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03-12-2010, 03:03 AM
I just need to vent and talk about this from my view point and I wasnt sure which one of the 1,000 posts to put this one on so I just made my own.

Here's my take: How is Ben suppose to get laid??? I mean really......This is what it really boils down to here. The guy is in his 20's, he's single, he has NO KIDS and he travels from state to state daily. How in the world can he DATE a girl and wait till the 3rd date to have sex???? For that matter how do any of these YOUNG SINGLE MEN who just leave college to play NFL FOOTBALL get some???

To me they have a few options, they can rent a girl by the hour but we all seen how that turned out for the VIKING players. It doest work for the governers or senators we read about and it sure isnt working for TIGER WOODS. With that being said BEN isnt MARRIED and most of these other people in the NEWS ARE. The guy is single, young, and successful. Last time I checked FOOTBALL is way more popular then GOLF. LOL

Wheres all the other ladies that he assaulted???? It's PAYDAY time.....lets have them all come out now....obviously its a behavioral problem and that this is BEN.......so theres gotta be more then 2 in a few years RIGHT?????

Sorry just makes me feel better venting about this situation. You dont go into a VIP room of a guy who was already accussed of sexual assault if you just want an autograph.

Oh and one more thing: Can I have your autograph??? THATS ALL YOU WANT???? That my friends is a PICK UP LINE........so BIG BEN cant do pick up lines now either??? So again how can he get laid???? I've heard so much worse in bars.

Can BEN please get laid without someone crying assault???? We need our QB happy please.....................put an ad in the paper BEN............STEELER QB looking for female companionship to provide happy ending without reporting it as assault.......they can call me BEN..i'll screen them for ya...................

Of course rooney is upset...its his franchise and its all over the darn news....but if I was rooney i'd hire BEN some girls..........look at namath back in the day.......that dude had 2 girls with him at all times..........2............did anyone say hey why does JOE have 2 girls????? Are they just FRIENDS????? LOL............

ok I'll stop....by seriously.........i want to know how ben can get laid?

More to think about. The guy rented the entire VIP ROOM in a club. Now lets think about this as a ROCK CONCERT. What do YOUNG HOT GIRLS want to do at a concert????? and WHY????? What is in our heads that happens backstage???? Do you think they sit around and tell stories and hold hands?????? I mean come on.....Lets get real.....Yet WOMEN line up and hope for a chance to be with the ROCK STAR...........DRUGS, SEX, and ROCK N ROLL right????? Well here we have a VIP ROOM where who would be lined up to go inside???? YOUNG COLLEGE WOMEN..........I'm 38 years old, divorced twice and have a roommate just to make ends meet. I'm currently in IRAQ now working to get out of debt but when I was home this past summer me and my roommate would sit on our porch with a beer and watch the college girls walk to the mailboxes....LOL..........SAD I KNOW..........but theres something about the way a YOUNG COLLEGE GIRL struts to the mailbox.....LOL.....Now imagine i'm in a VIP ROOM where all these college girls are wanting to see me....LOL..........after 2 divorces.......LOL...do the math...........

Ok back to the VIP ROOM we go..........There is no way BEN raped the girl.....no freakin way.....I'm sure he probably suggested to her that he wanted her and maybe even DEMANDED IT......so what.........if you feel offended then LEAVE.....RUN OUT CRYING and LEAVE...........this girl wanted to be there and was hanging with him.............She put herself in that situation...........All these girls do.......You dont hang with a famous person and think they want to be your boyfriend. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!! DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!!!!!!! Goto any bar and you will see so many acts of guys going up to a girl and harrassing them......they wont leave the girls alone. We all seen it and many of us have done it before. We all can say we are guilty of harrassment as a man. We honk our horns at girls, we whistle, we check them out, we undress them with our eyes. ITS NORMAL and especially when a guy is in his 20's. Ben didnt mingle with the normal BAR CROWD, he staged a private room. He didnt force anyone to enter the room but again think of a concert. ITS THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!! How many college GUYS were in the VIP ROOM??? again do the math girls. I hate DUMB girls! I know many have said what if that's your daughter. Well my daughter wouldnt be entering the back stage or any VIP ROOM! She can see BEN at the mall for her autograph. GIVE ME A BREAK!

