m.) New York Giants (8-8) RuthlessBurgher SEAN WEATHERSPOON, LB, MISSOURI
(4:00-4:59 p.m.) Tennessee (8-8) RuthlessBurgher DERRICK MORGAN, DE, GEORGIA TECH

Wednesday, 4/14/10

(9:00-9:59 a.m.) San Francisco - from Carolina (8-8) AkronSteel C.J. SPILLER, RB, CLEMSON
(10:00-10:59 a.m.) Pittsburgh (9-7) hawaiiansteel EARL THOMAS, S/CB, TEXAS
(11:00-11:59 a.m.) Atlanta (9-7) hawaiiansteel DEZ BRYANT, WR, OKLAHOMA STATE
(12:00-12:59 p.m.) Houston (9-7) Tomlinator KYLE WILSON, CB, BOISE STATE
(1:00-1:59 p.m.) Cincinnati (10-6) Jom112 JASON PIERRE-PAUL, DE, SOUTH FLORIDA
(2:00-2:59 p.m.) New England (10-6) hawaiiansteel ROLANDO MCCLAIN, LB, ALABAMA
(3:00-3:59 p.m.) Green Bay (11-5) hawaiiansteel MIKE IUPATI, OG, IDAHO
(4:00-4:59 p.m.) Philadelphia (11-5) pfelix73 TAYLOR MAYS, SS, USC

Thursday, 4/15/10

(9:00-9:59 a.m.) Baltimore (9-7) Jom112 JARED ODRICK, DT/DE, PENN STATE
(10:00-10:59 a.m.) Arizona (10-6) Jom112 TERRENCE CODY, NT, ALABAMA
(11:00-11:59 a.m.) Dallas (11-5) hawaiiansteel ANTHONY DAVIS, OT, RUTGERS
(12:00-12:59 p.m.) San Diego (13-3) D Rock RYAN MATTHEWS, RB, FRESNO STATE
(1:00-1:59 p.m.) New York Jets (9-7) Discipline of Steel SERGIO KINDLE, OLB/DE, TEXAS
(2:00-2:59 p.m.) Minnesota (12-4) Discipline of Steel MAURKICE POUNCEY, C/G, FLORIDA
(3:00-3:59 p.m.) Indianapolis (14-2) hawaiiansteel RODGER SAFFOLD, OT, INDIANA
(4:00-4:59 p.m.) New Orleans (13-3) hawaiiansteel BRIAN PRICE, DT, UCLA

Round 2

Friday, 4/16/10

(9:00-9:29 a.m.) St. Louis (1-15) Chadman JERMAINE GRESHAM, TE, OKLAHOMA
(9:30-9:59 a.m.) Detroit (2-14) RuthlessBurgher JAHVID BEST, RB, CALIFORNIA
(10:00-10:29 a.m.) Tampa Bay (3-13) RuthlessBurgher DEVIN MCCOURTY, CB, RUTGERS
(10:30-10:59 a.m.) Kansas City (4-12) HardlinerKC GOLDEN TATE, WR, NOTRE DAME
(11:00-11:29 a.m.) Philadelphia - from Washington (4-12) pfelix73 DEMARYIUS THOMAS, WR, GEORGIA TECH
(11:30-11:59 a.m.) Cleveland (5-11) AkronSteel JERRY HUGHES, OLB/DE, TCU
(12:00-12:29 p.m.) Oakland (5-11) RuthlessBurgher LINVAL JOSEPH, DT, EAST CAROLINA
(12:30-12:59 p.m.) San Diego - from Seattle (5-11) D Rock CAM THOMAS, NT, NORTH CAROLINA
(1:00-1:29 p.m.) Buffalo (6-10) RuthlessBurgher COLT MCCOY, QB, TEXAS
(1:30-1:59 p.m.) Tampa Bay - from Chicago (7-9) RuthlessBurgher ARRELIOUS BENN, WR, ILLINOIS
(2:00-2:29 p.m.) Denver - from Miami (7-9) RuthlessBurgher BRANDON LAFELL, WR, LSU
(2:30-2:59 p.m.) New England - from Jacksonville (7-9) hawaiiansteel KAREEM JACKSON, CB, ALABAMA
(3:00-3:29 p.m.) Denver (8-8) RuthlessBurgher PATRICK ROBINSON, CB, FLORIDA STATE
(3:30-3:59 p.m.) New York Giants (8-8) RuthlessBurgher CARLOS DUNLAP, DE, FLORIDA
(4:00-4:29 p.m.) New England - from Tennessee (8-8) hawaiiansteel DAMIAN WILLIAMS, WR, USC
(4:30-4:59 p.m.) Carolina (8-8) pfelix73 COREY WOOTTON, DE, NORTHWESTERN

Monday, 4/19/10

(9:00-9:29 a.m.) San Francisco (8-8) AkronSteel VLADIMIR DUCASSE, OT/OG, MASSACHUSETTS
(9:30-9:59 a.m.) Kansas City - from Atlanta (9-7) HardlinerKC ROB GRONKOWSKI, TE, ARIZONA
(10:00-10:29 a.m.) Houston (9-7) Tomlinator NATE ALLEN, FS, SOUTH FLORIDA
(10:30-10:59 a.m.) Pittsburgh (9-7) hawaiiansteel JARED VELDHEER, OT, HILLSDALE
(11:00-11:29 a.m.) New England (10-6) hawaiiansteel TYSON ALUALU, DE/DT, CALIFORNIA
(11:30-11:59 a.m.) Cincinnati (10-6) Jom112 DARYL WASHINGTON, LB, TCU
(12:00-12:29 p.m.) Philadelphia (11-5) pfelix73 EVERSON GRIFFEN, DE, USC
(12:30-12:59 p.m.) Green Bay (11-5) hawaiiansteel BRANDON GHEE, CB, WAKE FOREST
(1:00-1:29 p.m.) Baltimore (9-7) Jom112 JEROME MURPHY, CB, SOUTH FLORIDA
(1:30-1:59 p.m.) Arizona (10-6) Jom112 JASON WORILDS, OLB/DE, VIRGINIA TECH
(2:00-2:29 p.m.) Dallas (11-5) hawaiiansteel CHAD JONES, S, LSU
(2:30-2:59 p.m.) Seattle - from San Diego (13-3) RuthlessBurgher CHRIS COOK, CB/FS, VIRGINIA
(3:00-3:29 p.m.) New York Jets (9-7) Discipline of Steel MORGAN BURNETT, FS, GEORGIA TECH
(3:30-3:59 p.m.) Minnesota (12-4) Discipline of Steel DEXTER MCCLUSTER, RB, MISSISSIPPI
(4:00-4:29 p.m.) Indianapolis (14-2) hawaiiansteel LAMARR HOUSTON, DT, TEXAS
(4:30-4:59 p.m.) New Orleans (13-3) hawaiiansteel NAVORRO BOWMAN, LB, PENN STATE

Round 3

Tuesday, 4/20/10

(9:00-9:29 a.m.) St. Louis (1-15) Chadman GREG HARDY, DE, MISSISSIPPI
(9:30-9:59 a.m.) Detroit (2-14) RuthlessBurgher SEAN LEE, LB, PENN STATE
(10:00-10:29 a.m.) Tampa Bay (3-13) RuthlessBurgher JERMAINE CUNNINGHAM, DE, FLORIDA
(10:30-10:59 a.m.) Kansas City (4-12) HardlinerKC TOBY GERHART, RB, STANFORD
(11:00-11:29 a.m.) Oakland (5-11) RuthlessBurgher AKWASI OWUSU-ANSAH, CB, INDIANA (PA)
(11:30-11:59 a.m.) Philadelphia - from Seattle (5-11) pfelix73 PERRISH COX, CB, OKLAHOMA STATE
(12:00-12:29 p.m.) Cleveland (5-11) AkronSteel BEN TATE, RB, AUBURN
(12:30-12:59 p.m.) Buffalo (6-10) RuthlessBurgher KOA MISI, OLB/DE, UTAH
(1:00-1:29 p.m.) Miami (7-9) RuthlessBurgher TORRELL TROUP, NT, CENTRAL FLORIDA
(1:30-1:59 p.m.) Jacksonville (7-9) D Rock ERIC DECKER, WR, MINNESOTA
(2:00-2:29 p.m.) Chicago (7-9) pfelix73 MARDY GILYARD, WR, CINCINNATI
(2:30-2:59 p.m.) New York Giants (8-8) RuthlessBurgher GENO ATKINS, DT, GEORGIA
(3:00-3:29 p.m.) Tennessee (8-8) RuthlessBurgher J.D. WALTON, C, BAYLOR
(3:30-3:59 p.m.) Carolina (8-8) pfelix73 JOHN SKELTON, QB, FORDHAM
(4:00-4:29 p.m.) San Francisco (8-8) AkronSteel ALEX CARRINGTON, DE, ARKANSAS STATE
(4:30-4:59 p.m.) Denver (8-8) RuthlessBurgher MATT TENNANT, C, BOSTON COLLEGE

Wednesday, 4/21/10

(9:00-9:29 a.m.) Houston (9-7) Tomlinator JONATHAN DWYER, RB, GEORGIA TECH
(9:30-9:59 a.m.) Pittsburgh (9-7) hawaiiansteel RICKY SAPP, OLB, CLEMSON
(10:00-10:29 a.m.) Atlanta (9-7) hawaiiansteel DOMINIQUE FRANKS, CB, OKLAHOMA
(10:30-10:59 a.m.) Cincinnati (10-6) Jom112 CARLTON MITCHELL, WR, SOUTH FLORIDA (I'm not even waiting for Jom to show up to make the actual selection. We all already know what it is going to be.)
(11:00-11:29 a.m.) Cleveland - from Oakland via New England (10-6) AkronSteel RESHAD JONES, S, GEORGIA
(11:30-11:59 a.m.) Green Bay (11-5) hawaiiansteel JOE MCKNIGHT, RB, USC
(12:00-12:29 p.m.) Philadelphia (11-5) pfelix73 BRANDON SPIKES, ILB, FLORIDA
(12:30-12:59 p.m.) Arizona - from Baltimore (9-7) Jom112 JIMMY GRAHAM, TE, MIAMI
(1:00-1:29 p.m.) Arizona (10-6) Jom112 JOHN JERRY, OG, MISSISSIPPI
(1:30-1:59 p.m.) Dallas (11-5) hawaiiansteel JORDAN SHIPLEY, WR, TEXAS
(2:00-2:29 p.m.) San Diego (13-3) D Rock CIRON BLACK, OT/OG, LSU
(2:30-2:59 p.m.) Cleveland - from New York Jets (9-7) AkronSteel TAYLOR PRICE, WR, OHIO
(3:00-3:29 p.m.) Minnesota (12-4) Discipline of Steel AMARI SPIEVEY, CB, IOWA
(3:30-3:59 p.m.) Indianapolis (14-2) hawaiiansteel JON ASAMOAH, OG, ILLINOIS
(4:00-4:29 p.m.) Pittsburgh - from New Orleans (13-3) hawaiiansteel MONTARIO HARDESTY, RB, TENNESSEE
(4:30-4:59 p.m.) Cincinnati (comp) Jom112 DORIN DICKERSON, TE, PITTSBURGH
(5:00-5:29 p.m.) Tennessee (comp) RuthlessBurgher JAVIER ARENAS, CB, ALABAMA
(5:30-5:59 p.m.) Atlanta (comp) hawaiiansteel AARON HERNANDEZ, TE, FLORIDA

Thursday, 4/22/10

The Actual NFL Draft begins!

http://api.ning.com/files/Jaif4RtB2THvYwUj8b3-5TBXZp40RM6GtdlZrQYgL4WOy01fdjRqU9bMWPVmiJe4kVgZxo s6TV*7EIeLMDruu1eiWtX-sq53/nfl_draft_2009_order.jpg

04-12-2010, 09:11 AM
Chadman posted this earlier in the Sign-Up thread before the Official Pick Thread was created, so I will cut-and-paste his selection here to kick off the festivities.

So....it's 9.09 on Monday the 12th, so it's time for the Rams to select...

No surprises here- with the #1 pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the St Louis Rams are proud to announce the selection of...

6'4" 236LBS


When you are a poor team, with no real prospects at QB for the near future, you simply must pick a signal caller. Bradford is the best in this draft class, and will be asked to lead this franchise for the forseeable future.

Accuracy: One of the more deadly accurate passers in recent memory whether throwing short, intermediate or deep. Places throws in tight spaces when facing zones or splitting two defenders down the seam. Puts the ball on his man's numbers so he can make a play after the catch, whether the receiver is standing still or on the move. Anticipates receivers' routes very well, and doesn't have to wait until they make their break or get open. Accurate on fades into the end zone or behind defenses, although a bit inconsistent in trajectory on those throws.

Arm Strength: Tall, lanky player who doesn't own a cannon but has more than enough arm strength to be successful in the NFL. Able to fit the ball into tight quarters, especially in the middle of the field. Uses anticipation and accuracy to connect on deep outs; NFL corners may jump those throws. Will stretch the field vertically when needed.

Setup/Release: Decisive and quick with his release. Tight spiral on most every throw. Generally quiet feet, patient and poised, but may have gotten more gun-shy with an inexperienced offensive line if not injured in 2009. Willing to stand in and deliver against pressure before the injury. Throws from three-quarter slot at times, which negates his height advantage. Works out of the shotgun often but is solid with his footwork and balanced in drops. Good ball fake when in play-action, causes peeking corners to bite using a strong pump fake.

Reading Defenses: Able to go through progressions or looks off safety when in the pocket, but often hit the primary read or quick screen in Oklahoma's spread offense. Understands hot reads and where defense is vulnerable, but his lack of feel for backside pressure and missing late blitzers cost him dearly last season. Trusts his arm and receivers too much in tight spaces, and at times won't recognize dropping linebackers and late-moving safeties. Comfortable leading his team in tight situations and has adequate clock awareness, but should improve with more snaps. Coaches called plays for Bradford.

On the Move: Maintains square shoulders and places the ball on target whether throwing left or right. Keeps his wits about him (and eyes down the field) if pressure takes away his rollout, resets and delivers on time. Nimble feet in the pocket; able to create room for himself to deliver the ball. Drifts toward the line of scrimmage when rolling out to his left, allowing defenders to reach him more easily. Not a scrambler or very elusive as a runner in space, but is mobile enough to pick up first downs on rollouts if defense lays off.

Intangibles: Intelligent, high-character, well-respected player on and off the field. Quiet leader by example who doesn't panic but needs to vocally hold teammates more accountable. Lack of bulk and durability are major questions after missing of last season with a shoulder injury.

NFL Comparison: Eli Manning, Giants

04-12-2010, 09:31 AM

Oops...sorry guys- the Rams went off like a virgin at a porn show. Won't happen again.. :lol:

04-12-2010, 10:41 AM
First curveball of the draft. Ndamukong Suh is the best player in the draft, but it is understandable why the Rams passed on him to take a potential franchise QB in Sam Bradford. Could the Lions really pass on Suh as well? Really?

Well, they drafted Sammie Lee Hill in the 4th round out of tiny Stillman College last season, and he did a surprisingly good job plugging the middle as a rookie. Plus, they traded for Corey Williams of the Browns. Williams was miscast as a 3-4 DE in Cleveland, but he was an quality 4-3 DT in Green Bay prior to that. With Hill on the nose and Williams as the under tackle, the Lions don't have a huge pressing need at DT. Suh would be a great addition to any team, but he would be somewhat of a luxury here. The Lions have bigger needs elsewhere (and it isn't as if a DT is going to be the guy to put a perennial losing organization over the top, becoming the lynchpin toward the transformation into a dynasty...unless his name is Joe Greene, of course!)

The Lions drafted a franchise QB last year, and need to do everything possible to allow him to succeed. When your division features pass rushers like Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, and Clay Matthews, protecting your franchise QB's blind side is of utmost importance. Jeff Backup is an adequate, average, mediocre LT that has been in the league for 10 years. At this point in his career, a move to guard may be in the works. They already traded for Seattle LG Rob Sims this off-season, so solidifying the o-line in front of Stafford is a priority. A starting o-line of Okung-Sims-Raiola-Backus-Cherilus is potentially quite good, giving Stafford plenty of time to find Calvin Johnson running open downfield.

Plus, consider that there are many more early DT busts than OT busts (not that I am saying that Suh will be a bust, but OT seems to be a safer pick in general in the top 5 historically). Frankly, I think the only thing that could slow Suh down would be injuries (and he has already had 2 knee surgeries in college, which is concerning).

The last time the Lions spent a top 10 draft pick on an OT was on Lomas Brown with the #6 pick in 1985, and he rewarded them with 7 Pro Bowls. Perhaps drafting Okung here will be met with similar success.


With the 2nd pick in the PlanetSteelers Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions select:

Russell Okung
Offensive Tackle
Oklahoma State
6'5" 310 lbs.
Bench pressed 225 lbs. 38 times with long 36" arms


Very good height with long arms
Thick, strong lower body
Extremely high level of athleticism
Patient pass protector; does not overextend
Great lateral agility
Quick kick step
Consistent footwork
Nice ankle/knee flexion
Surprisingly physical run blocker
Light on his feet
Highly experienced since true freshman year
Very durable - 34 straight starts
Understands angles
Recognizes stunts and blitz assignments
Gets to second level
Tremendous upside
Week 1 starting left tackle
Franchise player
Potential No. 1 overall pick


Occasionally gets too high in his stance
Needs to gain a little more upper body strength
Sometimes loses focus (bored with competition?)
Can be inconsistent with leverage
Room to improve hand punch
Must redirect at a higher level in NFL


Summary: I noticed Okung last summer when watching tape on Brandon Pettigrew and I pegged him as a potential star in 2008. He has all the makings of a Pro Bowl-caliber left tackle and has the upside to potentially warrant a No. 1 overall pick. If he can hone his technique slightly over the summer, I would be shocked to see him fall out of the first five picks next year barring injury. Okung has practically everything you look for in an offensive tackle. Last name pronounced OH-KOONG.

Player Comparison: Joe Thomas. Thomas and Okung have very similar frames with very good intangibles and the upside to dominate at the next level. Both had polished pass protection skills in college.


04-12-2010, 12:12 PM

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are happy to have the best player in the draft fall into their laps at #3

Ndamukong Suh
Defensive Tackle
6'4" 307 lbs.
40 Yard Dash: 4.98 seconds
Bench Pressed 225 lbs. 32 times
Vertical Jump: 35.5"


2005 2 1 0.0 0.0
2006 14 19 8.0 3.5
2007 12 19 8.0 3.5
2008 13 76 16.0 7.5
2009 14 85 24.0 12.0
Totals 55 200 56.0 26.5


Very big frame
Outstanding muscle definition
Good lower body strength
Elite junior year production
Very active; above average motor
Nice second effort
Good agility
Takes on multiple blockers; run clogger
Highly athletic
Grades out well in chase (pursuit) tackling
Disengages from linemen to make tackles
Collapses pocket
Backfield penetrator
Good instincts
Explosive off snap
Great leadership and reportedly solid work ethic
Solid all-around skill set
Good amount of upside
Versatile; can play 1-, 3-, and 5-techniques.


Occasionally gets too high in stance; leads to being washed
Leverage technique could be more consistent
Could develop more of a pass-rush repertoire
Multiple knee injuries and surgeries
One-year wonder?


Summary: Suh is an outstanding prospect for the 2010 NFL Draft class because there is so much to like about him. He can play in multiple schemes, which NFL general managers love. His durability could end up being a huge problem dependent on doctors' reviews at NFL Combine like Glenn Dorsey. If he can stay healthy and keep the production up as a senior, he should be a first-round lock. Name pronounced IN-DOM-AH-KEN SOO. "Ndamukong" means "House of Spears" in a Cameroon language.

Player Comparison: Richard Seymour. Seymour and Suh have that great length, explosiveness, and strength that you want in a defensive tackle with the ability to play various schemes.


