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03-04-2010, 01:45 AM
Post Combine (post actual thought process included) Chadman Mock Draft:



Chadman is hoping, HOPING, that Thomas will fall to #18. Certainly a big-play type guy, one that the Steelers could sorely use. Big school, big production- fits the 'Colbert Way'. If he's gone, that will probably mean Taylor Mays has fallen to #18, who would quite possibly be option B.

At this point though, Chadman is hoping he lasts till #18- just not confidant of it.

Read & React: Recognizes what's coming quickly and has the speed to get to the spot to make a play. As a safety, he was a bit overaggressive, biting on play-action and underneath routes which leaves cornerbacks on an island.

Man Coverage: Needs technique work before making the move to cornerback. Backpedal is high and slow, and lags in recovery on double moves and catching up to receivers running quick outs or square-ins. Has the speed to turn and run with receivers.

Zone Coverage: Attacks throws in front of him and has good range as a safety. Can make the interception or a big hit to separate the man from the ball. Makes quarterbacks pay for late throws over the middle, baiting them into making poor decisions. Excellent hand-eye coordination.

Closing/Recovery: Very good burst and closing speed to the ball. Wins most battles for the ball in the air. Slow to plant and drive in coverage but can close when the play is in front of him. Recovers from false steps to get back to receivers.

Run Support: Willing to support the run. Flies into the action at full speed, pounding backs in the open field. Will overpursue and fail to break down, missing tackles. Will struggle to get off receiver or lineman blocks.

Tackling: Inconsistent as a tackler in space despite good statistics. Larger receivers and tough running backs run through his tackles in space. Ends up riding big receivers for a few yards before bringing them down. A special teams force in college and will be used there in the pros.

Intangibles: Heady, hard-working player on the practice field and in the weight room. Directs secondary and knows teammates' assignments. Father Earl Thomas, Sr., is a pastor.

03-04-2010, 01:49 AM


Leading sacker of all time for the Gamecocks. Could play OLB in relief for this season, could be used as the back-up ILB as well. Groom him to eventually replace James Farrior & combined with Timmons, you have a dynamic interior pass rush to go with Woodley & Harrison on the outside.

Read & React: Much more instinctive than most believe, though he's allowed to freelance a bit. As such, he isn't as gap-disciplined as some teams would like. Often asked to rush the passer, but keeps his head up and locates the ball quickly on screens and draws. High effort in pursuit yards downfield.

Run defense: Lacks the bulk to stack and shed as a defensive end, but flashes an explosive pop and good lateral agility to disengage as a linebacker. Protects his knees well and flows through the trash efficiently on his way to the ballcarrier. Takes good angles to the ball in traffic, but lacks the straight-line speed to catch up in the open field.

Pass defense: Norwood's greatest weakness. Slow, choppy backpedal. Marginal straight-line speed and change-of-direction agility to remain with tight ends and running backs in coverage. Lacks the straight-line speed and fluidity for coverage but shows good instincts and has a knack for being at the right place at the right time.

Tackling: Good strength and lateral agility to slide off of blocks to make tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage. Breaks down well in space to make the stop against smaller, quicker athletes. Secure wrap-up tackler who shows some explosiveness as a hitter.

Pass Rush/Blitz: Effective pass rusher either standing up or with his hand on the ground. Thick build with solid overall musculature. Good burst off the line of scrimmage at the snap. Can pressure the tackle's outside shoulder and consistently threaten the pocket off the edge. Natural leverage advantage and good strength to get under the pads of the offensive tackle for an effective bull rush. Only marginal flexibility and balance to dip under and slip around the tackle as a pass rusher. Good closing speed.

Intangibles: High-effort defender and leader on and off the field. Voted team captain for the 2009 season. Earned his degree in criminal justice in 3 1/2 years despite not gaining admittance to South Carolina on his first three attempts. Is the first from his family to graduate. Operated in a defensive scheme tailored to fit his strengths. Allowed to do a lot of freelancing in the South Carolina scheme. Has the instincts, physicality and size for some to project him at inside linebacker. Considered leaving early for the NFL last season, but despite his gaudy statistics only received a fourth-to-seventh-round grade by the Advisory Committee.

NFL Comparison: Tedy Bruschi, New England Patriots

03-04-2010, 01:51 AM
Intangible (not listed): Hails from UT whose recent premier athletes haven't been exactly up to the mental aspects of the NFL. But, I'd still take him if he's there at 1.18 I have to believe that either Mays or Thomas will be there.


