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04-08-2010, 10:03 PM
Could this be Chadman's last attempt at a Steeler Mock draft this off-season? Quite possibly. So, for those of you who simply don't like Chadman's picks- stick it up your nose & deal with it.. :D

Here we go...Chadman's Most Probable Last Mock draft for 2010..

04-08-2010, 10:17 PM


(Everyone's favourite OG..)

6'5" 331lbs
5.24 40-Yard
27 Bench Reps
27 1/2" Vertical
7'08" Broad
7.85 3-Cone
34 3/4" Arm Length
10 5/8" Hands

Conference- WAC



"But 'why' Chadman?"

Simply put- the Steelers do not dominate on the line of scrimmage anymore. In a division that hosts some big boppers on the DL for all the other teams, this is not good. Adding to this- the Steelers want to be more effective running the ball. Outside of adding a 1st round RB, beefing up the OL is the best solution to improving the run game.

He has very good measurables, which is in his favour, but his conference might go against him on Draft Day if the Steelers hold to their normal formula of 'Big school/ Big Production'. Maurkice Pouncey could very well be the other option here at #18.

Pass blocking: Good initial quickness off the snap. Provides a significant jolt to the defender with his punch. Too high in his pass protection but has the strong hands to latch on to the defender and ride him throughout the play. Good balance and lateral agility to slide with the defender and remain square. Can get himself in trouble with leverage by playing too high. Long arms and great lower strength to lock out. Rarely takes a step back even against a powerful bull rush, but this could be an area of concern against NFL defensive linemen, especially when Iupati fails to move his feet. Has developed into a savvy blocker. Looks to help out his teammates when not covered. Wants to hit someone.

Run Blocking: Can dominate as a run blocker due to his mass and rare upper-body strength. Provides an explosive initial pop that often knocks the defender back. Has to do a better job of latching on, as he'll knock his opponent back only to see him regroup and get back into the play. Very good drive blocker when he plays with leverage and keeps his hands inside. Can physically remove the defender from the hole. Looks to eliminate more than one defender on the play and will release to the second level. Good effort downfield.

Pulling/trapping: Surprisingly agile in getting out and blocking at the second level. Good body control and straight-line speed for a player of his size. Can re-adjust in space to hit the linebacker. Fails to lock onto the defender, at times, preferring to violently shove his target to the ground and look for others.

Initial Quickness: Good initial quickness off the snap in pass protection. Even on the rare occasions when beaten off the snap, his long arms and wide-body make it difficult for defenders (including blitzing linebackers) to sneak through his gap. When beaten by quicker defensive tackles in the running game, has the agility and long arms to catch them as they slide by, typically knocking them down and pancaking them.

Downfield: Intimidating presence on the move. Good athleticism and balance for a man his size and can redirect to make the effective block when he gets close. Will misjudge angles at times, and miss his intended target. When he does so, rather than turn to stand helplessly around the pile, he moves on to the next target. Good effort to block downfield.

Intangibles: Made significant progress over the past two seasons and appears to be just scratching the surface of his potential. Size and athleticism combination enough that some will view him as a better offensive tackle or even defensive tackle prospect. Born in American Samoa and moved to the United States at 14. Began learning English (and football) at that time. Has only played football since high school. Signed with Idaho after bigger programs had concerns about his ability to qualify academically. Voted team captain by his peers for 2009.

04-08-2010, 10:30 PM


6'0" 196lbs
4.37 40-Yard
15 Bench Reps
37" Vertical
10'07" Broad
6.75 3-Cone
32 1/2" Arm Length
10 1/2" Hands

Conference- ACC



Brandon Ghee is an exceptional athlete. In many ways, he's comparable to current Steeler CB Ike Taylor. All of his measurables stack up well when compared to the other CB's available in this draft. His lack of pure playmaking numbers stands against him, but his style of play makes him an ideal Steeler CB. He'll be asked to keep the play in front of him, support the run defense & not give up the big play. Pretty much everything he does well.