04-12-2010, 01:27 PM
Washington is tempted by the best player available, Gerald McCoy. Since they are converting to the 3-4 this year, a front three consisting of Albert Haynesworth, Ma'Ake Kemoeatu, and Gerald McCoy would be mighty tempting. If the Redskins had a 2nd or even a 3rd round draft pick in this draft, I likely would have gone with McCoy as the B.P.A. here (and then looked for o-line help on day two). But since they do not have any other picks until day 3 of the draft, and they have a huge, gaping, monstrous hole at LT to protect newly acquired franchise QB Donovan McNabb (because of Chris Samuels' early retirement due to spinal stenosis), they simply cannot go any other direction except for LT with their lone premium pick in this draft. They are disappointed that consensus #1 OT Russell Okung is off the board, but they will go with the next best OT on their board.

Personally, I prefer Bryan Bulaga as a prospect, but word is that Trent Williams may fit the Shanahan zone blocking schemes better, so...


The Washington Redskins select:

Trent Williams
Offensive Tackle
6'5" 314 lbs.
40 Time: 4.88!!!
23 Bench Reps of 225 lbs.
Arms: 34 1/4" long


Ideal bulk --- Fantastic athlete --- Quick --- Agile --- Nimble feet --- Good balance --- Natural knee bender --- Moves well laterally --- Mobile with range to get to the second level --- Can hit a moving target --- Great strength --- Stout at the point of attack --- Gets a good push in the run game --- Able to adjust and recover when beat --- Understands positioning and excels at sealing off defenders --- Solid instincts and awareness --- Violent initial punch --- Tough --- Nasty with a killer instinct --- Has a lot of experience against top competition --- Versatile.


A tad shorter than you'd prefer --- Doesn't have real long arms --- Has leverage and pad level lapses --- Motor and concentration wane at times --- Battled some minor injuries --- Work ethic's been questioned.


Was a three-year starter for the Sooners --- Named a 1st Team All-American in 2009 --- Earned 1st Team All-Big 12 honors in 2008 and 2009 --- Could project to right or left tackle at the next level --- Played right tackle early in his career but moved to left tackle to replace Phil Loadholt as a senior --- Looked much better on the right side in 2008 than he did on the left side in 2009 --- Struggles as a senior can be at least partially attributed to a relative unfamiliarity with the position, his not necessarily being 100% healthy as well as an inexperienced group of o-lineman around him --- Has all the tools, just needs to be more consistent and pay closer attention to the details --- Terrific all-around blocker who is equally effective in the pass and run games --- Actually compares quite favorably to New Orleans Saints All - Pro Jamaal Brown.


04-12-2010, 01:37 PM
Hardliner is on the road today, so he PM'ed me his selection.

He gave me a couple of options, but his top choice is still available.

Here is what he wrote about him:

First option: Eric Berry, S, U of Tenn. The Chiefs had to use the old vets at Safety last year, Brown and McGraw, and they were subpar on their good days.


The Kansas City Chiefs are pleased to select:

Eric Berry
6'0" 211 lbs.
40 Time: 4.40 sec.
Bench Pressed 225 lbs: 19 times
Vertical Jump: 43"


Extremely productive
Highly athletic
Great initial quickness; short-range explosion
Nice recovery speed
Terrific instincts; anticipates the play
Smooth athlete
Fluid hips
Shows textbook footwork
Absolute playmaker
Can really lay the wood
Physical and violent player
Interception machine
Does a great job of reading the quarterback's eyes
Gets out of backpedal cleanly and breaks on ball
Soft hands
Good route recognition
Doesn't miss tackles
Elite range in pass coverage
Turns INTs into TDs
Aggressive against the run
Closes in on ball-carrier quickly
Scheme and position versatility (FS or SS)
Plays through pain
Elite skill set
Very intelligent
Nice work ethic


Lacks some upper body strength
Average height
Inconsistent when taking angles against the run
Could perfect his backpedal as he has a tendency to get too high
Left shoulder needs to check out medically


Summary: Eric Berry is an elite talent and a top-10 pick. It is as simple as that, barring injury next season. Berry is one of those few individuals where it just seems like this is what he was born to do. He is a natural on the football field with the intangibles to boot. He will also be coached by one of the best defensive coordinators of all time in Monte Kiffin who knows how to coach the strong safety position (John Lynch and Jermaine Phillips).

What really impresses me about Berry is he reportedly played all of the 2008 season with a nagging shoulder injury, which he then had surgery on in December. Berry is the No. 1 prospect in the 2010 NFL Draft, in my opinion.

Player Comparison: Ed Reed. Both players are 5-11 with a surreal knack for the game of football and have the ball skills, range, and playmaking ability you look for.


04-12-2010, 03:16 PM
Well, it appears that Woodley of Troy wasn't kidding when he talked about the Santonio trade forcing him to step away from this mocking drafting stuff. Oh well, I guess I'll have to pick for him too.


The Seattle Seahawks use their first of two 1st round picks to select:

Gerald McCoy
Defensive Tackle
6'4" 298 lbs.
40 Time: 4.96 sec.
Bench Press reps of 225 lbs.: 23


Impressive size
Cut athlete with good muscle definition
Elite-level athleticism
Explosive off snap
Impressive instincts
Shows ability to disengage quickly
Great lateral agility
Grades out highly with chase tackles
Good vision; finds ballcarrier
Strong; active hands
Penetrates well; knows how to get under a lineman
Displays good pad level
Nice speed; plays fast
Wide pass rush repertoire
Shows good balance and coordination; flexible athlete
Quick hips
Adequate upper body strength
Very good motor and stamina
Great intangibles and work ethic
Prototype three-technique


Lacks some bulk to be a two-gap defensive tackle
Not a fit for every scheme
Not an elite run defender
Struggles against massive offensive linemen against run
Not overly powerful


Summary: McCoy is an amazing prospect and simply great at what he is - a three technique. He isn't going to be Vince Wilfork, and 3-4 teams won't target him. He will fit most 4-3 schemes looking for an elite pass rusher and someone who can disrupt opponents' backfields. He has elite intangibles and should be a definite top-10 pick. McCoy is my No. 1 defensive tackle for the 2010 NFL Draft.

Player Comparison: Kevin Williams. Williams is one of the elite defensive tackles in the NFL with his athleticism, instincts and pass-rush ability.

http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/281699/11048_1282294424405_1441410076_30805494_3277768_n. jpg

04-12-2010, 05:29 PM
Well, it appears that Woodley of Troy wasn't kidding when he talked about the Santonio trade forcing him to step away from this mocking drafting stuff. Oh well, I guess I'll have to pick for him too.


The Seattle Seahawks use their first of two 1st round picks to select:

Gerald McCoy
Defensive Tackle
6'4" 298 lbs.
40 Time: 4.96 sec.
Bench Press reps of 225 lbs.: 23


Impressive size
Cut athlete with good muscle definition
Elite-level athleticism
Explosive off snap
Impressive instincts
Shows ability to disengage quickly
Great lateral agility
Grades out highly with chase tackles
Good vision; finds ballcarrier
Strong; active hands
Penetrates well; knows how to get under a lineman
Displays good pad level
Nice speed; plays fast
Wide pass rush repertoire
Shows good balance and coordination; flexible athlete
Quick hips
Adequate upper body strength
Very good motor and stamina
Great intangibles and work ethic
Prototype three-technique


Lacks some bulk to be a two-gap defensive tackle
Not a fit for every scheme
Not an elite run defender
Struggles against massive offensive linemen against run
Not overly powerful


Summary: McCoy is an amazing prospect and simply great at what he is - a three technique. He isn't going to be Vince Wilfork, and 3-4 teams won't target him. He will fit most 4-3 schemes looking for an elite pass rusher and someone who can disrupt opponents' backfields. He has elite intangibles and should be a definite top-10 pick. McCoy is my No. 1 defensive tackle for the 2010 NFL Draft.

Player Comparison: Kevin Williams. Williams is one of the elite defensive tackles in the NFL with his athleticism, instincts and pass-rush ability.

http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/281699/11048_1282294424405_1441410076_30805494_3277768_n. jpg

that's who i would have chosen for the Seahags also, McCoy fell right into Seattle's lap.

even WoodleyofTroy couldn't have made a better pick... :Clap

now who will AkronSteel select for the Brownies?

D Rock
04-13-2010, 08:06 AM
Recommendations for Cleveland and Oakland:

Cleveland...they can't be expecting Jake Delhomme to be the answer...Jimmy Clausen

Oakland...whoever that OT was that blew people away at the combine...right up Al Davis's alley.

04-13-2010, 08:31 AM
With the 7th Pick in the 2010 Planet Steelers Mock Draft the Cleveland Browns select:


Jimmy Clausen, QB / Notre Dame


The Browns have said that they don't really want Clausen but I believe its a smokescreen. They will have Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace but there is a serious need for a future QB on their roster. They will take Brady Quinn's replacement at Notre Dame and place him on the bench for a year behind Delhomme!

04-13-2010, 09:05 AM
The Oakland Raiders have a desperate need at OT. Iowa's Bryan Bulaga is unexpectedly still available. However, they picked another Iowa OT high in the draft in Robert Gallery a few years ago. Although he has been able to contribute as a guard in Oakland, he was a bust at tackle considering how high he was taken. That itself could be enough to scare the Raiders off. But then comes Bruce Campbell, blowing the doors off the combine. That was enough to get Undead Al to jump out of his crypt and take notice. Besides, who could possibly be a bigger "Evil Dead" fan than Al Davis? He's gotta already love Bruce Campbell. Good luck trying to rush the passer against a guy with a chainsaw for an arm and a boom stick. :wink:


The Oakland Raiders select:

Bruce Campbell
Offensive Tackle
6'6" 314 lbs.
40 Time: 4.85 seconds
Bench Pressed 225 lbs.: 34 times
Arm Length: 36 1/4"


Prototypical length and frame
Athletic freak
Displays good flexibility
Smooth, fluid hips
Outstanding ability to adjust, mirror, and recover
Elite agility and speed
Great in pass protection
Nice awareness; head on swivel and picks up blitz
Good hands; extends and locks on
Light on his feet
Solid run blocker
Love his footwork
Ridiculously high upside
Room to develop strength and body mass
Elite skill set


Inexperienced - only 17 career starts
Too upright in pass protection
Natural knee bender?
Plays with narrow base
Legit durability concerns


Summary: Consider Bruce Campbell the Jason Smith of the 2010 NFL Draft class. His stock will be soaring through the roof once we get to the Combine, however, he is more of a natural pass protector than Smith. With more experience, he could become a Pro Bowl left tackle at the next level. Of course, you have to consider his long list of injuries, but he'll likely be taken in the top 16 picks.

Player Comparison: Branden Albert. Albert and Campbell have great physical tools, but I think Campbell is more of a natural left tackle. Both were raw offensive tackle prospects.


04-13-2010, 09:18 AM

The Buffalo Bills are pleased to select:

Bryan Bulaga
Offensive Tackle
6'5" 316 lbs.
Bench Pressed 225 lbs.: 26 times
Arm Length: 33 1/4"


Solid size and playing strength
Very physical demeanor; killer instinct
Outstanding technician
Natural knee bender; generates great leverage
Locks on - battle over
Quick, smooth feet
Great run blocker
Good hand use
Plays with terrific balance - never on ground
Shows ability to slide and mirror vs. speed
Very good work ethic
Good (not great) athleticism
Well coached
Adequate range to play left tackle
Very polished and Week 1 Starter


Scouts question arm length
Lacks elite lateral movement
Struggles a bit in space
Not highly instinctive
Doesn't have much upside
Sometimes plays too top heavy
Durability concerns


Summary: Bulaga has very good intangibles and I don't see much bust in him though the Robert Gallery comparisons are inevitable. There is a lot to like about Bulaga, but he doesn't have the amazing size of a Jake Long or elite athletic ability of a D'Brickashaw Ferugson to go in the top four picks. Bulaga will play very early on in his career and I expect him to come off the board between Picks 5 and 14. If Bulaga doesn't pan out at left tackle, he will be an All-Pro right tackle.

Player Comparison: Jake Long. Bulaga doesn't have Long's arm length or height, but they are comparable athletically and play with great technique. I love the physicality they bring to the table.


D Rock
04-13-2010, 10:03 AM
The Jaguars are in serious need of some pass rush help, even with the addition of Aaron Kampman. They have failed recently on Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves, but they're going to keep trying.

Brandon Graham is seen answering his phone at his draft party. Ah yes, a dominant pass rusher will be added. All that's left is to hand this card to the the commish, and...

Wait a minute. What the heck is Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver doing running towards the commish, and why is he screaming. Holy crap he's taking the card and scratching out the name written. I've never seen this before. Ok, he's handing it to the commish now, lets find out what just happened.

"With the 10th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select...Tim Tebow, Quarterback, University of Florida."


Sorry...wrong picture...meant to save that one to the hard drive.

here we go...


04-13-2010, 12:24 PM
Denver is on the board, and there is a lot of ways they could go. They could use an elite WR like Dez Bryant, since Brandon Marshall appears to be on the outs (but since Marshall is still on the roster right now, I will go in a different direction). They would use an ILB like Rolando McClain, since they got rid of Andra Davis, but #11 is earlier than ILB's typically come off the board (remember, Laurinaitis and Maualuga fell into round 2 last year), and the knowledge of his Crohn's disease doesn't help his stock. They could use a top CB since Champ Bailey ain't exactly a young-un anymore, but it is a deep draft for corners, so they could get reasonable value there later on. They could take Woodley's clone (Graham) to put opposite of Harrison's clone (Dumervil), but they spent a high pick on Robert Ayers last year and are still hoping that he can emerge there. Former Volunteer Ayers can vouch for his former teammate at Tennessee...

I think it comes down to the lynchpin of the 3-4 defense. Without a rock for a nose tackle, that defense can crumble. True, they just signed Jamal Williams from the Chargers for that role, but he is entering his 13th season and was only able to play one game last year due to injury. They can rotate in the rookie with Williams (keeping both of the big fellas fresh in that thin mountain air) and will have a suitable replacement in the event that Williams' body likely breaks down at some point this season or next.


The Denver Broncos are happy to select:

Dan Williams
Nose Tackle
6'2" 327 lbs.
40 Time: 5.17 sec.
Bench Pressed 225 lbs: 27 times


Good height and outstanding bulk/strength
Powerful and can collapse pocket
Controls point of attack
Plays with low base
Anchors the double team
True force against the run
Makes plays outside phone booth
Sniffs out counters and misdirection
Quick and nimble
Difficult to block once he gets under an offensive lineman's pads
Good job of stacking and shedding blockers
Solid awareness
Can play 0 or 1 techniques (3-4 or 4-3 nose tackle)
Nice amount of potential


Tends to wear down in second half
Not always as physical as you want him to be
Lacks flexibility and speed
Not a pass rusher
No move outside of bull rush
One-year wonder possibility
Mediocre work ethic in past


Summary: Monte Kiffin and Ed Orgeron really motivated Williams this past season and you worry if he will maintain his level of play on the field and in practice once he gets paid. He's a prototypical nose tackle, and with an impressive Senior Bowl and postseason workouts, he could sky rocket up draft boards into the top 20 picks. He'll be a great fit for teams like Miami, Cincinati, Houston, Denver, San Diego and Minnesota. Williams is an intriguing talent in a below-average defensive tackle class and is my No. 1 ranked nose tackle.

Player Comparison: Domata Peko. Peko is a dominant 1-technique for the Bengals and is a true force against the run, but not much of a pass rusher.


04-13-2010, 12:41 PM
The Miami Dolphins are ticked off that the Denver Broncos stole Dan Williams right out from underneath them. With Jason Ferguson's age and 8 game suspension looming, they planned to nab the top NT in the draft here. Oh well...better look at Terrence Cody or Cam Thomas in round 2 (should I be saying this out loud?).

Miami has many of the same options as Denver. They need a top WR like Dez Bryant (except Parcells hates drafting WR's this early...remember the Terry Glenn draft pick in New England?). I'm sure Parcells would love Rolando McClain, but after signing Karlos Dansby and already having Channing Crowder on the roster, that is not their biggest need anymore. They have a hole at free safety (after dumping Gibril Wilson and having Ryan Clark decide to go back to Pittsburgh). That could be filled by drafting Earl Thomas, or by drafting Joe Haden to play opposite Vontae Davis, and moving Sean Smith to FS (again, though, this is a deep draft for the secondary, so a FS or CB could be had in round 3 after getting a NT in round 2...hey, Miami G.M....shut the hell up already...other G.M.'s can read this stuff, you know). Anyway, their biggest need is a pass-rushing OLB to start opposite CFL sack-meister Cameron Wake, following the losses of both Joey Porter to the Cardinals, and likely Jason Taylor to the Jets as well.


The Miami Dolphins are pleased to select:

Brandon Graham
Defensive End/Outside Linebacker
6'1" 268 lbs.
40 Time: 4.69 sec.
Bench Pressed 225 lbs: 31 times


Plays with great strength
Outstanding motor and doesn't take plays off
Elite level of production (29.5 career sacks)
Sets the edge in run support
Strong, active hands
Extends arms - knows how to disengage
Shows rip, swim, spin, club moves
Makes plays in pursuit
Knows how to set up an offensive tackle
Tough and plays through injuries
Plays with very sound technique
Quick to diagnose
Good intangibles
Great Senior Bowl week


Lacks a quick first step
Unimpressive speed and explosion
Below average height and poor arm length (30.5")
Limited athletically
Not comfortable in coverage
Stiff hips
Can he play standing up?
Might be 4-3 left defensive end only


Summary: The Lamarr Woodley comparisons are cliche and obvious, but Graham doesn't have Woodley's long arms or first step. However, Graham is the prospect I'm somewhat afraid to doubt. He put out very good tape and he'll give you everything he's got to make it in the league. If a team wants to convert Graham to outside linebacker, then they will have to find a way to hide his deficiencies in coverage. I don't think Graham is a top-25 first-round value, and I think he's a better college than pro player. Graham is going to come off the board in the top 40 picks.

Player Comparison: Dewayne White. White has a non-stop motor, is great in run support, and has similar size to Brandon Graham.


04-13-2010, 03:26 PM
AkronSteel PM'ed me a list of 5 possible picks for the Niners here. At the top of that list was:

Joe Haden
5'11" 189 lbs.
40 Time: 4.43
Bench Pressed 225 lbs: 18 times


Ridiculous level of production
Terrific closing burst
Eliminates space quickly
Breaks on ball smoothly
Has long speed to play on island
Very fluid hips
Physical corner; gets nice jam at LOS
Takes on blocks
Really lays the wood for a corner
Terrific in run support
Nice ball skills
Locates the football well in air
Nice timing on jump balls
Has soft hands
Effective on corner/nickel blitz (3 sacks, 3 hurries in 2009)
Played a lot of press man coverage
Well coached
Intense football player
Wonderful skill set
Still has some upside


Lacks some awareness and instincts
Could anticipate routes better
Sometimes loses focus
Vulnerable to inside moves
Some question listed height
Unimpressive in zone


Summary: Joe Haden is a very talented cornerback with a very well-rounded game, but some teams might be scared off by his lacking instincts, which is critical at the NFL level where pro receivers are great route runners. Haden's level of production and consistency will get him drafted in the top 15 picks. He is one of the better cornerback prospects in the last couple years. He shut down Alabama receiver Julio Jones in the 2009 SEC Championship.

Player Comparison: Leon Hall. Similar size, speed and skill set. Hall is also a great player against the run.