03-04-2010, 01:52 AM


Steelers biggest lack of depth on the OL is at Center. Tennant is from a school known for producing skilled, techinically correct prospects.

Pass blocking: Good hand punch to get the defender off-balance and shows some nastiness in attempting to de-cleat the defender when the opportunity arises. Good lateral agility to mirror the defender. Keeps his shoulders square and plays with leverage and balance due to proper knee bend. Plays high and can get in trouble anchoring against shorter, powerful defensive tackles.

Run blocking: Moderate and improving strength to wall-off and sustain. Can turn and control his assignment to keep him from making the play. Flashes some explosiveness in his initial pop, but needs to add more strength in his upper body to sustain blocks longer.

Pulling/trapping: Efficient combo blocker. Provides a pop at the first level, but is agile enough to get to the second level and deliver an effective block there as well. Good lateral agility and initial quickness to pull. Athletic enough in this area to consider moving to guard at the next level.

Initial Quickness: Good initial quickness to gain an advantage on the defender. Good burst off the snap for the cut-block on quick throws.

Downfield: High-effort player who looks to block downfield and isn't afraid to block to or through the whistle. Very good foot quickness and balance to get to the second level and adjust to the moving target.

Intangibles: Tall, almost lanky athlete for the center position. Room for additional muscle mass. Legitimate NFL athleticism. Reliable shotgun and traditional snapper. Durable player entering his senior campaign with 41 consecutive starts. Has the athleticism and body style to consider moving to guard. A bit too lanky for some teams at center.

03-04-2010, 01:57 AM


Big, strong DE that could be used in the 3-4 as part of the rotation. Aaron Smith, Brett Keisel, Ziggy Hood, RaShon Harris & Mike Neal sounds alright to Chadman.

Pass rush: Once through the line, Neal has the closing speed to get into the quarterback's face. Occasionally drops into coverage on zone blitzes, looks fairly fluid. Gets jumpy on the line, guesses at the snap count too much. Needs more pass rush moves to beat veteran NFL linemen. Should get his hands into passing lanes more often when not able to reach the quarterback.

Run defense: Holds ground adequately against double teams, can split on occasion. Recovers from cut blocks quickly. Inconsistent shedding blocks against the run, but has the strength to do so. Does not hustle and chase as much as you'd like, standing around too much if the play goes away from him. Could improve his backfield awareness to prevent biting on play-action or misdirection.

Explosion: Very good quickness enough off the snap to penetrate at the three-technique, will cause guards to draw holding penalties at the next level. Has some pop on initial contact and push his defender back when man-up. Good lateral movement to sidestep into gap after the snap, although he takes himself out of plays more often than not when doing that.

Strength: One of the strongest players in the draft in terms of weightlifting numbers, but does not always play that way. When on his game, plays with leverage and capable of stacking guards and moving laterally or pushing the pocket. Inconsistent using his hands to disengage, will stand around after initial contact when gassed.

Tackling: Strong upper body allows him to swallow ballcarriers when coming on straight-on or chasing from behind. Has trouble shedding blocks at times and is inconsistent catching backs coming through the hole if he does get off. Does not get many hustle tackles getting downfield or to the outside.

Intangibles: Team captain and their defensive leader. Big weight room performer. Displayed toughness playing through a torn labrum. Loses his composure on the field at times, however, leading to unnecessary penalties.

03-04-2010, 02:00 AM


Joseph is big, young & active. He is Terrence Cody, without the 'weight concerns'. Nice & young, perfect for the Steelers to groom behind Hampton & Hoke, and possibly give rotational duties at DE too.

Pass rush: Looks like a nose tackle but plays like a three-technique, penetrating and getting consistent pressure when fresh. Good closing speed for his size, swallows up quarterbacks that lack great elusiveness. Straight-ahead runner, however with limited lateral quickness, will not break down to change direction in the backfield.

Run defense: Adequate anchoring against double-team blocking due to thick legs and a wide upper body and will move to the ballcarrier after he's through the line. Can be moved and doesn't rip off blocks to stop the play before it starts. Willing to chase down the line and downfield between the tackles if he sees the ball in his area. Susceptible to the cut block. Not strong enough to arm tackle backs in the hole.

Explosion: Surprising quickness off of the snap for his size, gets into his gap in a hurry when fresh. Does not deliver much pop to his opponent with his hands on initial contact, however, relying on athleticism to get the job done.

Strength: Does not play as strong as you would think because he plays high and does not consistently use his hands to disengage. Does not reset his hands, get leverage by getting his hands under pads, or attempt to churn his legs after contact to push his man into the backfield.