Read & React: Marginal read-and-react skills. Aggressive making plays on the ball, but too often doesn't make the play when it appears he should. Better hitter than pass defender to this point.

Man Coverage: Looks the part and has good straight-line speed. Good agility and balance in coverage. Can flip his hips and run with receivers, though his long legs are not conducive to his breaking quickly and truly mirroring receivers. Has the speed to recover, but can be beaten by sharp routes. Not yet the sum of his parts. Faster than he is quick and will give up too much cushion, too often allowing the reception rather than going for the pass breakup.

Zone Coverage: Has the IQ, speed and reliable tackling ability to be a fine zone coverage defender. Too late reacting to the play. Prefers to go for the big hit rather than making an attempt on the ball for the interception. Physical defender who is aggressive in his hand punch at the line of scrimmage and isn't afraid to battle with receivers throughout the route.

Closing/Recovery: Good lateral agility and has an explosive burst to close when needed. Competes as the ball arrives and has the long arms and quick hands to knock passes away before a receiver can secure it. Times his leaps well to compete against bigger receivers. True defensive back hands but has only one interception in 34 starts (25 passes broken up).

Run Support: Aggressive in run support. Quickly gets through receiver blocks and is willing to stick his head into the action with the big boys on his way to the runner. Good open-field hitter who flashes heavy-hitting ability.

Tackling: Big hitter who times his hits well. Lowers his shoulder into the ballcarrier and can jar the ball loose. Can improve wrapping up as a tackler, as NFL receivers will be better able to absorb hits and keep their feet.

Intangibles: Struggled amid high expectations as a senior. Missed the 2007 season serving an academic suspension. Missed the 2009 spring practice after suffering a sprained knee on the first day. Missed two games in '09 due to a sprained ankle.

NFL Comparison: Vontae Davis, Dolphins

04-08-2010, 10:36 PM
How about Kyle Wilson CB Boise State for the #18 pick... Solid Cornerback and will be a play maker on defense to compliment Troy.

04-08-2010, 10:42 PM


6'3" 314lbs
5.12 40-Yard
34 Bench Reps
29" Vertical
8'02" Broad
7.61 3-Cone
34" Arm Length
9 7/8" Hands




The Steelers have a need for a future NT project. They have brought Linval Joseph in for a chat, but with the current speight of legal dramas hitting the football club, Chadman predicts there will be a renewed push for 'Character' Players. Troup is a high character player that fills a need. His measurables fit very nicely for a 3-4 NT.

Pass rush: Bull rusher who often pushes his man (or a double-team when fresh) to collapse the pocket using leverage. Able to rip off blocks, punch and swim over the top, or even get under the arm of guards to pressure the quarterback if he hangs onto the ball too long. Limited burst; will provide some heat but not many sacks. Sits on many obvious passing situations.

Run defense: Stands his ground against single and double blocks using his girth and strength, although he lacks the quickness to split the double. Can be violent with hands to free himself. Able to sift through trash inside to get to ballcarrier. Moves laterally while engaged to stay in the play. Needs improvement avoiding and recovering from cut blocks.

Explosion: Quick and powerful off the snap, penetrating easily against man-up blocks. Good balance after initial contact, keeping pads low and moving forward. Loses steam coming off the ball throughout the game.

Strength: Very strong player; prime nose tackle candidate. Uses a low center of gravity and thick upper body to gain leverage. Able to stack his man and disengage to chase the quarterback or wrap up ballcarriers.

Tackling: Has length and upper-body strength to bring down most any player in his immediate area. Willing to chase down players but lacks burst to track them down from behind without help or consistently make tackles outside the box. Doesn't change directions easily, and can be eluded in space. Must keep his feet moving instead of relying on his strength to make arm tackles.

Intangibles: Hard-working, unselfish leader with a quiet sensibility. Consistently gives good effort inside whether rushing the passer or stopping the run. No major character issues. Worked off 30 pound of weight during his career to gain stamina, although he still carries extra around his midsection.