04-13-2010, 04:00 PM
So many directions the Seahawks could go (I keep saying this for a bunch of teams). They need a RB (can't have Julius Jones as a starter anymore...however, C.J. Spiller is more of an electrifying complementary back than an everydown workhorse, so perhaps they can wait for one of the other RB in rounds 2-4). They could use a strong safety with Deon Grant now in New York (and I'm sure Carroll would figure out a way to utilize his boy Taylor Mays in the pros). They need more of a pass rush (their first pick DT Gerald McCoy will certainly help from the inside), and the best 4-3 DE in the draft is also still available in Derrick Morgan (but Carroll may think he could finally get something out of USC alum Lawrence Jackson, plus they traded for DE's Chris Clemons and Robert Henderson, and still have Patrick Kerney in the stable). And like the last several teams I've discussed, they need a bona fide #1 WR like Dez Bryant (allowing T.J. Houshmandszxyqkldpf can go back to being a solid #2 WR again). If they were going to go with the best player available for them here, I think I would rank them Derrick Morgan, then C.J. Spiller, then Dez Bryant (all of them would be playmakers for them). But I think they will reach for their biggest need, which is left tackle after Walter Jones retired. Sean Locklear nearly got Matt Hasselbeck killed last year, and they cannot possibly come away without a left tackle in a draft in which they have two picks in the first half of the first round. With four OT's already off the board, they could go with the talented Anthony Davis, but they may worry about his work ethic and maturity issues. I think Pete Carroll makes a surprise pick taking a guy at #14 that most project to go 10 picks (or so) later. He takes a guy that he knows. Knowing that he got absurd value at #6 when McCoy fell, that softens the blow of making a slight reach with his 2nd first round pick.


The Seattle Seahawks select:

Charles Brown
Offensive Tackle


Good height and length
Thick mass in lower body
Very good athleticism
Smooth lateral agility
Shows high ability to mirror opponent in pass protection
Very quick first step
Textbook hand use and footwork
Extremely polished prospect
Great job finishing blocks; a bit of a mauler
Underrated run blocker
Understands angles and seals off
Natural knee bender; sinks hips
Good awareness and instincts
Can recover if beat
Quickly gets to second level
Has talent to pass protect on left side
Prototypical zone-blocking lineman
Understands West Coast protection scheme
Highly consistent
Focused; seldom penalized


Lacks some serious upper body strength
Lacks mass in arms/chest/torso
Is his frame maxed out? Is he a bulked-up former tight end?
Occasionally overextends; must be more patient
Weak hand punch


Summary: The weigh-ins for Brown at the Senior Bowl and Combine are CRITICAL. If he can't hit the 300-pound mark it is likely that he is destined for the second round much like 2009's William Beatty. Brown has the talent and consistency of a top-20 pick, but I really wonder how much bigger can he get and maintain as a comfortable playing weight. Brown is a great fit for teams like Green Bay, New England, and Oakland that use zone-blocking schemes that emphasize athleticism, mobility, intelligence and technique. Brown is a bad fit for teams that love size such as Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

Player Comparison: Jordan Gross. Brown isn't going to be an elite player like Gross, but he is an average-sized tackle who has outstanding technique and plays with physicality.


04-13-2010, 06:14 PM
The New York Giants, seeing that Derrick Morgan is still on the board. They are a team that is not afraid to load up on pass-rushing d-linemen even if there is not an immediate need there. Especially with Umenyiora allegedly on the outs, Morgan would be a typical Giants pick if he were available here in the actual draft. But with Osi still on their roster right now, plus Justin Tuck and Matthias Kiwaunuka, I will have to (surprisingly) pass on the best pass-rushing 4-3 DE in the draft.

The Giants could throw us all a curveball and take C.J. Spiller here to pair up with Brandon Jacobs for an excellent lightning/thunder combo at RB. But, they still have Ahmad Bradshaw and are high on Andre Brown who they drafted last year (but spent his rookie year on I.R.).

Their most obvious need is at linebacker, since Antonio Pierce is not longer a Giant. Rolando McClain has been the obvious pick here for the some time. But McClain played in the 3-4 at Alabama and does not project well into 4-3 Tampa 2 type of defense. Sean Weatherspoon, on the other hand, seems like a better fit in the Giants scheme (while McClain would be an ideal buck ILB in the 3-4 defense). Plus, Spoon is a demonstrative, vocal leader. The fact that McClain has Crohn's disease doesn't necessarily help his case either.


The New York Giants select:

Sean Weatherspoon
6'1" 239 lbs.
40 Time: 4.52 sec.
Bench Pressed 225 lbs: 35 times
Vertical Jump: 40"


Outstanding production
Instinctive player and anticipates
Eliminates space quickly
Covers a good amount of ground when dropping into zone
Very fast and explosive athlete
Always around the ball
Terrific change of direction
Smooth hips
Form tackler; approaches with near leg and near shoulder
Explodes through ball-carrier; lays the wood
Fires out of stance
Finds a way to make plays
Good ball skills
Good football IQ
Solid pass-rusher
Vocal leader
Three-year starter and durable
Good amount of upside


Needs to get more extension with arms when shedding blocks
Occasionally overpursues play
Needs more gap discipline
Average height and bulk
Could fill harder against run
Hand use needs to be improved
Sometimes gets out of control


Summary: Weatherspoon is an extremely talented weakside linebacker prospect who brings the playmaking ability and athleticism a lot of teams are looking for. His ability to blitz gives him scheme versatility, but he isn't a 3-4 outside linebacker. Weatherspoon is going to be drafted in the top 40 picks with the potential to go in the top 15 or 20.

Player Comparison: Ernie Sims. Both WILL linebackers have outstanding athleticism and playmaking ability.


04-13-2010, 06:21 PM
For the last several picks, there have been long thoughts about numerous possibilities. Not this time. If the draft fell this way, the Titans would have their card in the commissioner's hand in a roughly 0.2 seconds.


The Tennessee Titans select:

Derrick Morgan
Defensive End
Georgia Tech
6'4" 270 lbs.


Solid height and great bulk/strength
Shows very nice burst off the snap; good first step
Good closing speed
Great flexibility
Dips and bends; runs the tight horn to QB
Has improved hand use
Gets good leverage
Nice pass rush repertoire (spin, club, rip, etc.)
Plays with consistent effort; love his motor
Really sets the edge
Can play left or right end
Balanced end against run and pass
Good range in pursuit
Shown a lot of technical improvement from sophomore to junior season
Great all-around skill set
Very polished for his age (20)
Still has some upside


Very sluggish hips; can't drop into zone
Not the most comfortable in space
Lacks some agility
Hand use could still be more consistent
Needs to develop some counter moves
Can't play in the 3-4 at outside linebacker
Disengagement technique could improve


Summary: Derrick Morgan's stock has really risen this season and I expect him to come off the board in the top 20 picks now. There is so much value for pass rushers in the 4-3 scheme in the league since they are so hard to come by, but Morgan's well-rounded skill set and potential will make him of value to NFL teams.

NFL Fans of 3-4 teams: don't get your hopes up. Morgan really struggles when dropping into coverage. He is most comfortable with his hand in the ground. I've really liked Morgan since his Clemson game in 2009 and he has shown great consistency throughout the year producing 12.5 sacks as of Nov. 15. His production and athleticism will get noticed by NFL teams.

Player Comparison: Patrick Kerney. Kerney's motor, strength, and initial quickness has made him a successful player in the NFL. I see similar traits in Morgan.


04-13-2010, 10:39 PM
With the 17th Pick in the 2010 Planet Steelers Mock Draft the San Francisco 49ers select:

CJ Spiller, RB / Clemson


The Niners don't have a desperate need for a RB but do need more playmakers on offense and Frank Gore needs to start sharing the load with someone before he begins to fully breakdown. Spiller would give the Niners a home run threat and someone who could score from anywhere on the field at any time. Gore and Spiller would make for a nice 1-2 punch that would give the team a better opportunity to complement playmakers like Crabtree and Davis.

04-13-2010, 11:49 PM
and with the 18th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select:


Mike Tomlin will love Earl Thomas’ position flexibility, expect Thomas to contribute immediately in nickel and dime packages while being given every chance to beat out William Gay at the CB position opposite Ike Taylor.


Earl Thomas Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Highly productive and consistent
Centerfielder with great range
Eats space quickly
Very good recovery speed and acceleration
Nice all-around athlete
Sure tackler in run support
Love his instincts
Doesn't let play get behind him
Takes solid angles
Ballhawk - great on pursuit INTs
Does a good job of reading QB's eyes
Low, smooth backpedal
Has nice route recognition
Quick hips
Great in man coverage
High ceiling ??


Occasionally gets out of control; goes for big hit
Smaller player - will his body hold up in pros?
Late in run diagnosage
Will have limitations in run support at next level ?

The Steelers will now look at filling other needs in Rounds 2 and 3 while exploring opportunities to trade up if a player they really like falls to them.


04-14-2010, 12:18 AM
and with the 19th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Atlanta Falcons select:

Dez Bryant #1 WR

the Atlanta Falcons were very surprised to see Dez Bryant fall this far and wasted no time in selecting this physically-gifted WR. A Top-10 talent, character concerns pushed him down to #19, but the Falcons have been looking for another weapon at WR to start opposite Roddy White.


Dez Bryant, 6-2/210

Wide Receiver

Oklahoma State

Dez Bryant Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Above average height
Good muscle definition
Great hands
Will come back to the quarterback and present a window
Dominant on jump balls
Attacks ball at apex
Gets off line of scrimmage
Coordinated and can adjust to the ball
Knows how to set up a receiver and flip their hips
Nice sideline awareness
Tough to tackle
Explosive punt returner
Good running vision
Decent amount of upside


Route running is still suspect
Rounds off digs and deep outs
Not very fast
Lacks deep speed
Could be more elusive
Doesn't always generate maximum YAC
Needs to eat up cushion more quickly in off man
Needs to work on reading coverages as he does not always identify the zone
A little sluggish coming out of breaks

Summary: Bryant is a talented receiver, but he doesn't seem to project as a No. 1 wideout at the next level. He has the skill set of a dominant No. 2 who can really help a quarterback in the red zone and on third down.

Player Comparison: Chad Ochocinco. Ochocinco and Bryant have very similar builds and great ball skills, but unfortunately lack above average speed.


04-14-2010, 09:07 AM
The Texans are in real need of a cornerback, safety, and running back. As the draft rolled into the mid-teens, the Texans had some hope that two of the top players they were targeting would drop to them. The team was disappointed at the 49ers snagging CJ Spiller (Houston needs a big back, but Slaton is coming off neck surgery, and getting burned by Chris Johnson twice a year a playmaker of his caliber would really take the offense to the next level), and then frustrated and annoyed that Pittsburgh snagged Earl Thomas (didn’t the Ryan Clark and Will Allen signing mean they were going a different direction?). After considering the choices available, and knowing Dunta Robinson is still going to not be here,

The Houston Texans use their 1st round pick to select:

Kyle Wilson, Cornerback, Boise State


Height: 5-10. Weight: 185.
Pro Day 40 Time: 4.43.
Benchx225: 25
Vertical: 38

• Good musculature
• Highly athletic with good speed
• Experienced
• Very talented - skill set
• Outstanding footwork
• Great agility and change of direction
• Shows ability to mirror against athletic WRs
• Low in his backpedal - technically sound
• Love his anticipation and instincts
• Durable
• Comfortable on an island
• Fluid hips
• Scrappy/physical at the line of scrimmage - uses hands well
• Nice return man
• Extremely competitive
• Confident
• Big Senior Bowl week
• Still has some potential

• Sometimes doesn't look back for the ball
• Inconsistent tackler
• Needs to improve run support
• Will give up some big plays
• Lacks zone awareness
• A bit of a gambler in coverage
• Less than ideal height

http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/draft_lens9561721module85308051photo_1266393988Kyl eWilsonCoverage.jpg

Summary: Could contribute to a team early in his career. He has the potential to be a No. 1 corner in the league though he has a couple things he needs to work on to make that happen. Wilson really impressed NFL scouts and coaches during Senior Bowl week and he was the best corner on the field. He was suspended in 2007 for three games for a violation of team rules.

Player Comparison: Cortland Finnegan. Finnegan is a very confident player who is highly athletic and finds ways to make plays. He's a good press man corner like Wilson.

04-14-2010, 10:56 AM
With the 21st selection in the 2010 NFL Draft the Defending AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals select:

Jason Pierre-Paul
Height: 6-5 | Weight: 270 | Position: DE | College: USF


Ideal size with super long arms --- Rare athleticism --- Explosive with good speed, outstanding quickness and an amazing burst --- Fluid with superb agility and balance --- Very active with a terrific motor --- Able to bend off the edge and run the arc --- Fantastic range --- Does a great job in pursuit and closes in a hurry --- Changes directions well and is very comfortable in space --- Disrupts passing lanes --- A powerful, reliable tackler --- Positional and Schematic Versatility --- Major Upside.

The Bengals defense has improved dramatically since defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has taken over. One area where it still needs to improve is the pass rush. The Bengals have been unable to get consistent pressure from rushing just four down linemen. JPP instantly replaces Robert Geathers at LDE. The combination of JPP and Antwon Odom give the Bengals a dangerous pass rush duo...



04-14-2010, 12:58 PM
With the 22nd pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the New England Patriots select:

Rolando McClain


Inside Linebacker


Bill Belicheat is overjoyed that a defensive stud like Rolando McClain fell to him, after all Junior Seau can't keep coming out of retirement forever.

Rolando McClain Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Huge frame for ILB
Very long arms
Good level of production
Comfortable in coverage
Excellent tackling technique
Stacks and sheds blocks well
Very good pass rusher
Love his timing on blitzes
Nice agility; smooth change of direction
Highly experienced
Takes good angles to the ball
Stays in control
Nice versatility especially in 3-4 defense
Vocal leader
Very young prospect (20 years old)
Doesn't take plays off
Outstanding instincts
Well versed in 3-4 defense


Unimpressive speed
Overpursues against run
Questionable 4-3 inside linebacker
Average sideline-sideline range
Good, but not an exceptional athlete
Could be exposed in man scheme
Doesn't have huge upside
A little uncomfortable in space

Summary: I really don't think McClain is a 4-3 inside linebacker. The speed and lateral range just isn't there for me, and I think he would be exposed because he will overpursue gaps. McClain is great for 3-4 teams because he can play inside, but also move over to the outside if needed temporarily. His best fits are at 3-4 inside linebacker and 4-3 strongside linebacker. McClain is a solid prospect who will likely come off the board in the top 20 picks.

Player Comparison: Bart Scott. Scott has great instincts and size, and is a leader at inside linebacker in the 3-4 defense.


04-14-2010, 02:14 PM
With the 23rd pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

Mike Iupati





The Green Bay Packers will try Iupati at both the OG and OT positions as current OT starters Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher will be 34 and 33 years old respectively this season.

Mike Iupati Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Massive frame
Excellent strength and bulk; carries weight well
Good speed and athleticism for size
Nasty, blue-collar demeanor
Great hand punch
Finishes blocks
Anchors against bull rush
Wins 1v1 battles in phone booth
Fluid when asked to pull/trap
Good but not great agility
Focused; doesn't take many plays off
At times will flash dominance
Good upside


Somewhat raw prospect
Inconsistent when sealing off angles
Needs to play with wider base
Sometimes late to react on stunt/blitz pickups
Will be exposed against quicker DTs
Needs more coaching up with hand use
Footwork tends to get sloppy
Plays against poor competition


04-14-2010, 03:26 PM
The Philadelphia Eagles can not believe that there are some really good players that seem to have fallen down the board at this point. Although we do have a need for a OT and could easily take the monstrous Anthony Davis here, we're going in a different direction....

So, with our 1st pick in this year's draft, The Philadelphia Eagles select:

Safety out of University Of Southern California--- Taylor Mays


"Mays possesses one of the most distinguished resumes of any prospect, regardless of position, in this year's draft. He was the PAC-10 Co-freshman of the year in 2006 when he registered 62 tackles and 6 interceptions. He followed his outstanding freshman campaign with a 65 tackle, 1 interception and 1 forced fumble season in 2007.Mays was voted to the Sporting News Magazine's first Team All American after the season; had a solid 53 tackle year in 2008. For his action, AP named him to their first team All-American squad. He also was a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award, which is given to the nation's best defensive back." (Quote from fftoolbox.com)

There is not a stronger and faster safety out there, especially one who is 6-3 and 230 pounds- according to many scouts. His timed 40 speed of 4.43 was actually clocked at 4.24 tying him for the fastest time ever at the NFL combine. He had great numbers on the bench press and his vertical leap was 41 inches.

Mays has all the makings to allow Eagles fans to finally forget about Brian Dawkins. Whether or not he'll actually turn into an all-pro is up to the young man. The Eagles are banking on it.


04-14-2010, 03:36 PM
With the 25th pick in the draft the Baltimore Ravens select:

Jared Odrick
Height: 6-5 | Weight: 304 | Position: DE\DT | College: Penn State


Great size with a long frame --- Very good athlete --- Terrific speed and quickness --- Really fires off the snap --- Strong and powerful --- Active with a non-stop motor --- Does a nice job in pursuit --- Has a burst to close --- Uses his hands well --- Able to penetrate, get upfield and can collapse the pocket --- Aggressive --- Competitive --- Smart with superb instincts and awareness --- Hard worker --- Some schematic versatility.

Doesn't always play with proper leverage --- Not very agile and doesn't move well laterally --- Is not overly stout at the point of attack --- Feet go dead at times --- Gets neutralized by double-teams --- Has trouble getting off blocks once engaged --- Relatively average production and did not make a lot of impact plays --- Some minor durability concerns.

Justin Bannan left in the offseason for the Broncos and Trevor Pryce is 34 years old. The Ravens need to reload the D-Line.

04-14-2010, 03:41 PM
With the 26th pick in the draft the Arizona Cardinals select:

Terrence "Mount" Cody
Height: 6-4 | Weight: 349ish | Position: DT | College: Alabama


Rare size with a huge frame --- Long arms --- Terrific strength --- Light on his feet --- Extremely stout at the point of attack --- Can take on and occupy multiple blockers --- Has the ability to shed blocks --- Splits double teams --- Gets an outstanding push up the middle --- Powerful tackler --- A dominant force against the run --- Instincts are sufficient.

Major conditioning and stamina issues --- Provides little or nothing as a pass rusher --- Range is extremely limited --- Isn't explosive and lacks a burst --- Is not very quick or agile --- Can use his hands better --- Plays too high at times --- Limited schematically --- Is intelligence a concern?

Cardinals defense got lit up twice in the playoffs by the Packers and Saints. Last season at NT they had Bryan Robinson starting. BRob is about to be 36 years old and currently a FA. The Cardinals need to address their D-Line. Coach Whiz remembers how an overweight Casey Hampton anchored the D-Line in Pittsburgh, and tries to replicate it by selecting the mammoth DT from Alabama...

04-14-2010, 04:16 PM
and with the 27th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select:

Anthony Davis


Offensive Tackle


at one time considered a likely Top-10 pick, Anthony Davis' slide stops at #27. with the departure of LT Flozell Adams and with RT Marc Colombo getting whipped by Viking DE Ray Edwards in the NFC playoffs to the tune of 3 sacks and 4 TFL the Cowboys are desperate for help at the OT position and are willing to take the risk of Anthony Davis' character concerns.


Anthony Davis Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Good frame with long arms
Excellent technician
Light on his feet
Shows good instincts
Natural knee bender
Flexible and fluid
Great kick step - good range
Extremely productive at times
Overwhelming as a run blocker when he wants to be
Gets to the second level
Comfortable in space
Nice hand punch
Understands angles
Talented with upside
Can play left or right tackle


Poor work ethic
Conditioning is an issue
Questionable love for the game
Not highly competitive
Very inconsistent
Lacks physicality
Occasionally dominated by inferior competition
Boom or bust prospect


D Rock
04-14-2010, 05:05 PM
San Diego

Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State

6'0" 217 lbs
4.41 in the 40 yard dash

Labeled as a two-dwon back, but San Diego already has a pretty good player who will be in there on 3rd down.