Tackling: Length and wide body allows him to engulf players in his path. Gives effort to chase, can be effective when well rested. Gets a lot of assisted tackles because of his hustle. Does not sink his hips when approaching the ball, however, and is easily eluded by quicker players in space.

Intangibles: Part of a rotation inside, possibly due to stamina issues. Looks to be winded when playing two consecutive series. Dropped 70 pounds after his freshman season (came to EUC at more than 370 pounds) due to a back injury, regained 20 before 2008 season.

03-04-2010, 02:04 AM


Along with John Conner & Darrell Stuckey, Myron Lewis is one of Chadman's favourite draftee's this season. Big & strong, pretty smart. Some sites have him at FS. But for the Steelers, he could be a great Zone CB. Kinda like Chris Cook from Virginia, but without the hype & support of the media.

Read & React: Good read-and-react skills. Has the potential to play safety or cornerback. Reads and recognizes the motive of the receiver and puts himself in position to make plays. Will read the action in the backfield and can jump routes. Recognizes run quickly and attacks the line of scrimmage.

Man Coverage: Has good size but is high-cut and might lack the balance to remain at cornerback in the NFL. Loses a step in his transition and too often has to gather himself when making lateral cuts. Has the upper-body strength and hand placement to provide an effective jam at the line of scrimmage, but typically played off-man.

Zone Coverage: Rare height and bulk for the cornerback position. Good straight-line speed. Alert defender who reads the quarterback's eyes. Times leaps and competes well for jump balls. Physical, versatile defender. Good open-field tackler.

Closing/Recovery: Lacks the balance and agility to mirror wide receivers into and out of their breaks. Good, but not great straight-line speed to recover if beaten initially. Good hands for the interception. Has a penchant for making the big play in big games.

Run Support: Active in run support. Reads run quickly and fights through receiver blocks. Agile enough to avoid oncoming linemen and is willing to take on blockers. Reliable open-field tackler who flashes big-hitting ability.

Tackling: Secure open-field tackler who will wrap up and hit with authority. Experienced blitzer with closing speed.

Intangibles: Missed the 2009 spring after undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Takes his academics seriously. Graduated in December of 2009 with a degree in Human and Organizational Development. Was a 2008 Academic Honor Roll Recipient. Good bloodlines. Brothers Hamin and Hanik Milligan played in the NFL. Might be an ascending talent whose NFL future is at safety.

NFL Comparison: Julian Battle, Redskins

03-04-2010, 02:08 AM


Conner is a great option for the Steelers backfield as he is a combo of running, pass catching & blocking rolled up into one man. Add to that, the height & weight are not that far from another former Steeler RB when he came out of college- the one & only Jerome Bettis. If Mr Rooney really wants to get better running the ball- a multi-faceted player like Conner would be a great help near the line of scrimmage.

Inside: Bullish runner who doesn't waste time looking for the big play. Good lower leg drive and forward body lean to get the tough yards. Runs with good pad level and keeps his feet driving to generate as much yardage as possible. Good ball security. Keeps both arms locked around the ball. Has enough wiggle to surprise the unsuspecting defender and can gain yardage in chunks.

Outside: Typical fullback. Lacks the speed to beat linebackers to the edge and has only marginal agility to elude.

Breaking tackles: Tough back to bring down as he keeps his feet moving and runs with good pad level. Doesn't offer much more than the helmet, shoulder and knees pads for the defender to target. A determined runner who will become a coach and fan favorite due to his second- and third-effort runs.

Blocking: Old-school traditional lead blocker willing to sell out to knock the linebacker out of the hole. Good size, explosiveness and accuracy to clear the way. Athletic enough to adjust in the open field to hit the moving target. Keeps his head on a swivel in pass protection and blocks inside-out. Aggressive in pass protection. Will take on the bigger man and holds up surprisingly well due to his accurate hand placement, use of leverage and determination. Accurate, reliable cut-blocker.

Receiving: Soft, reliable hands. Will allow the ball to get into his pads, but is quick to secure the pass. Shows the ability to extend his arms and pluck the ball out of the air. Appears to have enough athleticism to handle more complicated routes, but was typically used only on short to intermediate dump passes and the occasional screen.

Intangibles: A former walk-on who is well respected by coaches, peers and fans for his physicality, toughness and consistency. Played in a school-record 54 games over his career. Team captain. Also plays extensively on special teams. Nicknamed "The Terminator" by his teammates.