04-08-2010, 10:52 PM

#100TRADE UP USING #116 & #151

6'1" 240lbs
4.55 40-Yard
24 Bench Reps
40" Vertical
11'02" Broad
7.06 3-Cone
32 3/4" Arm Length
8 3/4" Hands

Conference- ACC



In a move designed to crack the minds of all the Lawrence Timmons haters, Tomlin adds another uber-athletic OLB/ILB from Florida St. Position flexibility, pure athletisism, speed...all things Tomlin seems to desire in his defenders. Chadman would love this pick...if it was to happen..

Read & React: At least marginal key-and-diagnose skills. Can be fooled by effective play-action, but has the athleticism to recover quickly.

Run defense: Good speed and agility to elude blockers in the open field and to close quickly on the ballcarrier. Attacks the line of scrimmage in run support. Dips his shoulder to effectively get underneath the blocker and slip past to make the play in the hole. Looks smaller than his listed size on film, especially in his lower body. Relies on his size and athleticism to elude blockers. Struggles breaking free of blocks once engaged.

Pass defense: Gets good depth on his drops and shows a smooth backpedal for a linebacker. Can turn to change direction fluidly and stick with most tight ends in coverage. Too often allows tight ends off the line of scrimmage without an effective jam and doesn't appear to have the straight-line speed to consider the transition to defensive back. Appears to have soft hands and good awareness for coverage, but loses out at the critical moment against bigger tight ends and drops passes he shouldn't.

Tackling: Breaks down well in space to make the secure open-field tackle. Secure wrapping up, but more of a catch tackler who shows only occasional pop.

Pass Rush/Blitz: His greatest strength. Good timing for the blitz. Can explode upfield and instinctively "gets skinny" to slip through the gaps and into the backfield. Good balance, lateral agility and acceleration to change direction and close. Flashes an explosive pop to shove blockers away, but lacks the bulk or strength to disengage.

Intangibles: Good special-team defender who times leaps nicely and has two career blocked kicks. Suspended for three games last season for his part in Florida State's academic scandal. Tough player willing to play through pain, but has been hampered with injuries throughout his career, further casting doubt as to whether he can hold up for a full NFL season as a linebacker. Underwent Tommy John surgery following the 2008 season, which kept him out of spring practices in '09.

NFL Comparison: Michael Boulware

04-08-2010, 11:01 PM


6'0" 240lbs
4.70 40-Yard
18 Bench Reps
35" Vertical
9'09" Broad
6.85 3-Cone
33 1/2" Arm Length
10" Hands

Conference- PAC 10



The Steelers have shown some interest in Blount, who, if he's answered the questions about 'the punch' well enough, should be redeemed enough to be selected in the draft. Plenty of potential here, and would serve as Mendenhall's back-up & short yardage man. If Blount is gone, Charles Scott from LSU is an ideal fall-back plan.

Inside: Tall back with H-back build. Oregon has an east-west running game, so most of his carries occur outside the tackles. Has the power to be an excellent inside runner. Lowers his shoulders to bowl over defenders, but must run with more lean near the line of scrimmage to be a short-yardage threat. Agile enough to pick through trash and accelerate out the other side.

Outside: Very tough to bring down in the second or third level. Runs through and over smaller defenders in space. Lacks breakaway speed, but makes big gains with his long, fluid strides. A bit miscast in Oregon's horizontal running game. If an early hole doesn't appear on stretch plays, he is slow in his cutbacks and won't elude penetrating defenders.

Breaking tackles: Too strong to be arm tackled. Excellent balance, leaping defenders trying to cut tackle him and keeps on going. Uses a strong stiff-arm against linebackers and safeties. Can stop and push aside oncoming tacklers, then start up again. Runs very upright, and will not avoid taking big hits.

Blocking: A work in progress as a pass protector. Tentative when assisting linemen on a double-team block. Must be more consistent dropping his hips and using his long arms to keep defenders at bay, instead of throwing his shoulder. Doesn't keep his head on a swivel to prevent backside or late blitz pressure. Gives effort and can dominate corners downfield, however, with his size and length.