Discipline of Steel
04-15-2010, 01:53 AM
The 'final piece of the puzzle' falls into place as the Jets finally secure a pass rushing specialist. With the 29th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select OLB from the University of Texas:


Discipline of Steel
04-15-2010, 02:01 AM
John Sullivan = Sean Mahan

Who is John Sullivan? The Vikings current excuse for a center. Vikings instantly upgrade one of their weaknesses on their OL in hopes that they can spring AP for a 2000 yard season. With the 30th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select the nation's top ranked Center from the University of Florida:


04-15-2010, 02:42 AM
and with the 31st pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Indianapolis Colts select:

Rodger Saffold

OT/OG | Indiana | SR

Height: 6-4? | Weight: 316 | 40-Time: 5.20


Adequate height --- Good bulk --- Excellent athleticism --- Natural knee bender --- Shows nimble feet and polished footwork --- Nice balance and agility --- Slides well laterally --- Plays with great leverage --- Able to protect the edge --- Understands positioning and angles --- Mobile with terrific range --- Offers some positional versatility --- Tough --- A hard worker -- Leader --- Lots of experience versus quality competition.


Doesn't have real long arms --- Not very strong or powerful --- Won't get a big push in the run game --- Isn't overly stout at the point of attack --- Lacks a violent initial punch --- Feet will go dead on contact at times --- Does not always finish blocks --- Durability might be a concern.


Was a four-year starter for the Hoosiers --- Played left tackle in college but could also project inside to guard at the next level --- Father, Rodger II, played football at Iowa in the mid-1970's --- Named 2nd Team All-Big Ten in 2009 --- A team captain as a senior --- Attended the same Ohio high school as Chris Chambers (Kansas City Chiefs) and Lee Evans (Buffalo Bills) --- Was hampered by knee and back injuries as a junior --- Arguably the star of this year's East-West Shrine Game and shot up draft boards after that performance --- A finesse blocker whose best fit might come in a zone blocking scheme --- Underrated prospect with both the physical tools and intangibles to be a starter in the NFL.

04-15-2010, 03:56 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have come to the last selection of Round 1 of the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft...

and with the #32 pick the New Orleans Saints select:

Brian Price


Defensive Tackle



Brian Price Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Strong, thick, wide body
Tremendous short area quickness
Very quick first step
Nice initial pop at the point of attack
Explodes off snap
Plays with high motor
Great instincts - recognizes play quickly
Gives solid second effort
Disciplined in gap control
Penetrates and disrupts
Active hands - doesn't let linemen get into his body
Has a deadly club move
Nice body control - can bend and drive past linemen
Nice skill set and collegiate production


Frame is maxed out
Gets engulfed against bigger linemen
Can get overwhelmed and frustrated when run at
Lacks great speed
Lacks upside - a bit of an overachiever
One-gap DT only in 4-3 schemes
Short arms?

Summary: Price is a player I like a lot for teams that need a 3-technique (think a Warren Sapp-type role). He makes a lot of plays and is just flat out dominant at times. He doesn't take many plays off and it wouldn't surprise me if it's revealed that he has top intangibles. He'll find himself drafted in the top 25 picks.

Player Comparison: Mike Patterson. Patterson is also a quick, stocky defensive tackle who disrupts at the line.


04-15-2010, 10:49 AM
With the 1st pick of the 2nd Round of the 2010 NFL Draft, The St. Louis Rams are very pleased to announce the selection of..


6'5" 261lbs
4.66 40-Yard
20 Bench Reps
35" Vertical
9'05" Broad
7.07 3-Cone


The temptation to add Golden Tate here is high, but with Laurent Robinson added via trade last season, and Donnie avery selected the previous year, the Rams decide to let both players develop into starting WR's. There is a genuine opening for a pass catching TE, however, and Gresham will be sure to become Sam Bradford's security blanket. The Rams adhere to the theory that with a new QB, you first protect him (Jason Smith last season) then give him targets that he can throw to. Gresham presents a great target.

elease: Despite his height, he gets off the line quickly whether standing up or in three-point stance. Finds second gear to accelerate past linebackers. Does not face the jam often, and must learn to use his hands to defeat it.

Hands: Has worked hard to improve consistency here, and makes some very difficult catches in traffic - but still short-arms some balls and allows others into his chest. Adjusts to poorly thrown balls in any direction. Typically secures the ball before heading upfield, but gets a bit loose on occasion. Superior height and excellent vertical for his size make him a top jump ball target.

Route running: Runs short, intermediate and deep routes effectively. Smooth runner. Quicker feet than expected, and runs tight routes inside and out. Sits down in zones and presents a large target. Will use head and body fakes before planting to cut. Constantly threatens the deep seam, as teams use a cornerback to cover him. Uses his big body to shield defenders over the middle and especially in the red zone.

After the catch: Runs like a large wide receiver but is as strong as an ox after the catch. Makes defenders miss with a quick stop move and is strong enough to push oncoming tacklers by. Also able to leap defenders going for his legs. Not in the Tony Gonzalez mold for fluidity but comes fairly close. Will lean forward to run through arm tackles, sometimes requiring three defenders to bring him down.

Blocking: Effective, if not dominating, blocker in-line and on the edge when lined in the slot or in motion. On run plays he will get wide and put hands into the numbers to anchor. Latches onto defensive backs on downfield blocks, and will take them 25-30 yards downfield in front of screens. Strong enough to pancake smaller ends crashing down the line. Could be more consistent using his hands and feet to sustain. Must learn to pick up corner blitzes.

Intangibles: Proving his ability to come back from injury would be a big boost to his character grade. Team player who blocks with the same vigor he shows after the catch. Arrest for failing to appear to settle a speeding ticket in April 2009 should not have a significant impact on his draft stock.

NFL Comparison: Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars

04-15-2010, 12:08 PM
After starting RB Kevin Smith's knee injury in December, there are questions about whether he will be 100% entering this season. The Lions need a potential game-breaker in the backfield to start the season in case Smith's knee does not allow him to, and they could use a legit complement to Smith when he is healthy anyway.

The Detroit Lions are pleased to select:

Jahvid Best

Running Back | California |

Height: 5-10? | Weight: 199 | 40-Time: 4.35


Excellent athleticism --- Outstanding speed and quickness --- Explosive with a burst --- Terrific instincts --- Nice vision and patience --- Great change of direction and cut-back skills --- Good balance --- Can get outside and turn the corner --- Is physical and runs hard for a guy his size --- Will break tackles --- Elusive with some wiggle --- Soft, reliable hands and solid ball skills --- Runs good routes --- Tough --- A big play threat --- Competitive --- Hard Working --- Also a fantastic return man.

Lacks the ideal size you look for --- Not very strong or powerful --- Will never be a great inside runner --- Never carried the load --- Gives good effort but is not much of a blocker --- Durability is a concern --- Upside ?

First name is pronounced "JAH-vid" --- A two-year starter for the Bears after backing up Justin Forsett as a true freshman --- Named 1st Team All-Pac-10 in 2007 and 2008 and 2nd Team in 2009 --- Averaged 26.4 yards on 32 career kick returns at Cal --- Was also a state champion in track as a prep and participated in the Junior Olympics --- Was dinged up and missed time with an assortment of injuries to his hip, elbow, foot and toe --- Sat out the final four games of the 2009 season after suffering a severe concussion --- The type who plays bigger than his size would suggest but ability to carry the load and stay healthy are major question marks --- Certainly has the potential to earn a starting job at the next level but will at the very least be a superb change-of-pace back and return specialist --- A versatile, dynamic playmaker who is a threat to go the distance any time from anywhere on the field.

Career Statistics
2007 10 29 221 7.6 2 13 74 1
2008 12 194 1,580 8.1 15 27 246 1
2009 9 141 867 6.1 12 22 213 4
Totals 31 364 2,668 7.3 29 62 533 6


04-15-2010, 12:21 PM
Tampa desperately needs a #1 WR for 2nd year QB Josh Freeman to throw to after letting Antonio Bryant go, and with only Dez Bryant off the board so far, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, young Bucs are going to go B.P.A. here instead, since there is a CB currently available with first round grade, and Ronde Barber is 5000 years old. Aqib Talib could use another young CB to play opposite him.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pleased to select:

Devin McCourty

Cornerback | Rutgers
Height: 5-10¾ | Weight: 193 | 40-Time: 4.48


Excellent athleticism --- Adequate size with long arms --- Great speed with a burst to close and recover --- Quick and agile --- Fluid hips and transitions well --- Terrific feet --- Able to turn and run with wideouts downfield --- Nice instincts and awareness --- Reliable tackler --- Comes up to help in run support --- Hard worker --- Leader --- Durable with a lot of experience against top competition --- Also a special teams ace.

Can be a bit inconsistent --- Lacks great hands and ball skills --- Allows too many completions --- Has trouble disengaging from blocks --- Does not always get a proper jam at the line --- Struggles with big wideouts.

Was a three-year starter for the Scarlet Knights --- Has a twin brother, Jason, plays for the Tennessee Titans --- Earned 1st Team All-Big East honors in 2009 --- Named a team captain as a senior --- Was a top special teams gunner, saw action as a return man and blocked seven kicks during his college career --- Possesses a nice blend of physical tools and intangibles --- Profiles as a potential starter at the next level but will at the very least provide value as a backup and special teamer.

Career Statistics
2005 RS - - - -
2006 13 38 3 2 17
2007 13 63 7 2 24
2008 13 57 7 1 0
2009 13 80 10 1 0
Totals 52 238 27 6 41


04-15-2010, 01:37 PM
Somehow I lost my last posting but no matter. The Chiefs are up at #36 overall and rush to the podium with the card, feeling all RED and GOLDen all over for the pick:

WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame

The connection OC Charley Weis, who knows this kid better than anyone, AND the fact he fills a key need for the Chiefs as their legit #3 WR and return guy, makes this one a no-brainer.

04-15-2010, 02:55 PM
With the pick we obtained from the Washington Redskins by trading Donovan McNabb, the Eagles are selecting:

Demaryius Thomas WR from Georgia Tech.

Even though he hasn't been able to work out this spring due to a broken foot, this guy has all the tangibles to be a huge part of our offense.

04-15-2010, 09:11 PM
with the 38th Pick in the 2nd Round of the Planet Steelers 2010 Mock Draft:

The Cleveland Browns select:

Jerry Hughes, OLB-DE / TCU


The Browns are in serious need of a pass rush especially after trading their #1 pass rusher, Kamerion Wimbley, to the Oakland Raiders in the offseason. The Browns are seriously lacking in depth at OLB and Hughes would give them a great boost in the ability to get to the QB.

Again Sorry Gents!!!

04-16-2010, 09:17 AM
The Raiders have solid veteran DE's (Richard Seymour and Greg Ellis), but they could use more of a push from up the middle. They current tackles are wildly overpaid Tommy Kelly and the underwhelming 10 year vet Gerard Warren (hard to believe that guy was a 3rd overall pick in the draft once upon a time...by the Browns, of course). When Linval Joseph benched 225 lbs. 39 times and ran a 5.09 40 at the combine, Al Davis took notice. When Joseph improved his 40 time to 4.93 at his Pro Day, Davis was hooked. A carrying that much weight that can run that fast cannot be ignored, particularly by Davis. And he's a pretty decent player to boot. For most teams, this would be considered to be a slight reach, but for Al Davis, it is considered a monumental value.

The Oakland Raiders select:

Linval Joseph
Defensive Tackle | East Carolina
Height: 6-4½ | Weight: 328


Excellent size --- Long arms and big hands --- Very athletic --- Explosive with a burst --- Quick --- Fantastic strength and power --- Stout at the point of attack -- Shows the ability to penetrate and make plays behind the line --- Superb Tackler --- Hard Worker --- Leader --- Major Upside.

Had some issues with conditioning and stamina --- Not an elite pass rusher --- Doesn't always use proper leverage --- Must use his hands better --- Range is limited --- Isn't nasty and might lack a killer instinct.

Was a 2½-year starter for the Pirates --- Nickname is "June" --- Named 1st Team All-Conference USA in 2009 --- Born in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands --- Captured the Florida State Weightlifting Championship with a 415-pound bench press and a 320-pound clean jerk as a junior in high school --- Weighed 371 pounds at one point --- Underwent back surgery between the 2007 and 2008 seasons --- Was not expected to enter the 2010 NFL Draft as a junior but opted to make the leap when Head Coach Skip Holtz left for South Florida --- Could project to either defensive tackle in a 4-3 scheme or defensive end in a 3-4 front --- An extremely intriguing prospect with a rare blend of size, brute strength and athleticism --- A bit raw technically but still has a world of potential.

Career Statistics
2007 13 40 8.5 1.0
2008 14 43 8.0 2.5
2009 14 60 13.0 3.0
Totals 41 143 29.5 6.5


D Rock
04-16-2010, 09:35 AM
The Chargers are on the clock and will actively shop this pick.

I'll be back on at lunch to make the pick or accept a trade so PM your offers!

D Rock
04-16-2010, 12:53 PM
After working the phones furiously and missing out on a chance to trade back by a gnat's eyelash, the Chargers have made their pick.

Cam Thomas, NT, North Carolina

04-16-2010, 01:21 PM
The Buffalo Bills are pleased to select:

Colt McCoy
Quarterback | Texas
Height: 6-1? | Weight: 216 | 40-Time: 4.81


Solid build --- Good athleticism --- Excellent accuracy --- Nice touch and timing --- Gets rid of the ball quickly --- Makes good decisions and takes care of the ball --- Can buy time and make plays with his feet --- Able to throw on the run --- Smart with a high football IQ --- Tough --- Hard worker --- Outstanding leader --- Is fiery and competitive --- Has a lot of experience against high-quality competition --- Extremely Productive.

Shorter than you'd prefer --- Average arm strength --- Inconsistent mechanics --- Mediocre downfield passer --- Not used to taking snaps from under center --- Must learn read defenses and go through progressions in a pro style offense --- Struggles under duress --- Will bird-dog targets --- Stats were inflated by spread system --- Durability?

Was a four-year starter for the Longhorns --- The all-time winningest quarterback in NCAA history and only lost 7 games as a starter during his career --- A two-time Walter Camp Football Foundation Player of the Year --- Won the 2009 Maxwell Award (collegiate player of the Year), Davey O'Brien Award (nation's top quarterback) and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award (nation's top senior quarterback) --- The 2009 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year --- Was named 1st Team All-Big 12 three times --- A consensus 1st Team All-American in 2009 and was 2nd Team in 2008 --- Mother, Debra, was a shooting guard in basketball and Father, Brad, was a safety in football at Abilene Christian --- Father was roommates with Longhorn WR Jordan Shipley's father in college --- Brother, Chance, plays wide receiver at Abilene Christian --- Brother, Case, is a freshman quarterback at Texas --- The first quarterback in major college football history to lead a team to four 10-win seasons --- Owns 47 school records at Texas and name is all over the NCAA record books --- First four-time team MVP in Longhorn history --- A four-time recipient of Academic All-Big 12 honors --- Very active in the community --- Was knocked out of the 2009 BCS Championship game with a pinched nerve in his shoulder, which also kept him out of the Senior Bowl and prevented him from working out at the Scouting Combine --- Racked up huge numbers by completing a lot of short, relatively easy passes in an unsophisticated offense --- An overachiever whose intangibles are much more impressive than his physical tools --- A prolific college signal caller but is not the top pro prospect that his press-clippings might otherwise suggest --- Probably profiles as more of a backup at the next level but might be capable of competing for an NFL starting job under the right set of circumstances.

Career Statistics
2006 13 217 318 2,570 68.2% 29 7
2007 13 276 424 3,303 65.1% 22 18
2008 13 332 433 3,859 76.7% 34 8
2009 14 332 470 3,521 70.6% 27 12
Totals 53 1,157 1,645 13,253 70.3% 112 45


04-16-2010, 01:27 PM
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pleased to select:

Arrelious Benn
Wide Receiver | Illinois
Height: 6-1 | Weight: 219 | 40-Time: 4.53


Excellent size with a rocked up physique --- Extremely athletic --- Plays faster than he times and has a burst --- Terrific body control, ball skills and leaping ability --- Great vision --- Nice balance --- Elusive and can either evade defenders or run them over --- Works the middle and isn't afraid to take a hit --- Able to get off the line and beat the jam --- An above average blocker --- Real strong, physical and aggressive --- Is super tough and competitive --- Also a return man --- Still has upside.

Does not have natural hands and concentration wanes which leads to dropped passes --- Isn't a polished route runner --- Average timed speed and is not much of a vertical threat --- Appears to be tightly- wound and a tad stiff --- Durability is a concern --- Marginal production.

Nickname is "Rejus", which is what many call him --- Was a three-year starter for the Fighting Illini --- A team captain as a sophomore and junior --- Named the 2007 Big Ten Freshman of the Year --- Garnered 1st Team All-Big Ten honors in 2008 --- Was a top recruit who had his pick of elite college programs out of high school but instead chose to join Ron Zook's rebuilding effort --- Caught at least one pass in 36 of 37 games played --- Averaged 23.7 yards with 1 touchdown on 42 career kick returns --- Was severely hampered by an ankle injury in 2009 --- Very talented wideout who was severely underutilized due to inconsistencies at the quarterback position --- Is physically mature and ready to play in the NFL right now --- Profiles as a starter and is the type who could end up being better in the pros than he was in college.

Career Statistics
2007 13 54 676 12.5 2
2008 12 67 1,055 15.8 3
2009 12 38 490 12.9 2
Totals 37 159 2,221 14.0 7


04-16-2010, 02:07 PM
The Broncos obtained this pick from the Dolphins, in exchange for their big, physical possession receiver. With this pick, they will get another big, physical possession receiver.

The Denver Broncos are pleased to select:

Brandon LaFell
Wide Receiver | Louisiana State
Height: 6-2½ | Weight: 211 | 40-Time: 4.60


Excellent height and bulk --- Smooth athlete --- Super aggressive and competitive --- Tough, powerful and physical --- Good leaping ability with nice body control and ball skills --- Strong hands --- Will snatch passes out of the air --- A polished route runner who knows how to get open --- Will work the middle of the field --- Good vision --- Runs hard after the catch and will break tackles --- No trouble getting off the line / beating the jam --- Terrific blocker --- Big play threat who plays faster than he times --- Durable --- Productive --- A lot of quality experience.

Average timed speed and quickness --- Lacks a burst --- Inconsistent concentration and will drop some balls --- Small hands --- Does not get a lot of separation --- Can he get vertical against pro corners? --- Not very elusive --- Poor balance --- Questionable work ethic --- Immature.

A three-year starter for the Bayou Bengals --- Named 1st Team All-SEC in 2008 and 2nd Team in 2009 --- Initially entered the 2009 NFL Draft but changed his mind and returned for senior season --- Ranks in the Top 5 in school history in career receiving yards (5th), receptions (3rd) and touchdowns (2nd) --- Caught at least one pass in 41 consecutive games to close out his college career --- Led the Tigers in receiving three years in a row (2007, 2008, 2009) --- Dwayne Bowe clone with a well-rounded game and the potential to be a true #1 target in the NFL.

Career Statistics
2005 RS - - - -
2006 11 5 140 28.0 2
2007 14 50 656 13.1 4
2008 13 63 929 14.7 8
2009 13 57 792 13.9 11
Totals 51 175 2,517 14.4 25


04-16-2010, 02:43 PM
Santonio Holmes and Brandon Marshall were just acquired by the Patriots' inter-divisional rivals NY Jets and Miami Dolphins, and someone needs to cover them.

the Patriots just re-signed Leigh Bodden and have Darius Butler at the other CB position, but very little depth behind them.

as a result, with the #44 overall pick (obtained from Jacksonville) the New England Patriots select:

Kareem Jackson





Kareem Jackson Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Good size and body frame
Three-year starter
Smooth athlete with nice change of direction
Comfortable in press and off-man
Mirrors receivers well
Above average speed
Underrated ball skills
Terrific at anticipating short routes
Smart and instinctive
Fluid hips
Very confident
Competitive and fearless
Very well coached
Displays great awareness of route recognition
Polished and does the little things
Tough in red zone


Struggles to get off blocks
Not a very physical hitter
Only two interceptions as a sophomore and junior
Somewhat inconsistent
Gets a little lazy with tackling technique
Needs to use hands better at the line of scrimmage

Summary: Jackson is a talented prospect with the tape to back him up, but he doesn't have first-round tape and is a liability against the run. Jackson has an impressive skill set overall and will be drafted anywhere from late first round to late second round.

