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02-12-2010, 12:42 PM
Lets' start with a list of potential NTs in this year's draft class.

1. Dan Williams - Tennessee 6'3, 329. (Round 1)
2. Terrance Cody - Alabama 6'5, 370 (Round 1-2)
3. Camaron Thomas - North Carolina 6'4, 330. (Round 2-3)
4. Torrell Troup - Central Florida 6'3, 315. (Round 2-4)
5. Jeff Owens - Georgia 6'3 309. (Round 3-5)
6. Jay Ross - East Carolina 6'2 314 (Round 3-4)
7. Abe Koroma* - W. Illinois (and PSU) 6'3 317. (Round 3-5)
8. Boo Robinson - Wake Forest 6'2 300. (Mid-late)
9. Trey Bryant - Baylor 6'2 315 (Mid-late)
10. Al Woods - LSU 6'4 315. (Mid rounds)
11. Jaron Baston - Missouri 6'1 305 (Mid rounds)
12. Ekom Udofia - Stanford 6'2 315 (Mid-late)
13. Travis Ivey - Maryland 6'4 325 (Mid rounds)
14. Demarcus Granger - Oklahoma 6'2 327 (Mid Rounds)
15. Martin Tevaseu - UNLV 6'2 330 (Mid-Late)
16. Linval Joseph* - East Carolina 6'6 322 (Mid Rounds)
17. Kellen Heard - Memphis 6'6 355 (Late-UDFA)
18. Kade Weston - Georgia 6'5 325 (Mid - Late)
19. Tommie Duhart - Valdosta State 6'3 329 (Late-UDFA)

Some of these players have huge injury issues. Granger hasn't played much in two years. He has had multiple injuries, but showed first round potential two years ago. Boo Robinson is the lightest player on this list. But two seasons ago he played at 325. After back injuries he dropped 30 pounds to play much of this season at 295. The back problems are a serious concern.

Lival Joseph, Al Woods, Kade Weston, and Travis Ivey may be better 3-4 DEs or penetrating DTs as they are all taller and have trouble anchoring.

Kelllen Heard played offensive line last season for Memphis. But, he started his career as a DT for Texas A&M.

Abe Koroma left PSU after a marijuana incident and other infractions put him in the doghouse. He has early round talent though.

Here is a list of other DTs that I left off the list because they are 300 lbs or smaller and/or don't have much anchor strength or NT tools: Brian Price UCLA, Mick Williams Pitt, D'Anthony Smith LA Tech, Lamar Houston Texas, Geno Atkins Georgia, Andre Neblett Temple, Olli Ogbu PSU, and Earl Mitchell Arizona. Many of these guys are more the quick, penetrating 4-3 DT type. Guys like Jared Odrick, Brandon Deadrick, and Vince Oghobaase are all good 3-4 DE types, but really wouldn't make it as NTs. If anyone makes a good case, I'd be happy to add one of these players.

Am I missing anyone?

02-12-2010, 02:17 PM
Tommie Duhart, DT, Valdosta State is probably the only one I might add to the list. The guy that left/got kicked out of Pittsburgh.

I agree with your list though. The other DT's like Price and Oldrick I don't see being good fits as a 3-4 NT...

02-17-2010, 08:46 PM
Granger would be worth a look with one of our extra 5th round picks. Those are the rounds to take some risks.

02-18-2010, 12:25 PM
Granger would be worth a look with one of our extra 5th round picks. Those are the rounds to take some risks.

Yeah, if a Guy like Granger, Koroma, or maybe Robinson is there at the end of the fifth, we should definitely take them. I think Granger and Koroma will go a little earlier (early 4th maybe). Robinson should be there with the back issues. If there is hope that he'd be able to get back to his old form. He'd be a good risk to take. Get him a good surgeon and IR him for the year.