Receiving: Only two catches in 2009 (for two yards), so receiving opportunities are few. Goes out on swing passes, but runs few other routes. Could be a big factor on the edge with his ability to avoid and run over defenders on the outside.

Intangibles: Substantial character concerns that will cause many teams to remove him from their board entirely. To his credit, earned back his spot on the active roster by fulfilling the requirements as set forth by Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and Athletic Director Mike Belloti. Nicknamed "Biggie", needs to keep his weight under control to be an effective NFL back.

NFL Comparison: Michael Bush, Raiders

04-08-2010, 11:04 PM
Our 4th and 5th round pick would not get us anywhere close to the 70's.

4.117 (62 pts.) + 5.151 (31 pts.) = 93 pts.

The 4th pick in the 4th round (#102 overall) is worth 92 pts.

That trade would only move us up 15 spots in the 4th round, not into early round 3. Sorry to burst your bubble.


04-08-2010, 11:12 PM


6'7" 299lbs
4.98 40-Yard
26 Bench Reps
36" Vertical
9'04" Broad
7.69 3-Cone
37 3/4" Arm Length
11 1/8" Hands

Conference- SEC



BIG man. REALLY BIG man. His career stats don't show up as much, but as a project 3-4 DE, his pure physical measurables should give him a chance to compete. Has been brought in to have a chat with the Steelers.

Pass rush: Flashes a burst off the snap but appears to be guessing at the snap count and can be beat late. Shows a burst to close when he's given a lane, but unless he beats the offensive tackle with his initial burst, he lacks the sustained speed to collapse the pocket. Typically relies on a powerful bull rush to knock the tackle into the pocket. Flashes swim and rip moves, but doesn't use either often enough.

Run defense: His best asset. Good size and strength to anchor and create a pile. Has enough lateral agility to slip outside and keep contain. Despite his long arms and good upper-body strength, is inconsistent to shed due to marginal hand placement. Marginal balance and lateral agility to handle quick ballcarriers. Can be evaded in relatively tight quarters. Inconsistent pursuit downfield. Lacks the balance to change direction and the straight-line speed to catch up.

Explosion: Flashes an impressive burst off the snap for a player his size. Inconsistent. Lumbers downfield in pursuit, showing only average quickness and body control when changing direction. Heavy tackler but needs a lane to generate momentum for the big hit.

Strength: Good strength at the point of attack. Anchors well against double-team blocking and can hold the point. Can push the pocket as a bull rusher. Can drag down ballcarriers as they run by due to his long arms and good upper-body strength.

Tackling: Marginal balance and struggles to break down to tackle in the open field. At his most productive when slipping off blocks and using his wingspan to grab the ballcarrier coming through the line. Flashes some pop as a hitter when he gets an open lane to generate momentum.

Intangibles: Great bloodlines. Brother is current Cincinnati Bengals DE Robert Geathers, Jr. and both his father, Robert Sr., and uncle, Jumpy, played in the NFL. Arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and public drunkenness Aug. 23 outside of a local nightclub. Sustained a cracked right orbital bone the night he was arrested. Was suspended for the first game of the season after arrest.

04-08-2010, 11:30 PM
Our 4th and 5th round pick would not get us anywhere close to the 70's.

4.117 (62 pts.) + 5.151 (31 pts.) = 93 pts.

The 4th pick in the 4th round (#102 overall) is worth 92 pts.

That trade would only move us up 15 spots in the 4th round, not into early round 3. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Ammended to suit your info...party pooper..

04-08-2010, 11:40 PM


6'1" 222lbs
4.69 40-Yard
19 Bench reps
36" Vertical
10'01" Broad
6.65 3-Cone
33 1/4" Arm Length
9 3/8" Hands

Conference- MID AMERICAN



Steelers put Church through his drills at Toledo's Pro Day. Good size, but a bit slow in his 40. His 3-Cone suggests he can move well with agility however. Solid contributor.

Read & React: Among his better areas. Reads the play and is efficient in closing to the line of scrimmage against the run or playing back in coverage. Toledo coaching staff moved up closer to the line of scrimmage because of his rare instincts.