Player Comparison: Marcus Trufant. Jackson isn't as consistent as Trufant, but he does have the skill set to be a very good corner.


04-16-2010, 02:52 PM
Champ Bailey been in the league for 12 years. Ty Law's been playing even longer...16 years. And Andre Goodman has been in the league for 9 years. A youth movement at corner is needed in Denver. Last year's second round pick Alphonso Smith was a start, but more young blood is needed here.

The Denver Broncos are pleased to select:

Patrick Robinson
Cornerback | Florida State
Height: 5-11¼ | Weight: 190 | 40-Time: 4.46


Outstanding athlete --- Excellent speed and acceleration --- Quick and agile --- Super fluid hips and transitions well --- Terrific feet --- Closes in a hurry and has a burst to recover --- Good height and bulk --- Strong with a chiseled physique --- Great leaping ability --- Good hands and ball skills --- Is effective in both man and zone coverage --- Tough, physical and feisty --- Gets a good jam at the line of scrimmage --- A decent tackler --- Still has lots of upside --- Fantastic program pedigree.

Inconsistent --- Concentration will wane --- Questionable instincts and awareness --- Is too aggressive at times --- Not a violent hitter --- Just an average run defender --- Some off-the-field issues --- Durability may be a concern --- Doesn't make enough impact plays --- Underachiever ?

Was a 2½-year starter for the Seminoles --- Named 2nd Team All-ACC in 2009 --- Hails from the same program that produced Deion Sanders, Terrell Buckley, Corey Fuller, Samari Rolle, Bryant McFadden and Antonio Cromartie --- Dealt with minor knee, back and shoulder injuries in college --- Was suspended for taking part in a widespread academic cheating scandal --- All the ability in the world but doesn't always play up to his impressive physical tools --- Extremely talented and could be special but potential is still more impressive than the actual production.

Career Statistics
2006 11 11 0 0 0
2007 12 28 6 6 87
2008 9 26 4 1 0
2009 12 52 11 0 0
Totals 44 117 21 7 87


04-16-2010, 03:13 PM
The Giants value pass rushers. When they had Strahan and Osi entrenched as starters, they still spent an early pick on Tuck. When they had Osi and Tuck entrenched as starters, they still spent an early pick on Kiwaunuka. And now, with Osi reportedly on the outs, even though they still have Tuck and Kiwaunuka entrenched, I wouldn't be surprised if they took yet another pass rushing DE. Although Carlos Dunlap has displayed a questionable motor for a guy who has elite first round talent, there is too much value at this point in the second round for the Giants to resist.

The New York Giants are pleased to select:

Carlos Dunlap
Defensive End | Florida | JR
Height: 6-5¾ | Weight: 277 | 40-Time: 4.71


Excellent size with long arms --- Super athletic --- Good speed with a burst --- Great balance and agility --- Able to bend off the edge or use a bull rush --- Does a solid job against the run --- Naturally strong and powerful --- Terrific mobility and range --- Flashes impressive ability in pursuit --- Can take on and shed blockers --- Will bat down passes --- A reliable tackler --- Some special teams value --- Still has a lot of upside.

Inconsistent motor --- Doesn't always utilize proper leverage --- Poor footwork and hand use --- Pass rush repertoire is limited --- Needs to be more aggressive and competitive --- Work Ethic? --- Toughness has been questioned --- Ran into some trouble off of the field --- Immature.

Was a two-year starter for the Gators --- Named 1st Team All-SEC in 2009 --- The Defensive MVP of the BCS National Championship Game as a sophomore --- Has an 84-inch wingspan --- Father is a bail bondsman and Mother is an elementary school principal --- A highly-touted recruit who also returned kicks in high school --- Was a prep teammate of North Carolina DE Robert Quinn, who should be a major factor in the 2011 or 2012 NFL Draft --- Nicknamed "Freak II" and "Baby Freak" by those at Florida --- Blocked four kicks during his college career --- Was arrested and charged with driving under the influence the week of the 2009 SEC Championship game after falling asleep at a red light at 3:25 a.m. --- Florida ultimately lost that game and it cost them a shot at the national championship --- Could project to defensive end in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme --- The next in a long line of top Gator pass rushers, following in the footsteps of guys like Jevon Kearse, Alex Brown, Bobby McCray, Jeremy Mincey, Jarvis Moss and Derrick Harvey --- Extremely talented prospect but very raw and will have to mature both mentally and physically --- Widely considered to be a possible Top 5 overall pick at one point but lackluster tape and character issues torpedoed his draft stock --- Needs to land with a strong coaching staff that will push and motivate him --- A classic Boom or Bust prospect with rare physical tools but may lack the intangibles to maximize that enormous potential.

Career Statistics
2007 12 7 2.0 1.0
2008 14 39 13.5 9.5
2009 13 38 10.5 9.0
Totals 39 84 26.0 19.5


04-16-2010, 03:34 PM
The injury to Wes Welker (torn ACL and MCL) could keep Welker out for the start of next season. Randy Moss can be taken out of games with bracket coverage, especially with Welker out. Julian Edelman has shown promise, but the Patriots badly need to add some depth at the WR position.

so in Round 2, with the 47th overall pick (obtained from Tennessee) in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the New England Patriots select:

Damian Williams


Wide Receiver



Damian Williams Scouting Report
By Matt McGuire

Good height with room to bulk
Very soft hands; rarely drops passes
Great body control
Catches ball at highest point
Excellent hand-eye coordination
Love his ball skills
Quick feet
Elite-level route runner
Deceptive speed
Changes directions quickly
Slippery fast
Does an outstanding job of changing speeds in/out of routes
Generates very solid Y.A.C.
Recognizes various coverages
Can find soft spots in zone
Eats up off-man cushion quickly, then separates
Gets two feet in on sideline catches; aware
Highly talented with great upside
Polished player
Operated in traditional West Coast offense
Plays with a lot of heart
Good character and reportedly great work ethic


Quicker than fast; can he beat bump-and-run consistently?
Timed speed might go under microscope if not sub-4.5
Could be more physical at line of scrimmage
Inconsistent blocker
Has some wasted movements
Could shield corners better
Shoulder injury history must be checked into

Summary: Williams is the kind of wide receiver I love watching tape on. He is very polished and well ahead of the pack, meaning he could contribute immediately in the NFL. With Williams' talent level and work ethic, he has a great foundation to be a star receiver in the NFL. Transferred from Arkansas to USC with high school teammate Mitch Mustain.

Player Comparison: Jimmy Smith. Smith was that very rare route-runner you just don't find very often. Williams might be the best route-runner I have seen in four years of scouting.


04-16-2010, 04:38 PM
With our very first pick in this year's draft, the Carolina Panthers select:

6'6" 280 lbs. DE out of Northwestern- Corey Wootton.


04-17-2010, 11:47 AM
with their 2nd round pick the San Francisco 49ers select:

OT / Vladimir Ducasse from UMASS


The 49ers solved their issues at CB and added a playmaker in the 1st Round! In round 2 they add depth to an OL that is in major need of a good quality OT.

04-17-2010, 12:36 PM
The Chiefs are up again with their second 2d round pick, the one they acquired last year from Atlanta in exchange for Tony Gonzalez. There are a few guys still on the board that fill high priority needs but there are also guys there with more value and retain higher overall ratings than those 'need' players.

So, what to do? Reach a little for need or be true to your board and take the BPA? Actually, this pick is most ironic for the Chiefs as they send up the card for:

*Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona

Name: *Rob Gronkowski (+) Missed '09, Coming off back injury
College: Arizona Number: 48
Height: 6-6 Weight: 258
Position: TE Pos2:
Class/Draft Year: Jr/2010
40 Time: 4.68 40 Low: 4.62 40 High: 4.78

Dates: 03/27/10 03/12-Sch
Height: 6062
Weight: 258
40 Yrd Dash: 4.68
20 Yrd Dash: 2.68
10 Yrd Dash: 1.58 225 Lb. Bench Reps: 23
Vertical Jump: 33 1/2
Broad Jump: 09'11"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.47
3-Cone Drill: 7.18

40 Time Range: 4.65-4.74

The irony now apparent and this guy will add to the offensive arsenal since both holdover guys lLeonard Pope and Brad Cottam, haven't surfaced as a genuine downfield threat that Tony G provided over the past dozen seasons for the Chiefs. It could easily be argued the team has greater needs but for pure value and BPA, Gronkowski has to be the guy at this spot.

04-17-2010, 03:33 PM
The Texans are very happy to use their 2nd round pick to take

Nate Allen, Free Safety, South Florida

Height: 6-0
Weight: 207


Solid height with great bulk
Three-year starter
Playmaker and highly productive
Takes good angles in run support
Fluid hips
Ballhawk who can change a game
Centerfielder range
Highly instinctive
Physical tackler
Underrated athlete
Eliminates space quickly
Low in backpedal; nice technician
Uses hands well to shed blocks in run support
Good route recognition
Vocal leader on defense; team captain
Great all-around skill set for a free safety

Lacks great straight-line speed
Tends to struggle in man coverage where he has to turn and run
Not a violent threat in deep half/over middle
Doesn't have superstar potential


Summary: Some guys just find ways to make plays despite average measureables. Expect Allen to win a starting quickly in his. He's a prototypical free safety who is clean off the field and has a reportedly great ethic.

Player Comparison: Tanard Jackson. Jackson didn't have great measurables coming out of Syracuse, but he's a very good technician and a great playmaker for Tampa Bay.

04-18-2010, 05:12 PM
The Pittsburgh Steelers would like to announce a trade -

The New Orleans Saints only have a total of six draft choices in this year's draft, and no 5th round selections. The Saints would like to acquire some more later round selections in this deep draft, especially 5th round picks.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a total of eleven draft choices, with four of them being 5th round selections. There is very little chance the Steelers will use all eleven of their draft picks or that so many players would have a chance of making the team, so this is a trade that meets the needs of both teams.

The New Orleans Saints agree to trade their selection in Round 3 (#95) which is worth 120 points to the Pittsburgh Steelers for our Round 4 (#116), Round 5 (#151) and Round 5 (#155) selections worth 122.4 points.

As a result, the Steelers will have nine selections remaining:

Round 1 (18) Earl Thomas CB/FS Texas

Round 2 (52)

Round 3a (82)

Round 3b (95)

Round 5a (164) compensatory

Round 5b (166) compensatory

Round 6 (188)

Round 7a (225)

Round 7b (242) compensatory

04-18-2010, 07:29 PM
To see an in-depth analysis of the thought process behind this pick, please see the commentary thread. I am excited to see what Coach Kugler can do with an athletic marvel like Jared Veldheer who placed in the Top-10 of all OL tested at the Combine in all six categories that were tested.

We have very little depth at OT behind Max Starks and Willie Colon and the jury is still out on Tony Hills and Jonathan Scott. Jared Veldheer will need some time to develop, but I believe he may become this year's Sebastian Vollmer who filled in so well in eight starts at LT for the injured Matt Light of the New England Patriots.

so with the 52nd pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select:

Jared Veldheer


6'8" 312 lbs.


Key statistic: Has never allowed a sack in his collegiate career and displayed durability in starting all 46 games.

Recognized as one of the best OL in Division II - named 1st Team AFCA All-American, 1st Team AP Little All-American and Gene Upshaw finalist. Great student (3.0 GPA Biology Major) and a recognized team leader in the weight room and on the field as he served as a co-captain each of his last two seasons. Helped Chargers produce a 1,000-yard rusher each of his four seasons as a starter. Played in Texas vs. The Nation bowl game where he wowed scouts during the week and whom some called 'the best offensive lineman there.'

But it was at the NFL Combine where Veldheer blew away most of the competition.

Though Maryland's Bruce Campbell received most of the initial publicity among left tackles for his 4.85-second 40-yard dash, Jared Veldheer performed best on physical testing at the OL position at the NFL scouting combine by finishing among the top 10 offensive linemen in all six tests for which the NFL posted results.

Veldheer, who measured in at the combine at 6-feet-8 and 312 pounds, came into the Combine as a late second-round prospect but could now get teams to take an even harder look at him earlier in Round 2 after his impressive performance at the Combine. Veldheer ran the 40 in 5.09 seconds, which was fourth among the linemen. He also tied for first in the three-cone drill (7.40 seconds) and 20-yard shuttle (4.51 seconds); tied for third in the vertical jump (33.5 inches), was fifth in the broad jump (9-feet, 1-inch) and ninth in the bench press (32 reps of 225 pounds).



Dominating size and athletic ability at left tackle. 10 inch hands and huge frame reminiscent of Jonathan Ogden. Plays to the whistle. Good footwork and blocking mechanics allow him to get to the defender quickly. Frame will allow him to get even bigger and he demonstrates good flexibility for such a large body. HUGE UPSIDE.


Upright pass-blocker who will need to improve as he faces elite competition. Has been able to dominate on strength alone in D-2; may need some time to adjust to next-level defender's speed. Will benefit from chance to sit for a year or two behind starters Max Starks and Willie Colon and learn the nuances of playing the OT position from our new OL coach Sean Kugler.

http://api.ning.com/files/0JXD2fJ-8CRP8JxhZZ0CnFv8JtrpnEhXwAG2JyJFfOoivixV4WonPVVYCH UP96KjjksqxTi*QAWLgr8WX2gsiKZ9AqZOU6te/dinnertime.jpg

Jared Veldheer on left with former Steeler Tom Korte on right

04-18-2010, 09:12 PM
the New England Patriots are on the clock...

so far, the Patriots have drafted ILB Rolando McClain, CB Kareem Jackson and WR Damian Williams. What is still needed is a DE/DT that can take on blocks to free up the LBers or that can penetrate and rush the passer so the Patriots aren't forced to blitz so often. The Baltimore Ravens shreded New England's run defense to the tune of 234 rushing yards, this is a weakness that obviously needs to be addressed.

so with the 53rd pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the New England Patriots select a Bill Belichick type of player:

Tyson Alualu


6'2 3/8, 295 lbs



Pass Rush/Closing Ability/Moves and Counter Movies: Gets by using his low center of gravity and hands to prevent the blocker from locking on. Will use an effective spin move to free himself up.

Pursuit/Lateral Movement/Agility: Quick feet that can make a blocker miss in a small space. Moves down the line very well and has had times where he is a force within the tackle box because of the ability to move laterally. High effort player that will constantly pursue the ball no matter where he is.

Quickness/Explosion: Does not have the explosion off the snap you look for in a defensive end. Can get off the ball well, but nothing better than the average defensive lineman in the NFL. Quick in tight spaces, can move from gap to gap laterally very well.

Run Defend/Recognition: Can be stout against the run, at the very least holds his ground well. An active penetrator that totaled over 60 tackles each of the past two seasons. A productive player from different positions.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Has a stout frame, incredibly thick legs that he uses well to drive through blockers and maintain his position. Does not have the upper body of an NFL defensive lineman, needs to work hard in the weight room. Average length to his arms.

Strength/Ability to Shed Blocks: Has a strong presence on the field. Hard to move but it has more to do with his on-going motor and strong legs. He could use some more bulk up top to aid the process of shedding a straight ahead blocker.

Tackling: Engulfs the ball carrier, very sound technique with controlled aggression. Plays with an angry mindset, finishes plays and rarely misses a tackle. Surprising movement in space when face to face with a ball carrier. Quick and assertive.

Technique/Hand Use/Leverage: Has come a long way since 2008 when it comes to his technique. He used to be an out-of-control penetrator that lost track of his footwork and body positioning. He likes to set himself up instead of firing through a gap to ensure his strong base is completely beneath him as he attacks with his hands. Stays low and drives his hand upward. Plays with strong technique no matter where he starts out.

Versatility: Has seen plenty of action inside and out, left and right. Even spent some time standing up as a rush linebacker. Can be a fit for any scheme because of his natural size and above average athleticism in tight space.


Final Word: Watch one game tape of Alualu and it is hard not to fall in love with his style of play. He may lack size, speed, and explosion but the motor he plays with cannot be topped. He is giving 100% on each play no matter the situation or opponent, something that most defensive lineman cannot say. Another attractive portion of Alualu’s game is his ability to play all spots along the defensive front. His best fit may come as defensive end in a 3-4 scheme where he has the technician type approach and is also very difficult for one blocker to keep at bay.

He also has the athleticism that a coach can use in creative packages, as seen in his ability to rush the edge as well as drop in to coverage via the zone blitz. The players that produce consistently despite the physical shortcomings are always worth a second look. Alualu is wise beyond his years and will enter the league with more maturity than the normal rookie, his intangibles are exactly what football coaches look for.


04-19-2010, 01:22 AM
The Cincinnati Bengals select:

Daryl Washington
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 230 | Position: LB | College: TCU


After seeing some tight ends, O-Linemen and wide receivers get taken off the board, that the Bengals were looking at, they decide to go defense again. Daryl Washington while ideally would fit as the WLB, will start by backing up Dhani Jones in the middle. His ability to cover will play a key role in the Bengals nickel defense.

Very athletic --- Excellent speed --- Quick and agile --- Explosive with a burst --- Outstanding sideline-to-sideline range --- Does a fantastic job in pursuit --- Fluid hips and excels in coverage --- Active and extremely aggressive --- Powerful hitter --- Can work through traffic and avoid blocks --- Offers some versatility --- Has a lot of special teams potential.

Undersized and lacks the ideal bulk that you look for --- Needs to get stronger --- Struggles to shed blockers --- Average instincts --- Misses the occasional tackle --- Does not have great hands --- Will have to do a better job of protecting his legs --- May not be a fit for every scheme.

04-19-2010, 09:43 AM
With the 2nd pick that the Eagles have in the 2nd round, We select:

Everson Griffen DE from USC 6'2" 270 lbs.

This could have been a 1st round pick, and sliding down the board, this decision was a no brainer for us.


04-19-2010, 12:24 PM
It's time for the Green Bay Packers to prepare for the future at the CB position as current starters Al Harris and Charles Woodson are 35 and 33 years old.

When Al Harris went down for the season in late November with a torn ACL, the secondary's lack of depth was badly exposed. There were disturbing breakdowns in the defensive secondary in shootout losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 15 and then to the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs. Some very talented and highly rated cornerbacks are still available...

so with the 56th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

Brandon Ghee


Wake Forest

6-0 193

40 time: 4.37


With all of the extremely athletic players in this draft class, it can be easy to overlook Brandon Ghee, but he should not be overlooked. He's raw, but he has huge upside and has shown flashes of brilliance in the past. He also looked great in the Senior Bowl. In addition to his 4.37 speed at 6-0 193, Ghee is very competent in both man and zone schemes as a shutdown corner who quarterbacks don't like to throw on. He's very tall and frustrating for wide receivers and has the athleticism to match up with most receivers. He needs polishing, but I have no question about the fact that he could be a future starting cornerback or more in the NFL, even if he starts out as a nickel or a depth guy. As good as he is against the pass, he may be better against the run. He's one of the strongest cornerbacks against the run in this draft class and that certainly will help him get early playing time.

Ghee has been projected by some scouts as a safety as he's a very sound tackler and takes great routes to the ball. He's very strong and athletic and is not easily blocked by wide receivers. In addition to his natural athleticism, you have to love his fundamentals, his instincts, and his timing. Brandon Ghee seems like he was made to be a defensive back. He needs more polishing, but he should be getting a lot more recognition than he is. He probably isn't going to slip out of the first 50 picks.


