View Full Version : OT: Todays Steelers Story, meeting a PIT Fan in CALI...

03-27-2010, 12:00 AM
So I was texting a ladyfriend about what steelers football represents and why my steeler tatt is my fav tatt of all the ones I have and how the Raider ppl around here are mostly thugs, She's not really into football but her son likes Blitzburgh and he's 11. So the kid is starting off on the right track, anyhow as I'm doing this, a guy in the subway asks me if i'm from pittburgh cuz he see's my backpack and steeler hat I'm wearing, just told him I'm a Californian and never been to pitt. So basically he moved from Eerie, PA and has been in cali for a couple of months (he went to college in PIT), and it happens that he lives in the next city over from me. We talked for awhile on the subway as we were headed the same way, so now we're connected, and we'll probably start drinking and watching the games, next season. He saw BEN in a club before, and a few small stories. Real cool cat.

So basically, there ain't many steeler fans here in CA but the ppl I meet that are, are pretty cool. Glad to show him some WestCoast Steeler love, since him and his girl are new to CALI.

Go Steelers.