Man Coverage: An area of concern. Too stiff in the hips and too slow to drop down to cover slot receivers in the NFL. Lacks the range to cover sideline to sideline as a free safety. Good use of hands to re-route the tight end and has better quickness than you'd expect because of his instincts.

Zone Coverage: An effective zone coverage defender due to his good diagnostic skills and effective but to close. Heady defender that keeps his eyes on the quarterback. Has a sense of the action around him. Good burst to close on underneath routes. A reliable open-field tackler.

Closing/Recovery: Doesn't possess great straight-line speed to recover or the agility to turn and run with NFL-caliber receivers, but makes up for it with instincts and a sudden burst to close. Competes for the ball, showing better timing and long arms than true explosiveness in his vertical. Though he has nine career interceptions, is inconsistent in catching passes. Dropped too many interceptions.

Run Support: Among his best assets. Has good size and valuable experience playing at the line of scrimmage. Whether lining up deep or near the line, is comfortable sorting through trash. Protects his legs well from the cut block and isn't afraid to get mixed up with tight ends and even offensive linemen. Tracks the ball well and takes good angles in pursuit. Reliable open-field tackler that can bring the wood as a hitter.

Tackling: Doesn't possess the speed most teams want in their last line of defense, but ranks among the position's better, more secure open-field tacklers. Keeps eyes up and remains balanced when making contact with the ballcarrier, driving through with his hips to consistently stop the offensive player in his tracks. Isn't a truly explosive hitter, but generates good momentum and has the size and strength to make impressive, physical stops.

Intangibles: Good student who is well-liked by fans, coaches and players alike. Directs the team on the field and showed great durability by starting every game for four years.

04-08-2010, 11:43 PM
I really like Ghee...fast, physical and I think can be a very good #2 for us.

04-08-2010, 11:58 PM


6'3" 248lbs
4.76 40-Yard
20 Bench Reps
35 1/2" Vertical
9'02" Broad
7.08 3-Cone
33 1/2" Arm Length
9 1/2" Hands

Conference- COLONIAL



Tomlin adds a player from his old stomping ground. Tracy is an athletic player suited to the 3-4 OLB position. A bit of a playmaker. On a team short of depth at OLB, Tacy would have a shot of sticking.

Read & React: Needs to improve his backfield awareness, will lose the ball and get taken away from the play by misdirection. Lacks elite reaction time, but will close on the ball quickly when he finds it.

Run defense: Held up well against strong-side tackles at defensive end, but found it hard to disengage. Does use his hands and upper-body strength well to get off tight end blocks on the edge and fight through trash to reach the ball. Willing to take on fullback blocks in the hole, stays low and delivers a blow but lowers his head and shoulder at times instead of keeping his head up. Needs to defeat cut blocks more regularly.

Pass defense: Fluid and quick dropping at the correct angle. Has the quickness to attack plays in his zone. Good chaser to the ball in space to help out teammates. Good length and vertical to affect passing lanes when coming off the edge. Inexperienced at recognizing routes.

Tackling: Strong arms to wrap up and drag down ballcarriers inside and on the edge. Secure, but not especially explosive, as a tackler. Will duck his head, though, instead of bringing his hips. Plays a bit stiff, and could be more consistent breaking down to adjust to elusive runners in space. Should contribute on special teams because of his hustle and length.

Pass Rush/Blitz: Uses his length, strength and hustle to get a pass rush, rather than elite speed and explosion off the edge. Able to bull rush lesser tackles. Sheds tight end blocks off the edge and can rip off in either direction. Could be more consistent running through running back blocks; tries to run around them rather than using his superior strength. Needs more pass rush moves.

Intangibles: Team captain, solid character. Intelligent player recruited by Ivy and Patriot League schools; on schedule to graduate with kinesiology degree.

04-09-2010, 12:08 AM


5'5" 166lbs
4.21 40-Yard
10 Bench Reps
42" Vertical
9'08" Broad
6.54 3-Cone

Conference- SEC



Lets face it- someone is going to pick him up. Why not the Steelers with a throw away pick in the 7th? He most likely replaces Stefan Logan as the KR/PR & becomes a big play waiting to happen. What's not to like??