Great height/length and build
Explosive speed
Good athlete with nice change of direction
Great red zone defender - protects end zone
Solid timing on jump balls
Very good in run support
Not afraid to take on a block
Physical and will deliver big hits
Outstanding at anticipating routes; instinctive
Quick hips
Can turn and run with fast receivers
Comfortable in man or zone
Highly confident
Very intriguing upside __

A little raw mechanically with footwork
Doesn't always appropriately turn head back to ball
Struggles to disengage
Should be more of a playmaker
Sometimes lacks focus; inconsistent
Will get too high out of backpedal _


NFL Comparison: Jonathan Joseph
Joseph, like Ghee, had the same size and athleticism coming out of college, but he was also a little raw. Now, he is one of the better corners in the AFC. __

04-19-2010, 12:42 PM
The Baltimore Ravens select:

Jerome Murphy
Height: 6-0 | Weight: 196 | Position: CB | College: USF


After addressing the D-Line in the first, the Ravens work on solidifying their secondary which was the weak point of the team in 2009. They were hoping Brandon Ghee would drop to them, but he went one pick before to the Packers.

Ideal height and bulk --- Excellent athleticism --- Good speed and acceleration with a burst --- Transitions well thanks to fluid hips and quick feet --- Is tough and physical --- Gets a great jam at the line --- A willing and able tackler --- Does a fantastic job against the run --- Nice instincts and awareness --- Soft hands --- Decent ball skills --- Terrific leaping ability --- Competitive --- Confident --- Durable --- Experienced.

Inconsistent --- Gambles and can be too aggressive at times --- Allows too much separation --- Backpedal needs to be refined --- Has some trouble with big wideouts --- Maturity Issues and Character Concerns.

04-19-2010, 12:43 PM
The Arizona Cardinals select:

Jason Worilds
Height: 6-1 | Weight: 254 | Position: OLB\DE | College: Virginia Tech


Even after signing Joey Porter in FA, the Cardinals need more pass rushers.

Super Athletic --- Explosive with good speed and a burst --- Very quick and agile --- Active with an excellent motor --- Does a fantastic job in pursuit --- Good strength and power --- Uses hands well --- Plays with proper leverage--- Reliable Tackler --- Comfortable in space --- Smooth dropping in coverage --- Tough --- Feisty --- Versatile --- Hard Worker.

Lacks the ideal size that you look for --- Questionable instincts and awareness --- Is not stout at the point of attack against the run --- Is often late off the snap --- Repertoire of pass rush moves is limited --- A ' Tweener who may have to change positions --- Durability is a concern.

04-19-2010, 02:44 PM
Ken Hamlin, last season's starter at FS was released after two average seasons in a row. SS Gerald Sensabaugh needs help, for Dallas plays a fair share of two-deep zone coverages. Alan Ball has been moved from CB, last year's 5th round draft choice Michael Hamlin will also be given a chance and it has become increasingly clear that Patrick Watkins is a special-teamer only. The Cowboys desperately need a multi-dimensional safety who can deliver a blow and help in coverage.

Jerry Jones has fallen in love with his athleticism and potential, so with the 59th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Dallas Cowboys select:

Chad Jones



6'3, 230 lbs.


Jones has been blessed with natural athletic talent, standing at an imposing 6'3'' and 230 pounds. A hard hitter with good tackling technique, Jones can run under 4.5 in the 40-yard dash and has great hands and ball skills. Has experience at cornerback and safety. A very good all around athlete, excelling in both football and baseball. Chad Jones pitched as a left-handed relief specialist as the Tigers overcame Texas to capture the 2009 College World Series title and he turned down a contract offer from the Houston Astros to play football. He and Jared Mitchell are the only two athletes in history to win a BCS National Championship and a College World Series.


Only one full year as a starter at free safety, so he's somewhat inexperienced but should only improve from here on out. Actually better at man coverage than in the zone at this point in his career. Needs to improve his ability to read the quarterback; most of his big plays come from his raw natural ability and his ability to react rather than anticipate.

Jones is very raw, but has the ability to develop into an elite safety. His biggest asset is his versatility. He has size and athleticism to play either safety position. His size will allow teams to get creative with him on the field and potentially play him closer to the line of scrimmage at times to assist against the run.


04-19-2010, 03:18 PM
The Seahawks filled 2 major holes in the first round, selecting DT Gerald McCoy and OT Charles Brown. Their next biggest hole is at RB (Julius Jones? Justin Forsett? Quinton Ganther? Louis Rankin? Seriously?) Oddly enough, only 3 RB's have been taken so far, so they have their veritable pick of the litter. But who is the next best RB after Spiller, Matthews, and Best? Is it Dwyer? Hardesty? Gerhart? Tate? McCluster? Dixon? Perhaps Pete Carroll could even go back to what he knows and take Joe McKnight (like how he took Charles Brown over Anthony Davis in the first round). Or he could wait until their next pick in the early 4th round (#104 overall) to take a RB, since it is much easier to find mid-to-late round gems at RB than many other positions.

The Seahawks also have needs in the secondary (starting safety Deon Grant signed with the Giants, and they could use an upgrade at CB opposite Marcus Trufant), and quality defensive backs are harder to find in later rounds. There is one DB prospect who has a second round grade that can compete for a CB spot, and if that doesn't work out, he can also transfer quite easily to safety.

The Seattle Seahawks are pleased to select:

Chris Cook
Cornerback | Virginia
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 212 | 40-Time: 4.46


Excellent height and bulk with long arms --- Terrific athleticism --- Great timed speed --- Explosive with a burst --- Smooth with fluid hips and transitions well --- Superb agility and body control --- Nice leaping ability --- Soft Hands --- Decent ball skills --- Outstanding range --- A reliable tackler --- Is super confident with a short memory --- Versatile.

Is high-cut and plays tall --- Questionable instincts --- Will struggle to keep up in man coverage downfield --- Average footwork --- Severe lack of strength --- Needs to be more physical and aggressive --- A bit of a 'tweener --- Intelligence may be an issue --- Durability is a concern.

A three-year starter for the Cavaliers --- Cousin Vic Hall, also played football at Virginia --- Was elected a team captain in 2009 --- Missed the second half of the 2005 season with a broken leg --- Missed three games with a sprained knee in 2007 --- Was declared academically ineligible and did not play in 2008 --- Missed some time with a groin injury in 2009 --- Could project to cornerback or safety at the next level and has experience at both positions --- Actually outplayed his more highly-touted teammate Ras-I Dowling in 2009 --- Saw his draft stock soar on the heels of a fantastic senior campaign as well as impressive performances at the Senior Bowl and Scouting Combine --- Intriguing prospect with an awfully rare blend of size and speed for the position.

Career Statistics
2005 5 6 2 1 30
2006 12 58 5 1 0
2007 9 39 6 1 25
2008 DNP - - - -
2009 12 40 6 4 66
Totals 38 143 19 7 121


Discipline of Steel
04-19-2010, 06:31 PM
The NEW YORK JETS pick fill a pressing need with a good player...

FS from Georgia Tech


Burnett could turn out to be a real steal after posting a 4.42 in the 40. Jets D is looking good but they still need a RB to pair with Shonn Greene this year.

Discipline of Steel
04-19-2010, 07:05 PM
After the run on DBs, the MINNESOTA VIKINGS will not reach and go O again with a replacement for the well-respected Chester Taylor. They just dont have any good alternatives behind AP.

RB from Ole Miss


Can play the RB roles AP is not suited for like 3rd down back and provides Ole Man Favre with a new weapon in the passing game. This move will take some pressure off AP and extend his pro career.

04-19-2010, 08:03 PM
Colts head coach Jim Caldwell has made it a goal to get bigger and stronger on the defensive line. This commitment to upgrade the DL position failed last season as Fili Moala had problems adjusting to the Colts' scheme and 4th round draft choice Terrance Taylor didn't make it out of training camp.

Colts president Bill Polian likes big-school players, so with the 63rd pick the Indianapolis Colts select:

Lamarr Houston

DT Texas

6'2 3/4, 305 pounds


Houston's experience at both DE and DT makes him a valuable player. He can move around in any 4-3 defense and provide quality depth anywhere on the line.

Pass Rush: As a former DE, Houston has a nice variety of pass rush moves. He uses a swim and a rip to some degree of success. Does a nice job of dipping his shoulder to work around the edge. Doesn't have the longest arms and that comes into play when he's blitzing. Is much better we he can use his quickness penetrating than bull rushing.??

Pursuit: For a player his size, Houston has good agility. He can change direction with ease and works down the line impressively. Was used some in coverage dropping back off the line.??

Quickness: Quickness is inconsistent. Some plays Houston will fly off the line and others he's not as explosive. Part of Houston's plus quickness is thanks to lining up in a four-point stance. Coaches in the NFL may not allow him to do that, so he may need to refine his technique coming out of a three-point stance. He's quicker off the snap than most defensive tackles, but Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Brian Price are much faster off the snap than Houston.

Run defend: Anchors fairly well but has some problems with double teams. Uses his quickness to collapse the pocket and redirect the running back. Teams schemed against him in the run game (see the national title game). Is very good in pursuit.


Size: Houston has a thick build, particularly in his lower body. He's a powerful player and won't need to get much bigger to make it in the NFL. Hand size is very good, for whatever that's worth for a defensive lineman.

Strength: Houston has good functional playing strength and doesn't need to get much stronger to make it in the NFL. Where he needs to improve some is how he uses that strength as he'll sometimes have issues with shedding blocks.

Tackling: Has the natural power to tackle while he's being blocked. Shows good reaction skills to change direction and pursue the ball carrier.

Technique: Gets lower than a lot of defensive tackles, which helps his leverage. Needs to be more consistent in getting low, especially when he's playing over the nose. Has a tendency to get high when he's rushing the center. When he's playing end, Houston will come out too wide before working to the middle.

Versatility: Houston is one of the more versatile defensive tackles in this year's draft. He's played end and tackle for Texas and even lined up at fullback. His athleticism and strength allow him to excel both inside and outside and he could do the same in the NFL. Houston finished off his collegiate career by leading the Longhorns in tackles during the BCS National Championship game, tallying two TFL and a sack.

Final word: Houston is the kind of player who makes this year's draft so impressive. Any other year, he'd be considered a first-round prospect. But with so many quality defensive linemen, he might not hear his name called until the beginning of the second round.


04-19-2010, 08:09 PM
The Chiefs are up at #63 overall here in the 3rd round. Many names entice the War Room again with positions of need and good prospects abound. Then, someone reminds the room that the Chiefs are looking for the 'Right 53' guys on the roster, the kind of player who isn't a problem, to the contrary, a guy who leads by example with work ethic and smarts.

Someone else reminds the room that regardless of the guy taken here in the 3rd round, barring a miracle, the Chiefs will not be a playoff contender in 2010. Heads nod around the main table. Then, someone shouts: "How can we then NOT take this guy in the 3rd round????"

Chiefs pick:

Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

Analysis: In a real sense, Gerhart does fill a need to flesh out the RB stable behind the emerging Jamaal Charles and the aging Thomas Jones who was picked up in the FA market this off-season. Many teams are going with at least two and sometimes three RBs in their rotation anyway.

Gerhart has the power punch to get the tough goal line yards and can bounce it outside to take on LBs without fear. Sort of a modern day RB for that guy who wore #36 for the Steel. He's big, strong, durable and definitely fits the criteria of being 'the right 53' kind of guy. And if Jones goes down to injury, Gerhart is there to carry the expanded load.

A truly magnificent value pick for the Chiefs! (Which means our over-rated GM won't take him).

04-19-2010, 08:18 PM
O)pppppppps! Sorry everyone, my mistake and getting out of order. Somehow I transposed pick #68 with #63. Long day on the job or something. Anyway, I'll re-load at #68 and do it over. The faux pick at #63 was my bad.

04-19-2010, 08:40 PM
The New Orleans Saints' 4-3 run defense allowed 4.5 YPC last season, second worst in the NFC. Having already drafted a stud DT in Round 1 with Brian Price, the Saints now look to upgrade at the OLB position.

OLB Scott Fujita signed with the Browns in the off-season, and the Saints need to replace him with an OLB that can stuff the run, be a situational pass-rusher and match up well in pass coverage against backs and tight ends.

so with the last pick of Round 2, the New Orleans Saints select:

Navorro Bowman

Position: OLB

Penn State

6'1" 232 lbs.


Navorro Bowman is the best 4-3 outside linebacker prospect for the 2010 draft as he is equally effective rushing the passer or dropping into coverage. Bowman has obvious first round talent, but his list of off-the-field incidences might scare some teams away.

Through just 33 games, Bowman has tallied 215 tackles, 36 tackles for loss, 8 sacks, broken up 12 passes, intercepted 3 passes, forced 3 fumbles, and even blocked a kick on special teams. He also recovered a fumble earlier this season, which he ran back 91 yards for a touchdown.

Bowman is excellent against the run, and rarely misses a tackle if he gets his hands on the ball carrier. He has solid coverage skills, and the speed to turn and run with NFL tight ends and running backs. He will need to work on not biting on play action, because his speed won't save him at the next level. Bowman has decided to fore go his senior season and declare for the 2010 draft. If a team can look past his run-ins with the law, Bowman could go in the late first round and no later than the early second round.


04-19-2010, 11:58 PM
With the 1st pick of the 3rd Round, the St Louis Rams select...



The Rams need a young pass rusher to back-up & eventually replace the aging Leonard Little. Hardy has the physical abilities to be a bright, active pass rusher off the edge for the Rams for years to come.

Pass rush: Good, not great quickness off the ball, but accelerates quickly and can explode past the tackle off the edge. Very good use of hands to ward off the tackle's block. Slaps away opponents' hands quickly with good hand placement and underrated upper-body strength. Strength shows up with a good bull rush. Can drive the tackle into the quarterback. Has a tendency to get his sacks in bunches and disappear for long stretches.

Run defense: Good lateral agility to beat the tackle outside and force the sweep wide. Good strength and use of leverage to control the tackle. Feels the cut block coming and sprawls effectively to protect his legs and maintain his balance. Good effort and closing speed behind the line of scrimmage. Showed good effort in pursuit downfield in 2007, but struggled in this area in 2008 (possibly due to recurring foot injuries).

Explosion: Good, not great initial burst off the snap. Lacked the burst he had shown in previous years and struggled to redirect in 2008. Flashes explosive hitting ability, especially when given space to gain momentum.

Strength: A vastly underrated component of Hardy's effectiveness as a pass rusher. Good upper-body strength to disengage from the pass blocker. Good strength for the bull rush. Good leverage and leg drive to anchor when necessary.

Tackling: Rangy defender who can break down in space and make the secure tackle. Good strength to make the one-armed drag-down tackle when occupied with a blocker. Inconsistent effort in pursuit downfield in 2008.

Intangibles: Rare athleticism for the position. Actually used as a wide receiver early in his career and had three receiving touchdowns. Struggled with a foot injury in 2008 and was only used as part of a rotation. Has undergone two separate surgeries on his right foot for stress fractures, the second of which required a screw be placed in his foot for stabilization. The injury was aggravated by an automobile accident suffered on July 11, 2009, though Hardy was cleared for football by team doctors shortly thereafter. Missed the second half of the 2009 season after breaking his left wrist. Underwent surgery and had a pin inserted to stabilize the joint.

NFL Comparison: Julius Peppers, Bears


04-20-2010, 09:25 AM
After trading away former 1st round draft pick Ernie Sims to Philadelphia yesterday (and with Larry Foote back in Pittsburgh), the Lions could use a linebacker. So they look to the Nittany Lions to find a new Detroit Lion.

The Detroit Lions are pleased to select:

Sean Lee
Inside Linebacker | Penn State
Height: 6-2? | Weight: 236 | 40-Time: 4.76


Good athlete --- Outstanding instincts and awareness --- Active with a non-stop motor --- Excellent Range --- Does a terrific job in pursuit --- A very reliable tackler --- Experienced --- Good strength --- Uses hands well --- Understands angles and leverage --- Smart with a top football IQ --- Super Competitive --- Versatile --- Hard Worker --- Team Leader.

Does not have the ideal size that you look for --- Is not very explosive and lacks a burst --- Tight hips and is not real fluid in coverage --- Isn't stout at the point of attack --- Struggles to take on and disengage from blockers --- Not much of a pass rusher or blitzer --- Durability Concerns.

Was a three-year starter for the Nittany Lions --- Named 2nd Team All-Big Ten in 2007 and 2009 --- Served as a team captain --- Brother, Conor, was a kicker at Pittsburgh (2005-08) --- Missed the entire 2008 season after tearing the ACL in his right knee --- Missed a few games in 2009 with a sprained left knee --- Also excelled in the classroom and was active in the community while in Happy Valley --- The next product of "Linebacker U", following in the footsteps of guys like Jack Ham, Shane Conlan, Andre Collins, LaVar Arrington, Paul Posluszny and Dan Connor just to name a few --- Could project to either inside or outside linebacker at the next level --- Not the most physically gifted prospect but makes up for those deficiencies with top-notch intangibles --- A fantastic football player who will likely be an NFL starter for a long time.

Career Statistics
2005 8 11 0.0 0.0 0 0
2006 13 90 8.0 5.5 2 1
2007 13 138 10.5 3.5 8 1
2008 RS - - - - -
2009 10 86 11.0 2.0 7 1
Totals 44 325 29.5 11.0 17 3


04-20-2010, 09:43 AM
After filling needs at DT (Ndamukong Suh), CB (Devin McCourty), and WR (Arrelious Benn) in the first two rounds, the Bucs next most pressing need is at DE, where Stylez White (yes, you read that correctly) led the team with 6.5 sacks last season. Although Carlos Dunlap the Gator DE that gets the most attention because of his pure raw ability, it was his DE teammate Jermaine Cunningham who put in the more consistent effort.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pleased to select:

Jermaine Cunningham
Defensive End | Florida
Height: 6-3? | Weight: 266 | 40-Time: 4.70



Cunningham was the Gators' most disruptive defender in 2009 and has great initial quickness and agility to make plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage. He doesn't have outstanding speed but is athletic enough to be a versatile defender as an outside linebacker or end at the next level. He is still developing his pass rush package but has the natural ability to be effective in the NFL. He lacks the bulk to be an effective take-on defender but is a high-motor player that should contribute on special teams and sub packages in his rookie season.


Cunningham was a highly active, very productive defender on one of the nation's top defenses in college. He's an athletic player with impressive pass rush quickness who could play outside linebacker in a 3-4. Has the range to track down running plays away from him and drop into coverage. Durability is a plus. Exhibited toughness throughout career.


Cunningham can be an inconsistent reactor and instincts are just adequate. He's a bit undersized and a little light in the saddle. Does not possess enough strength and power at the point of attack versus the run at this time.

Career Statistics
2006 7 2 0.0 0.0
2007 13 63 11.0 5.5
2008 14 52 10.0 6.0
2009 12 34 12.0 7.0
Totals 46 151 33.0 18.5


04-20-2010, 09:55 AM
OK, 2d time a charm? :Cheers The Chiefs still love me some RB from Stanford at #68 overall. (See earlier comments at #63). The selection is:

Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

04-20-2010, 10:12 AM
After taking an athletic speciman at OT in round 1 (Bruce Campbell) and an athletic speciman at DT in round 2 (Linval Joseph), Al Davis is scouring his draft board for more athletic specimen. Opposite Nnamdi Asomugha, the Raiders have been living with Chris Johnson or Stanford Routt, and they could use an upgrade there. When Undead Al found out that a CB who was over 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs. ran a 4.31 40 at the Ohio State Pro Day, he realized that he simply had to have him (even if he doesn't realize that this CB never actually attended Ohio State). And he thought it would be cool to have another CB whose name was as difficult to spell and pronounce as Nnamdi Asomugha.

The Oakland Raiders are pleased to select:

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
Cornerback | Indiana (PA)
Height: 6-0¼ | Weight: 207 | 40-Time: 4.47


Ideal height and bulk with a muscular physique and long arms --- Very good speed with a burst --- Nice agility and body control --- Fantastic hands --- Terrific ball skills --- Excellent range --- Sneaky elusiveness with solid vision and instincts as a runner --- Great awareness --- Real Aggressive --- Strong --- Confident --- Versatile --- Also a Return Man.

Did not face a lot of top competition --- Raw footwork, backpedal and overall technique --- Plays tall --- Average hips and transition --- Will gamble and take risks --- Not a great tackler --- Isn't overly tough or physical --- Health / Durability concerns --- Might be a bit of a 'tweener.