I just dont understand how Ben can get laid the RIGHT WAY???? Maybe he doesnt want to get married....why would he???? I dont want to get married for the 3rd time but I want to have sex. Give me a drunk college girl who hangs with me all night and she will be naked....she will probably regret it later as this girl did but is that BENS fault?

So again How can Ben get some??? that's my question. No way can he date normally and even if he did and after the 3rd date him and her had sex???? What if Ben likes it rough???? He's the QB of the greatest team in the world......maybe he likes to let out some agression???? Even after that 3rd date the girl can say hey he bumped my head into the wall????? its the same thing we have here............You can even do it to your wife and be charged these days.

AT LEAST WE DONT HAVE A GAY QB!!!!!!!! We can look at it that way!

Just my voice...I'm frustrated because I've been to RENO and the number 1 goal in RENO is to gamble and get laid most of the time. Ben's a single QB and we only know of 2 girls now that he might of had sex with.....the RENO girl and this girl...........2 girls....where are the others???? They sure came out for the TIGER WOODS story didnt they????

03-12-2010, 03:27 AM
Ok that rant made me a little uncomfortable. :lol:

03-12-2010, 03:39 AM
It was a rant, wasnt it??? LOL

Well I feel better!!!

I'm in IRAQ and working with 100 soliders right now. These guys are away from their familes for a year at a time and the single guys are away from going out for the same time. We dont have alcohol over here so nothing is clouding their judgement but they are SINGLE and they have NEEDS. Many of these guys are in BENS age category and what do I see them do???? They hit on these women over there that are NASTY....they even have a name for it......its called DESERT (bad word for DONG)......Ugly girls here start to look good and they are in desperate needs.

My question is if a 20 plus PRO QB has those same needs how can he go about obtaining them??????????? To me its clear Ben likes sex....obviously.......nothing wrong with that is there??????? NO

Well over the course of these years he's only had 2 complaints???? So maybe he is doing the right thing when it comes to the others????? There's gotta be more then 2???? That's all I'm saying!!!!!!!!

This entire thing smells FISHY!!!!!!! but the guy has NEEDS!!!!!!! Just like these soliders over here doo............They ban alcohol and porn over here in IRAQ!!!!! Now why do you guys think that is?????? TO REMOVE TEMPTATION!!!!!!!!!

BEN is a QB of the STEELERS, YOUNG, MILLIONAIRE........What is removing his temptation???? All those things only INCREASE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the guy who got caught pretending to be TUMAN and BEN!!!!! Remember that fool???? Why was he doing that???? To get laid.........plain and simple......guys do DUMB things to get some......doesnt make them BAD PEOPLE becuase they are horny!!!!!!!!

Lets keep it real people............now if BEN RAPED the girl then YES we have issues....but if she willingly put his thing in her mouth then this is ON HER.....no way can he force her to do that to him............GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!

Thank you and I have more....LOL.................Ben should hire me as his lawyer.....LOL

03-12-2010, 10:09 AM
How can a famous QB with a $100 Mil contract get laid? I'm sure he can find a way...

03-12-2010, 12:29 PM
How 'bout getting married? Oh, wait. That's not nearly as attractive as risking picking up venereal disease or AIDS from a total stranger at a bar. The excitement just can't compare!! Sorry. My bad! Next idea. :moon

03-12-2010, 12:56 PM
You can hire women who will treat you like a king and give you all the sex you want and the best part is that they want nothing in return except money. They are beautiful, free of disease and they become a mute after their time with you is done.

Ben needs to realize that his life has changed in many ways (and, I'm sure he realizes this), but going out and picking up girls/women is one of those things that has changed more than others. He is a target and must whether he likes it or not conduct his sexual affairs differently than he did before he became wealthy and a 2-time Super Bowl winner. :tt2

It's sad, but true.