03-04-2010, 02:15 AM


While everyone saw Trindon Holliday blaze away at the combine, here's a WR that is not only equally fast, but a pretty interesting prospect as a WR too. Very, very fast (low 4.2's) & with excellent bust off the line- he is sloppy catching & runs poor routes though. In the 7th, a project that can run like Edwin Moses & catch like Edward Scissorhands.

02/08/2010 - Texas vs. Nation Game Review: Former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux (Jacksonville State) made the best throw of the day, loading up and throwing for 67 yards to Newberry's Kelton Tindal, who can run like no one else - he's expected to run his 40-yard dash in the 4.2's at his pro day. Although Tindal didn't score, he made a nice adjustment to the ball in the air after using his elite separation speed, overcoming an up-and-down week of practices in terms of catching the ball. If he runs the blazing time most expect, look for Raiders' owner Al Davis to grab Tindal late in the draft. - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange, NFLDraftScout.com

03-04-2010, 02:20 AM


Another fast player added to the squad- this one though, Chadman believes, could be a real player if he keeps his head on. Numerous suspensions due to substance abuse, but looks to have it back together after moving to Hampton.

01/18/2010 - 2009 ALL-MEAC FOOTBALL FIRST TEAM: RB LaMarcus Coker Sr. Hampton Nashville, Tenn., has been selected First-Team All-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference for the 2009 college football season as voted on by the MEAC head football coaches and sports information directors. Senior LaMarcus Coker (Nashville, Tenn.) earned First Team honors after becoming the first Pirate to rush for 1,000 yards in a season since Alonzo Coleman in 2006. Coker ran for 1,027 yards and six touchdowns on the season to lead the MEAC, recording six 100-yard rushing games in the process. Coker ran for a career-high 135 yards against Delaware State, amidst a streak in which Coker ran for 100 yards or more in four straight games. Coker, who averaged 5.2 yards per carry, also scored two touchdowns in a 37-0 shutout over Howard. He was also second in the MEAC in all-purpose yards, gaining 1,537 total yards on the season - an average of 139.7 per game - thanks to 202 receiving yards and 308 kick-return yards. - Hampton football

03-04-2010, 09:16 AM
I like Neal in the 4th round. I think that is good value. I think the Steelerrs will draft Worilds rather than Norwood in the 2nd. I personally like Walton more than Tennant at center, but the Steelers definitely need to add a center in this draft.

This is a pretty fair draft Chadman. It is necessarily exciting, but I could see something like this happening.

03-04-2010, 09:59 AM
I like Neal in the 4th round. I think that is good value. I think the Steelerrs will draft Worilds rather than Norwood in the 2nd. I personally like Walton more than Tennant at center, but the Steelers definitely need to add a center in this draft.

This is a pretty fair draft Chadman. It is necessarily exciting, but I could see something like this happening.

Norwood = Huey Richardson

I agree that Worilds would be a better pick

03-04-2010, 12:18 PM
I like alot of your players. It would be scary if Thomas was still on the board. I think he goes before Mays but Mays might still be there. I would like to see Tennant or Walton but I have the feeling that between the time the Steelers make their 2nd pick and waiting for their 3rd...they both will come off the board.

03-04-2010, 12:19 PM
spikes instead of norwood in the 2nd...

03-04-2010, 12:41 PM
I like Neal in the 4th round. I think that is good value. I think the Steelerrs will draft Worilds rather than Norwood in the 2nd. I personally like Walton more than Tennant at center, but the Steelers definitely need to add a center in this draft.

This is a pretty fair draft Chadman. It is necessarily exciting, but I could see something like this happening.

Norwood = Huey Richardson

I agree that Worilds would be a better pick

Agreed. Norwood was the worst OLB conversion guy at the Senior Bowl. He looked lost, was terrible in space, whiffed on tackles, and showed poor lateral agility. Maybe he could develop into a 3-4 OLB who mostly rushes the passer. But, I'm not sure why Chadman would suggest ILB. There is no indication that he could have any success there.

I like much of the rest of the mock though. Earl Thomas is one of my favorite players. Tindal was impressive in the Texas V. Nation game. He may be a bit of a redundancy on this team though (with Mike Wallace). Love Tennant. He plays much bigger than he is. Joseph would make this team as the 4th DE. Mike Neal is more of a 4-3 DT, but he is good looking player. Myron Lewis looked terrible at the combine, but I liked him when I watch him play this Fall. Switch up your second rounder, I think you've got a good one.

03-04-2010, 12:44 PM
I like some of the players you are selecting and all of the positions. Just dunno about the order.

03-05-2010, 05:08 AM
i like it.

i would just go after the best CB in rd 2 and take an LB in 5