Name is pronounced "ah-quasi / o-woo-sue / on-saw" --- First name means "Sunday Born" --- Parents are from Ghana --- Was a three-year starter for the Crimson Hawks --- Earned All-American notice as a cornerback and all-purpose player in 2009 --- Averaged 25.9 yards with 3 touchdowns on 53 kick returns and 11.3 yards with 4 touchdowns on 70 punt returns during his college career --- Suffered a shoulder injury (labrum) as a senior and played through it but was unable to take part in any of the postseason All-Star games and underwent surgery on March 17, 2010 --- Played corner and safety at I.U.P. and could project to either position at the next level --- Best fit may come in a zone scheme --- A playmaker in both the secondary and return game --- A small school gem with an extremely intriguing blend of size and speed.

Career Statistics
2006 10 20 3 0 0
2007 12 12 2 0 0
2008 11 14 10 8 148
2009 11 27 4 2 42
Totals 44 73 19 10 190


04-20-2010, 12:07 PM
With our 1st pick in the 3rd round the Philadelphia Eagles select:

CB out of Oklahoma State Perrish Cox


04-20-2010, 12:39 PM
With Cleveland first 3rd Round selection the Browns select:

Ben Tate, RB / Auburn


With the departure of Jamal Lewis the Browns need to find a complement to late season gem Jerome Harrison. Tate will add a physical presence to the Browns running game and will give them a solid 1-2 punch at RB.

04-20-2010, 01:35 PM
The Buffalo Bills addressed their offense early, with Bryan Bulaga and Colt McCoy. Now it is time to look at the defensive side of the ball. With a conversion to the 3-4 in the works, they need pass rushers. They drafted Aaron Maybin last year, but he disappointed as a rookie (played in all 16 games but didn't have any starts...only 18 total tackles and no sacks...and he was drafted 2 spots ahead of Brian Orakpo, who had 11 sacks as a rookie). Plus, veteran Aaron Schobel has hinted at retirement recently.

The Buffalo Bills are pleased to select:

Koa Misi
Outside Linebacker | Utah
Height: 6-2? | Weight: 251 | 40-Time: 4.73


Outstanding motor and gives excellent effort --- Very athletic --- Quick and agile with great balance --- Super explosive with a burst --- Terrific strength --- Uses his hands well --- Comfortable in space --- Appears to have fluid hips --- A hard worker --- Versatile --- Still has a lot of upside.

Just average size --- Questionable instincts --- Has trouble getting off blocks --- Not a great run defender --- Inconsistent --- Minor durability concerns --- Mediocre sack production --- May not have a true position.

Full name is Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analeseanoa Misi --- A three-year starter for the Utes --- Named 1st Team All-MWC in 2009 after earning 2nd Team honors the year before --- Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College, where he spent one season --- Father, Sione, played football for Hawaii --- A bit of a 'tweener who could project to either defensive end in a 4-3 or outside linebacker in a 3-4 at the next level --- Saw action at both end and tackle in college and was also used standing up at times --- Missed some time with a back injury in 2009 --- Didn't rack up eye-popping statistics or necessarily make a lot of game-changing plays but is a very intriguing prospect due to his impressive physical tools --- Classic Workout Warrior who will likely be selected earlier than he should be by some team that becomes infatuated with his potential.

Career Statistics
2006 JUCO - - -
2007 13 67 8.0 2.5
2008 13 68 8.5 3.5
2009 12 71 9.5 5.0
Totals 38 206 26.0 11.0


04-20-2010, 01:42 PM
The Miami Dolphins need a nose tackle badly, since Jason Ferguson is suspended for the first 8 games of the season (plus he's old, so they'd need to replace him soon anyway). They were hoping to land Tennessee's Dan Williams in round 1, but the Broncos took him one spot ahead of them. They took Brandon Graham as a nice consolation prize after losing Joey Porter (and likely Jason Taylor as well). Now, they need their NT.

The Miami Dolphins are pleased to select:

Torrell Troup
Defensive Tackle | Central Florida
Height: 6-2¾ | Weight: 314 | 40-Time: 5.12


Terrific size with long arms --- Excellent strength --- Powerful --- Stout at the point of attack --- Can take on and occupy multiple blockers --- A great tackler --- Violent hand use --- Outleverages opponents --- Excels versus the run --- Fantastic bull rusher --- Tough --- Durable --- Leader.

Limited athletically --- Not very explosive --- Won't offer much as a pass rusher --- Doesn't get a lot of penetration --- Struggles to get off of blocks --- Doesn't have a lot of range --- Conditioning / Stamina Issues.

Was a four-year starter for the Golden Knights --- Played under the name "Torrell Johnson" until 2008 --- Named 2nd Team C-USA in 2008 and 2009 --- Served as a team captain --- Missed some time with a left knee injury in 2006 --- Impressed at the East / West Shrine Game and really improved his draft stock --- Profiles as a quintessential nose tackle at the next level --- A one-dimension run-stuffer but excels in that capacity --- Will be highly coveted by teams that run a 3-4 scheme.

Career Statistics
2006 9 2 0.0 0.0
2007 13 19 6.5 2.0
2008 12 52 12.5 2.0
2009 13 35 5.0 2.0
Totals 47 108 24.0 6.0


04-20-2010, 04:14 PM
I'm going to go ahead and make a pick since we seem to be running out of time today. The Chicago Bears were on the clock from 2:30-2:59 PM today and it's presently 4:12PM.

With our pick we would like to welcome our newest WR out of Cincinnati.
Mardy Gilyard

New OC Mike Martz is looking for playmakers on offense and Mardy is a playmaker.

Welcome aboard.

04-20-2010, 05:46 PM
Okay, we've got our first case of a team being jumped Minnesota Viking style. In the rules, it is specified that if you miss your turn, two teams can jump, and then a pick will be made for you. Therefore, the Giants will go next, then a pick will be made for the Jaguars, then the Titans, and continuing onward...

The Giants picked a LB and a DE so far (Sean Weatherspoon and Carlos Dunlap), but they could still use some more help in the front seven. Although they signed DT's Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard in free agency last off-season, neither had much of an impact in 2009. Also, they lost starting DT Fred Robbins to the Rams in free agency this off-season.

The New York Giants are pleased to select:

Geno Atkins
Defensive Tackle | Georgia
Height: 6-1? | Weight: 293 | 40-Time: 4.78


Very athletic --- Explosive and quick off the snap --- Fast with a burst to close --- Nimble feet --- Is strong and surprisingly powerful --- Can penetrate and make plays in the backfield --- Displays great mobility and range --- Does a nice job in pursuit --- Plays with good pad level and leverage --- Uses his hands well --- Solid instincts --- Lots of quality experience --- Durable --- Terrific program pedigree --- NFL Bloodlines.

Undersized and lacks the ideal bulk you look for --- Is not stout at the point of attack --- Will never be a great run defender --- Has trouble taking on and shedding blockers --- Mediocre tackler --- Stamina may be an issue --- Average sack production --- Isn't a fit for every scheme.

Was essentially a three-year starter for the Bulldogs --- Father, Gene Atkins, Sr., played safety in the NFL for a decade --- Named 2nd Team All-SEC in 2009 --- Honored as the team's Most Valuable Defensive Player as a senior --- Also excelled in the classroom at Georgia --- Hails from the same college program that produced Jason Ferguson, Richard Seymour, Marcus Stroud, Johnathan Sullivan, Kedric Golston and Corvey Irvin --- Spent his entire college career playing in a defensive tackle rotation with a number of other future pros --- A better prospect than his statistics might lead you to believe --- A classic one-gapper whose best fit will most likely come as a three-technique in a 4-3 front.

Career Statistics
2006 11 9 0.5 0.5
2007 13 41 15.0 7.5
2008 13 34 7.5 0.0
2009 13 36 10.5 3.0
Totals 50 120 33.5 11.0


04-20-2010, 06:14 PM
The Jacksonville Jaguars have needs all over the place. They could use help on every level of their defense, and could use some improvements in the interior o-line after drafting two OT's with their first two picks last year (Eugene Monroe and Eben Britten). If they want their first round pick Tim Tebow to have a chance to succeed in the NFL, though, he'll need some weapons (it can't just be MJD and Tebow running the ball all the time). Mike Sims-Walker emerged as a weapon at WR last year, but their other starting WR in 2009, Torry Holt, signed with New England today.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are pleased to select:

Eric Decker, 6-2/215

Wide Receiver


By Matt McGuire


Imposing size for his position
Very strong; shows power to get off jam
Adept to reading coverages and settling into zone
Aggressive runner off the catch; can break some tackles
Great hands and ball skills
Shows ability to adjust to poorly thrown ball
Elite concentration when ball is in air; good body control
Tough and will hang onto ball after big hit
Red-zone weapon
Knows how to take advantage of his size; plays as big as he is
Will go over the middle
Very good blocker
Does a good job of selling routes
Dips his hips and changes speeds in routes
Great character and work ethic

Doesn't show much upside after the catch
Lacks some agility
Doesn't have a second gear or explosive speed
Not much of a deep threat
Might struggle with bump coverage in NFL
Limited upside

Summary: Decker is the prototypical possession, No. 2 receiver in the NFL. Teams will know exactly what they will get with Decker because he will work hard on and off the field. He will never be a stat monster in the NFL, but he will draw away double teams and he is a major threat in the red zone to score with his size, body control and hands. Decker will probably go off the board in the late first to early second round.

Player Comparison: Kevin Walter. Walter is a very reliable possession receiver for the Texans, but doesn't have much upside.


04-20-2010, 06:23 PM
The Tennessee Titans filled their biggest need in round 1 with a potentially elite pass rusher in Derrick Morgan, and they did not have a pick in the second round. Their next pick will be made with the future in mind. Kevin Mawae is 39 years old and will be entering his 17th season in the league. The Titans need someone to man the pivot of their o-line for the future.

The Tennessee Titans are pleased to select:

J.D. Walton
Center | Baylor
Height: 6-2? | Weight: 300 | 40-Time: 5.15


Good size and bulk --- Tough and physical --- Finisher who plays with a nasty demeanor and has a killer instinct --- Excellent leadership qualities --- Gets a big push in the run game --- Stout at the point of attack --- Mobile with decent range --- Gets to second level --- Can hit a moving target --- Smart with great awareness --- Competitive --- Motor runs non-stop --- Hard worker --- Durable --- Lots of quality experience.

Limited athletically --- Not very quick or agile --- Feet aren't nimble and doesn't slide smoothly --- Is not overly powerful --- Won't always jolt defenders with a violent initial punch --- Can be almost too aggressive at times --- Frame might be maxed out --- May not have a lot of upside.

"J.D." is short for Justin Daniel --- Was a three-year starter for the Bears and never missed a game --- Garnered 1st Team All-American honors from the Associated Press in 2009 --- Named 2nd Team All-Big 12 in 2009 --- Began his college career at Arizona State, where he redshirted in 2005 --- Sat out the 2006 season as a transfer --- Made regular appearances on the Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll for his performance in the classroom --- Doesn't possess eye-popping physical tools but makes up for it with top-notch intangibles and by doing all the little things --- Good football player and will challenge for a starting job.


D Rock
04-20-2010, 07:05 PM
Sorry Ruthless...lost track of my days. Thanks for making the Jags pick for me.

04-20-2010, 10:48 PM
The Carolina Panthers select John Skelton QB, Fordham.

04-20-2010, 11:41 PM
Sorry guys, not feeling that well!!!!

With their 3rd round selection the San Francisco 49ers select:

Alex Carrington, DE / Arkansas State
Height: 6-5 | Weight: 285


PRO DAY RESULTS: Arkansas State DE Alex Carrington possibly sealed his fate at the school's pro day, as eight NFL teams showed up to watch five players work out outdoors on FieldTurf. Carrington (6-foot-5, 280 pounds), performing in front of defensive line coaches from Cleveland and Baltimore, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.97 and 4.93 seconds against and with the wind, respectively. He had a 33-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot-2 broad jump, a 4.81-second short shuttle, a 7.64-second three-cone drill, all things he did not do at the NFL Scouting Combine. Afterward, Carrington impressed as he went through a very tough workout that took 30 to 40 minutes. - Gil Brandt, NFL.com

04-21-2010, 12:02 AM
The Denver Broncos filled several of their needs in the first two rounds when they selected NT Dan Williams, WR Brandon LaFell, and CB Patrick Robinson. Their starting center for the past couple of seasons, Casey Wiegmann, is returning to Kansas City. They need a replacement, and will look to Boston College, where they found their long-time center Tom Nalen.

The Denver Broncos are pleased to select:

Matt Tennant
Center | Boston College
Height: 6-4? | Weight: 300 | 40-Time: 5.16


Smart with good awareness --- Excellent technician with a sound grasp of positioning and angles --- Above average athleticism --- Quick and agile --- Good mobility --- Uses his hands well --- Nice frame with room to get bigger --- Finishes his blocks --- Tough --- Plays with a nasty demeanor --- Competitive --- Durable --- A lot of experience against top competition --- Hard worker --- Leader --- Excellent program pedigree.

Does not have the ideal bulk that you look for --- Not overly strong or powerful --- Gets pushed back --- Has trouble sustaining and will fall off blocks --- Won't get huge push in run game --- Plays too high at times.

Was a three-year starter for the Eagles --- Named 2nd Team All-ACC in 2009 --- Voted a team captain as a senior --- Was a finalist for the Rimington Trophy, given to the nation's top center, in 2009 --- Will attempt to follow in the footsteps of former BC pivots Tom Nalen, Damien Woody and Dan Koppen, who all found great success in the NFL --- The type who does everything well but nothing great --- Not flashy but has the ability to compete for a starting job at the next level.


04-21-2010, 08:55 AM
With their 3rd round pick, the Houston Texans select

Jonathan Dwyer, Running Back, Georgia Tech

Height: 5-11.
Weight: 229.


Big frame for a RB - Great lower body strength and mass - Makes quick decisions as a runner - Nice traffic runner - shows poise in tight spaces - Great quality of suddenness to his running style - Willing blocker - Takes care of the football - Nice short area burst - Hits hole quickly - Patient back who will set up a lineman when given chance - Can pound it between the tackles - Intriguing upside if stars align (change of scheme and conditioning)

Looks overweight - Just above average speed - No second gear in open field - Shys from contact - Not as powerful a runner as you'd think - Questionable receiver out of backfield - Not a game-breaker in a pro scheme - Unimpressive moves in space to make defenders miss - Doesn't have much elusiveness - Lacks experience in a more conventional running scheme - Highly difficult evaluation

Summary: Dwyer is a big, powerful ball carrier that has had a lot of production at Georgia Tech but some of the numbers could be inflated due to the style of offense the Yellow Jackets run. The triple option tends to put ball carriers in wide open run lanes that won’t always be available to the pro style attack. He is a one-cut ball carrier that will stick his foot in the ground and hit the seam at full speed. He shows good balance on contact, runs through his share of arm tackles and shows surprising speed for his size. He is the kind of back that most teams are looking for as a featured ball carrier but will need some work on the passing game as far as blocking or running routes out of the backfield.

04-21-2010, 09:30 AM
In Round 1 the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to add a dynamic playmaker to our defensive secondary. Last season, Earl Thomas was able to intercept 8 passes and has shown the ability to make plays, something only Troy Polamalu currently does in our
defensive backfield.

Make that two playmakers in our defensive secondary now…

In Round 2 the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to add Jared Veldheer, the second most athletic OT behind Bruce Campbell. Veldheer is an athletic marvel, placing in the Top-10 in all six categories tested at the NFL Scouting Combine. He will take time to develop, but under the tutelage of new OL coach Sean Kugler Veldheer has the biggest upside of any OT in this draft.

In Round 3 the Pittsburgh Steelers would like to address the depth issue at OLB. Behind starters James Harrison (who turns 32 next month) and LaMarr Woodley we only have Andre Frazier and Patrick Bailey, so with the 82nd pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select:

Ricky Sapp

3-4 OLB

Height: 6'4" / Weight: 252?40: 4.61 / Arm: 34.5" / Hands: 9 3/4"


Ricky Sapp was named to USA Today’s All-America list coming out of high school and has been an asset since arriving at Clemson. He played significantly from day one, getting almost 200 snaps his freshman year despite being stuck behind both Gaines Adams and Philip Marling on the depth chart. Sapp became a three-year starter who was able to make plays behind the line of scrimmage, using his quickness to out-maneuver the opposition.

Sapp tore his ACL at the end of the 2008 football season. This injury kept him out of the final two games of the season. While being worked out recently, Sapp was prodded and poked by a couple dozen doctors and trainers, all of them agreeing that Sapp’s knee was fine and he was ready to move forward. The way Sapp has rebounded so strongly this year after tearing his ACL the year before speaks volumes about his strength, conditioning and determination.

As a player, Sapp’s athleticism is impressive as he is extremely quick and demonstrates excellent flexibility and movement. Sapp was able to display his natural abilities for pro scouts a few weeks ago, running a 4.61 40, pushing up 23 reps (225 lbs), and performing extremely well in all of the drills. Although Sapp played primarily as a stand-up DE position in college, his build is perfectly suited to play the rush OLB position in a 3-4 defense.


Sapp has a ton of potential as a pass-rush specialist, I could see him approaching double-digit sacks and TFLs on a consistent basis. He's got a super fast first step and does a nice job getting around or underneath tackles and just blows past would-be blockers. In run support, I like Sapp's motor and his willingness to give up his body so that others can make plays. His speed also helps him chase down plays from behind and he's a very sound tackler. His size, versatility and athleticism should make him an immediate contributor on special teams as well as providing much-needed depth behind James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley.

Draft Status: Sapp is probably the 3rd best 3-4 OLB prospect in this draft, after Jerry Hughes and Brandon Graham. Right now, Ricky Sapp has a late 2nd/early 3rd round grade.

04-21-2010, 09:46 AM
When you're trotting Tye Hill out there with the first team, you know you have troubles at the CB position. The Falcons are in desperate need of a cover corner after Dominique Foxworth departed last off-season, starter Brian Williams suffered a torn ACL early in the season and the other starting CB Chris Houston was traded this off-season.

As a result, with the 83rd pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Atlanta Falcons select:

Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma


Any cornerback who can survive the passing attack of the Big 12 deserves to at least be in the discussion as far as the NFL is concerned. And Dominique Franks has done more than just hold his own during his three years with Oklahoma.

As a freshman he was mostly used on special teams, but Franks did earn a start during the Fiesta Bowl. That start propelled Franks into a starting role in 2008 and he did a superb job, earning a multitude of All-Big 12 accolades. On the year he recorded 44 tackles and picked off four passes. He even scored two touchdowns -- one on an interception and another on a fumble return.

Franks was not as productive during his junior campaign, but that is mostly because the opposition recognized him as the strongest corner on the Sooners team and started to avoid him. However, during the regular season he was still able to record 42 tackles and two interceptions.


Scouting Report:

Read & React: Franks is very good in recognition of routes. He can both read his receiver and is also aware of others on his side of the field. Does a great job at reading the quarterback's eyes when in zone.

Man Coverage: Franks is fast and has a low backpedal. He's flexible with a smooth hip turn, possess nice change-of-direction skills, and is able to stick with receivers on crossing routes and down the sideline. He stays aware of his man when the quarterback scrambles, but is also quick to attack. He's willing to jam a receiver at four or five yards to knock him off his route when playing off the line.

Zone Coverage: Franks has good awareness in zone. He's able to come off his man and shut down underneath routes to limit the gain or make a big play. He has the speed to catch up with the deep route.

Closing/Recovery: Franks has excellent recovery speed and closes on the ball in the air very quickly in both zone and man defenses. He baits quarterbacks to throw the out, which he can easily knock away with long arms and strong hands.
Tackling: He has the right body size and strength to play corner in the NFL. He is reliable in tackling his receiver after the catch with his length and aggressiveness. He also has the size and speed to chase down open ballcarriers and drag them to the ground.