Release: Has not been challenged with the jam, as he is often lined up well behind the line in the slot or in the backfield. When free to take a step or two off the snap, is very tough to stay with in the second level or beyond in man coverage because of pure quickness and straight-line speed.

Hands: Small hands that are suspect as a receiver, rusher and returner. However, can make tough catches in traffic, against the sidelines and when gunners are bearing down on him. Able to extend away from his frame to snap up wide throws but has a tougher time reaching over his head, which is a problem for a smaller receiver. Allows the ball too far into his body when facing the quarterback.

Route running: Great quickness on his cuts, but could run his routes more crisply and get on the same page as his quarterback based on the coverage. Tough to find on crossing routes over the middle without a clear lane because of his lack of size. Has the speed to be a deep threat but will not win many jump ball battles despite a nice vertical.

After the catch: Extremely quick when running with the ball in his hands. Shows good vision to find holes in traffic, and is tough to find among the big bodies on returns and as a running back. Difficult to bring down even when visible to would-be tacklers, often bouncing off due to his strong running and low center of gravity. Doesn't have immediate acceleration, but finds a second and third gear once in the open.

Blocking: Won't offer a lot as a blocker because of his size, but is not afraid of contact. Has a relatively strong build for his size. Gets in the way of cornerbacks and safeties in the few chances he gets to run block from the slot. Willing to mix it up in pass protection but lacks the bulk and length to hold off blitzing pro linebackers for long.

Intangibles: Plays with a chip on his shoulder from being labeled too small to play major college football. Is tougher than one would expect given his size; is a football player with track speed, not vice versa.

04-09-2010, 12:15 AM
That is an excellent mock draft.


04-09-2010, 08:00 AM
that is truly a well though out mock draft that merits praise and compliments!

(Seriously - I really, really like that one. The only thing I might change is one of the late rounders into a potential OT prospect)

04-09-2010, 08:52 AM
that is truly a well though out mock draft that merits praise and compliments!

(Seriously - I really, really like that one. The only thing I might change is one of the late rounders into a potential OT prospect)

Thanks mate. Chadman eagerly awaits the anti-Timmons association to catch wind of the intended selection of Timmons-lite in Round 4.


04-09-2010, 09:05 AM
I especially like the Geathers pick. I've had him in my mocks as well and think he could be something.

04-09-2010, 09:10 AM
I especially like the Geathers pick. I've had him in my mocks as well and think he could be something.

Well, they just had him in the other day....here's hoping!

04-11-2010, 09:44 AM
Ed Bouchette, the only man to predict the Steelers drafting Ziggy Hood, has said the Steelers will pick Iupati.

There must be some sweaty palms on the anti-Iupati gang right now..

04-11-2010, 12:52 PM
Take Iupati out of that mock, and it's good to me.

04-11-2010, 01:29 PM
I especially like the Geathers pick. I've had him in my mocks as well and think he could be something.

Well, they just had him in the other day....here's hoping!

I like Geathers and Jen alot. Here's hoping the arrest doesn't come back to hurt his chances in Black and Gold. Always like his uncle "Jumpy".


04-11-2010, 01:33 PM
Ed Bouchette, the only man to predict the Steelers drafting Ziggy Hood, has said the Steelers will pick Iupati.

There must be some sweaty palms on the anti-Iupati gang right now..
hey even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.

04-11-2010, 02:06 PM
your best effort so far! :Clap

like a fine wine, you just keep getting better... :Cheers

04-11-2010, 06:06 PM
So...just to clarify...everyone is ok with Dekoda Watson?

Because that dude is Lawrence Timmons with a different number on.

04-12-2010, 08:42 AM
Well, Chadman, all I can say is that even a broken clock is right twice a day. ;)

Ok, just razzin you mate! It's a great mock. Other than that I like a good DL instead of Iupati, but wouldn't be bent out of shape if we took Iupati.