Summary: Franks projects pretty well to the NFL and he could end up being a second round selection. He certainly has good enough size and plenty of speed to turn into a decent pass coverage corner at the next level.

04-21-2010, 10:26 AM
The Defending AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals select:

wait for it

wait for it

Carlton Mitchell
Height: 6-4 | Weight: 212 | Position: WR | College: USF


Mitchell provides the deep threat that the Bengals offense as been missing since sudden death of Chris Henry. His 17.6 ypc will help the Bengals offense stretch the field...

04-21-2010, 12:09 PM
AkronSteel PM'ed in his pick:

The Cleveland Browns are pleased to select:

Reshad Jones
Safety | Georgia
Height: 6-1¼ | Weight: 214 | 40-Time: 4.56


Excellent Size --- Great Athlete --- Terrific Strength --- Tough --- Very Physical --- Will deliver the knockout hit --- Explosive with a burst to close --- Good hands and ball skills --- Fantastic leaping ability --- Does a real nice job in run support --- Fights through trash well --- Versatile.

Questionable instincts and awareness --- Not a reliable tackler --- Can be too aggressive at times --- Is not assignment sound --- Takes some bad angles --- Average timed speed --- A bit stiff and doesn't transition fluidly --- Poor pad level --- Will struggle to match up in man coverage.

Was a two-year starter for the Bulldogs --- Named 2nd Team All-SEC by the Associated Press in 2008 --- Could project to either free or strong safety --- The next in an impressive line of UGA safeties, following in the footsteps of Terreal Bierria, Jermaine Phillips, Sean Jones, Thomas Davis and Greg Blue --- A very talented prospect with some impressive physical tools but still must learn to play under control and be more consistent --- Raw but has the ability to earn a starting job in the NFL.

Career Statistics
2006 RS - - - -
2007 13 57 3 2 53
2008 13 76 3 5 32
2009 13 73 7 4 89
Totals 39 206 13 11 174


04-21-2010, 12:13 PM
HawaiianSteel also PM'ed a pick.

The Green Bay Packers are pleased to select:

Joe McKnight
Running Back | Southern Cal
Height: 5-11? | Weight: 198 | 40-Time: 4.47


Amazing athlete --- Explosive with terrific speed and a burst --- Great quickness and agility --- Excellent vision --- Patient runner --- Very elusive and a terror in space --- Can start and stop / change directions on a dime --- Able to get outside and turn the corner --- Soft hands and runs superb routes --- Offers value as a return man --- Still has upside.

Underachiever --- Doesn't have the size you look for --- Not very strong or powerful --- Is not much of a threat between the tackles --- Will dance around too much --- Some issues with ball security --- A sub par blocker --- Probably not an every-down player --- Durability's a concern.

Just a one-year starter for the Trojans --- Garnered Honorable Mention Pac-10 notice in 2008 and 2009 --- Brother, Jonathan, is committed to play football at Arizona in 2010 --- Sister, Johanna, was on the basketball and track teams at Richmond --- Averaged 7.9 yards on 32 punt returns and 25.0 yards on 2 kick returns during his career --- A very highly-touted, sought after recruit and was even one of the key figures in a book (Meat Market by Bruce Feldman) on the subject --- Also a state champion track star in high school --- Was hampered by an assortment of maladies to his knee, toes, fingers, elbow, ankle, thigh and illness the past few years --- Held out of the 2009 Emerald Bowl because he was being investigated for a possible NCAA rules (extra benefits) violation --- Hailed as "The Next Reggie Bush" before ever playing a down but never really lived up to the hype --- A very talented prospect with a lot of potential who could turn out to be a better pro than college player --- Versatile playmaker whose best fit at the next level will likely come as a complimentary weapon and return specialist.

Career Statistics
2007 13 94 540 5.7 3 23 203 1
2008 11 89 659 7.4 2 21 193 1
2009 12 164 1,014 6.2 8 22 146 0
Totals 36 347 2,213 6.4 13 66 542 2


04-21-2010, 12:26 PM
The Philadelphia Eagles select:

Brandon Spikes LB Florida


04-21-2010, 12:40 PM
The Arizona Cardinals select:

Jimmy Graham
Height: 6-6 | Weight: 260 | Position: TE | College: Miami


After going defense with the first 2 picks, the Cardinals start focusing on offense. They need a big TE to help Matt Leinart...

04-21-2010, 12:42 PM
The Arizona Cardinals select:

John Jerry
Height: 6-6 | Weight: 328 | Position: OG\OT | College: Ole Miss


With a run on OT's in the first two rounds, the Cardinals decide to go with the OG\OT linemen from Ole Miss...

04-21-2010, 01:47 PM
and with the 90th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Dallas Cowboys select:

Jordan Shipley

WR 5'11" 193lbs.



The Cowboys are reportedly “in love” with Shipley , and so are we. Not only is he an NFL-caliber slot receiver, but his return ability alone justifies his selection in the third round. The question is whether Dallas will wait this long to select him—they are rumored to be contemplating grabbing him in the second round.

Ultimately, we believe the ‘Boys will hold off on Shipley until the third. Moving up in the round is a possibility, but there is a decent shot that Shipley’s small size and lack of elite speed will allow him to be available for the Cowboys in the back of the third.

Shipley’s arrival will likely spell the end of Patrick Crayton’s tenure in Dallas. Crayton is a solid player, but he lacks the game-breaking ability that the Cowboys covet right now.Jordan Shipley could fill a number of holes, including holder.

Jordan Shipley is one of the hotter names on the rumor mill regarding the Cowboys and the draft. At this time of the draft season, believe nothing you see and hear, but maybe Shipley could offer something to the Cowboys they don't have on their roster right now.

The UT wide receiver is viewed by Rick Gosselin as a third rounder with his solid receiving skills and return skills. His slight build (5-11½, 187 pounds) might scare off some teams, including the Cowboys.

The Cowboys, generally speaking, like their wide receivers to be a little bigger and sturdier. But it's hard to ignore Shipley's numbers: 248 catches, 3,191 yards, 33 touchdowns. He can also return punts and kicks, and that is a need the Cowboys have to fill as well.


And Shipley could also fill another hole the Cowboys have to fill: holder.

He served as the Longhorns holder on PATs and field goals. Some other people might know this better than I, but I think he was flawless there.

As the Cowboys move into 2010, they have Mat McBriar as the current top in-house candidate. He got a bad rap last year for some of Nick Folk's misses and was more than willing to take the blame.

Tony Romo finished the year as the Cowboys holder and they don't want to do thast again. Jon Kitna has never done it. Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd have worked on it some in practice.

With a possible inexperienced kicker in David Buehler or Conor Hughes, the Cowboys would be wise to make the other parts of the field goal operation are top-notch. They have that with long snapper L.P. Ladouceur. Maybe Shipley could be the holder, too.


D Rock
04-21-2010, 01:57 PM
The Chargers scouts don't really know anything about O-line play except that they need some more players to do it.

The national websites aren't much help to them either because they all have vastly different rankings after, well, after everyone who has already gone pretty much.

So with a shot in the dark the San Diego Chargers are going to select the guy from the big school program with loads of starting experience and frankly the only name left they had heard of before the last 2 or 3 weeks and hope he can play RT for them.

Ciron Black - LSU

04-21-2010, 02:17 PM
AkronSteel PM'ed in both of his Cleveland picks today.

The Cleveland Browns are pleased to select:

Taylor Price
Wide Receiver | Ohio | SR
Height: 6-0? | Weight: 204 | 40-Time: 4.41


Good height and bulk --- Smooth and athletic --- Excellent speed and acceleration with a burst --- Vertical threat who can separate --- Great ball skills and body control --- Terrific leaper --- Good strength --- Tough and not afraid to work across the middle --- Nice awareness --- Has a lot of confidence --- Mature --- Superb Work Ethic --- Durable --- Upside.

Does not have natural hands --- Marginal quickness and agility --- Not much wiggle and won't make people miss --- Still very raw as a route runner --- Limited experience as a return man --- Can be more physical and aggressive --- Isn't much of a blocker --- Just average production.

Was a three-year starter for the Bobcats --- Named 2nd Team All-MAC in 2009 --- Averaged 17.9 yards with 0 touchdowns on 10 career kick returns and did not return a punt in college --- Was underutilized and never got consistent play from the quarterback position, which at least partially explains his lack of eye-popping statistics --- Earned positive reviews from many for his performance at the Senior Bowl --- Is straight-linish and plays a finesse game --- A classic "Workout Warrior" who will most likely be selected earlier than he should be due to that rare blend of size and speed but he doesn't always play up to those impressive physical tools --- May be a poor-man's Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Career Statistics
2006 14 9 77 8.6 0
2007 12 33 464 14.1 4
2008 12 51 694 13.6 5
2009 14 56 784 14.0 5
Totals 52 149 2,019 13.6 14


Discipline of Steel
04-21-2010, 02:57 PM
Minnesota takes CB

Amari Spievey

because they just need more help in the defensive backfield. Sorry, thats all I can muster at this point in the day...

04-21-2010, 03:18 PM
Offensive line coach Howard Mudd retired at the end of last season. This leaves the offensive line already at a disadvantage, because he was one of the best in the business. The Colts drafted three interior linemen in 2008 and could look to snag a couple in 2010 as well, because so far those three picks have not proven they can handle the load. Last season’s starter Ryan Lilja was dumped as Bill Polian blamed the OL for the team’s Super Bowl failure so more depth is definitely needed at the OG position.

In addition, C Jeff Saturday will be 35 years old when the season begins and may only have a season or two of quality football left in him. Jon Asamoah is projected by some scouts to be able to play the center position as well, which definitely increases Asamoah's value to the Colts.

So with the 94th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Indianapolis Colts select:

Jon Asamoah

OG/OC 6'4" 305 lbs.

University of Illinois



Could play either guard position, or center if necessary, very versatile skill set

Very good athlete, quick feet, moves laterally well

Good hand placement, good hand punch, and counter moves very well

Strong at the point of attack, and anchors well against bull rush

Good height, frame is solid and has room to be maxed out

Finishes his block and plays until the whistle

Hard worker, leader, good locker room guy

Experienced, N.F.L ready


Arms are shorter than you would like

Tends to play too upright, and always create proper leverage

Needs to do a better job picking up blitzes and stunts

Reactions are slow, and gets caught lunging

Decent strength, but is not overpowering


Jon Asamoah is a very solid guard prospect, who could potentially start in his rookie season. Other than his rather short arms, there is nothing about his game that can't be fixed. He has the size, athleticism and personality that you want out of an interior lineman, moves well and certainly holds his own at the point of attack. There is very little risk with Asamoah, and whoever takes him will most likely be getting a starter soon, and for a long time. Asamoah is currently projected to be a second or third round selection.


04-21-2010, 03:30 PM
just a reminder, this was announced in an earlier thread but just to refresh everyone's memories -

The Pittsburgh Steelers would like to announce a trade: (no, not Ben Roethlisberger)

The New Orleans Saints only have a total of six draft choices in this year's draft, and no 5th round selections. The Saints would like to acquire some more later round selections in this deep draft, especially 5th round picks.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a total of ten draft choices, with four of them being 5th round selections. There is very little chance the Steelers will use all ten of their draft picks or that so many players would have a chance of making the team, so this is a trade that meets the needs of both teams.

The New Orleans Saints agree to trade their selection in Round 3 (#95) which is worth 120 points to the Pittsburgh Steelers for our Round 4 (#116), Round 5 (#151) and Round 5 (#155) selections worth 122.4 points.

As a result, the Steelers will have eight selections remaining:

Round 1 (18) Earl Thomas CB/FS Texas

Round 2 (52) Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale

Round 3a (82) Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson

Round 3b (95)

Round 5a (164) compensatory

Round 5b (166) compensatory

Round 6 (188)

Round 7 (242) compensatory

04-21-2010, 04:33 PM
Since the Steelers are to busy trying to trade Ben to pick...

The Defending AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals select:

Dorin Dickerson
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 226 | Position: TE | College: Pittsburgh


Although not the blocking TE that the Bengals usually draft, they like the versatility that Dickerson brings to the TE\HB position.

04-21-2010, 04:48 PM
After drafting two defensive players in CB/FS Earl Thomas and OLB Ricky Sapp and an amazingly athletic developmental OT in Jared Veldheer, it is time for the Steelers to look at an offensive skill position.

I know we have been looking at a lot of WRs with the departure of Santonio Holmes, but we already have Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Antwaan Randle-El, Arnaz Battle and Limas Sweed (I hear he's looking good at OTAs so far) so i believe the Steelers will be more inclined to draft a developmental WR like Joe Webb in Round 5 than to spend a 3rd round pick on a WR.

There is a gaping hole at the RB position that was created by Willie Parker's departure. We are literally one injury to Rashard Mendenhall away from only having Mewelde Moore carry the load for the rest of the season, and this lack of depth at RB definitely needs to be addressed.

Justin Vincent? Isaac Redman? Frank Summers? Really?

Anthony Dixon was given serious consideration as he could be the inside the tackles short-yardage back the Steelers could use, but he got a DUI before the 2009 season. LeGarrette Blount is the same kind of runner, but I just don't believe the Steelers are going to draft anyone with any type of character concerns, especially this year.

so with the 95th pick in the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select:

Montario Hardesty

RB 6'0" 225 lbs.



Montario Hardesty put on a clinic and wowed scouts at the NFL Scouting Combine, placing 4th overall of all RBs in the 40-yard dash (4.49), 1st in the Vertical Jump (41'), tied for 1st in the Broad Jump (10' 4"), 3rd in the 20-yard shuttle (4.14), 3rd in the 60-yard shuttle (11.47) and 6th in the Bench Press (21 reps).

Montario Hardesty possesses a nice combination of size and speed. He does a good job of running behind his pads and shows balance on contact to break tackles and will fight for yards after the first hit. Hardesty shows a decent burst through the hole, he is a patient runner that does a good job of following his blockers and seeing things develop.

Hardesty has good size at 6'0, 225 pounds and he is a load to bring down. He has impressive cutback ability and frequently makes the first man miss at the line of scrimmage. Furthermore, Hardesty is a valuable pass-catching weapon out of the backfield. He caught 25 passes for 302 yards and one touchdown last season.

With the backfield almost all to himself last year, Hardesty burst onto the scene with 1345 yards and 13 touchdowns on 282 carries. He was named to the All-SEC Second Team by both the media and the conference's coaches, while also earning an invite to the Senior Bowl.

Hardesty comes with no off-the-field red flags and his injury concerns seem to be a thing of the past. He is also a team leader; having been twice voted team captain.


04-21-2010, 06:42 PM
After picking up a top DE in Derrick Morgan, and then Kevin Mawae's heir apparent in J.D. Walton, the next biggest need appears to be at linebacker, where it appears that longtime Titan stalwart Keith Bulluck will not return. However, it appears that there are still a good amount of 4-3 LB's available, and the Titans would make their 4th round pick 14 picks from now (if this mock were to continue that is), so they could likely justify waiting until then to pick up a linebacker.

However, at another position of need, cornerback, a dozen prospects are already off the board and the well is running dry. Nick Harper is 35 years old, so they need to look for competition for the starting CB spot opposite of Cortland Finnegan, where 2nd year players Ryan Mouton and Jason McCourty (twin brother of Devin McCourty, by the way) will be competing with veterans Rod Hood and Tye Hill. Special teams ability could be a determining factor for who makes the roster at CB, so it is a bonus that the Titans are looking at an undersized spark plug who gives them the added dimension of returnability. Since he measures in at under 5'9", he may never be the starting CB you need to cover the big WR's, but he should be able to contribute as a solid nickel or dime DB while also offering return skills.

The Tennessee Titans are pleased to select:

Javier Arenas
Cornerback | Alabama
Height: 5-8? | Weight: 197 | 40-Time: 4.53


Very athletic --- Good bulk with a solid build --- Great instincts --- Quick with a burst to close --- Fluid hips --- Excellent strength --- Tough and Physical --- Reliable tackler --- Will support the run --- Good hands and ball skills --- Technically sound --- Elusive in the open field --- Super competitive --- Fantastic work ethic --- Also an outstanding return man.

Does not have the ideal height that you prefer --- Below average timed speed --- Is not a great leaper --- Has trouble matching up with big wideouts --- Will struggle to turn and run with speedy wide receivers downfield --- Probably not a good fit for every system - Limited upside.

Was a two-year starter for the Crimson Tide --- Earned All-SEC honors as both a defensive back and return specialist in '08 and '09 --- Broke the SEC's 60-year-old career punt return yardage record and also owns the NCAA mark that was formally held by Wes Welker --- Holds the SEC record for career punt return touchdowns --- Good football player with top-notch intangibles but lack of height and speed is a major concern --- Best fit might come in a zone defense --- May not profile as a starter at the next level but could excel as a nickel or dime corner while also contributing as a dangerous special teams weapon.

Career Statistics
2006 13 0 0 0 0
2007 12 20 1 0 0
2008 14 63 7 1 63
2009 7 48 0 1 0
Totals 46 131 8 2 63


04-21-2010, 07:06 PM
the Atlanta Falcons would like to acquire a talented pass-catching TE who could serve an apprenticeship under Future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, who is heading into his 14th season.

so with the last pick in the 3rd round of the 2010 PlanetSteeler Mock Draft, the Atlanta Falcons

Aaron Hernandez

TE 6-2/250



Statistics: 111 catches, 1382 yards, 12 touchdowns in three seasons. 2009 Mackey Award for nation's best tight end and first team AP All-American.

In 140 characters or less: A tight end in the mold of Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales with a mean streak too.


Very good, smooth athlete
Outstanding receiver after the catch
Nice hand-eye coordination
Shows ability to adjust to poorly thrown ball
Consistent, soft hands
Elusive with nice speed
Tough over the middle
Not an easy tackle
Great red-zone target
Terrific vision in open field
Prototypical H-Back or spread tight end



Mediocre size
Very poor blocker; not interested or physical
Poor hand use when asked to fight in booth
Lacks polish as route runner
Not a good fit for every scheme
Character concerns
Wasn't asked to run many routes like dig, post, deep out


Hernandez won't fit a lot of schemes that ask him to be an in-line blocker. He lacks the measurables and all-around skill set to go in the first round in my opinion, but a great 40 time and vertical could intrigue some team to take him late first. Hernandez has some very intriguing tools, but his greatest weakness is when he is taken off the field, the defense will likely know it's a running play. Hernandez lacks some polish and I don't expect him to be an immediate contributor.

Player Comparison: Dustin Keller. Keller was a great receiving threat out of Purdue with below-average size for a tight end and a poor in-line blocker.


05-03-2010, 10:46 AM
Looks like, based on the final tally, we predicted 24 out of 32 first rounders (missing on Tyson Alualu, Kareem Jackson, Jermaine Gresham, Demaryius Thomas, Devin McCourty, Jahvid Best, Jerry Hughes, and Patrick Robinson).

The only guys that we got exactly correct in the first round were Sam Bradford to the Rams, Trent Williams to the Redskins, Eric Berry to the Chiefs, and Derrick Morgan to the Titans.

We correctly identified 11 out of 32 second rounders (Chris Cook, Dexter McCluster, Nate Allen, Arrelious Benn. Rob Gronkowski, LaMarr Houston, Linval Joseph, Daryl Washington, Carlos Dunlap, Golden Tate, and Vlad Ducasse).

The only second rounder we had going to the correct team was Arrelious Benn to Tampa (although in reality, the Buccanneers traded up 3 spots to get him, so order prediction wasn't entirely exact.

We correctly identified 9 out of 34 third rounders (Amari Spievey, Jon Asamoah, Alex Carrington, John Jerry, J.D. Walton, Jordan Shipley, Eric Decker, Taylor Price, and Jimmy Graham).

So, basically, what this tells us, is that as a group, we suck at this. :P But, hey, it was a lot of fun anyway, and I want to thank all the guys who participated and made it a good distraction during a time when we otherwise would have been whining about district attorneys in Milledgeville, Georgia, and what not.