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01-05-2010, 12:10 AM
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The Steelers had a final team meeting today at their South Side practice facility.

Four Steelers were brought into the media room to discuss what went wrong in 2009 and what is ahead for the Steelers.

What follows is the Q&A with James Farrior, who said he expects Dick LeBeau to return as defensive coordinator next season and concedes that he has lost a step but is still confident he can play at a high level.

Q: What was the message from Mike Tomlin like this year compared to last year?

A: ďLast year I donít remember a final meeting, I think we just went from the Super Bowl to the parade, but this year I think the most important thing that he talked about that I took from the meeting was division play. Thatís what basically was the downfall of our season, we didnít dominate the division like we did last year. I think we were 2-4 in the division. Basically, thatís where our goal started, is winning the division, dominating the division. We didnít do that this year and thatís what was his message to us.

Q: Mike Tomlin emphasized before the first division game this season the importance of winning the division so tie-breakers donít come into play as much. Do you remember that?

A: ďYes, it definitely makes a lot more sense now, thatís basically what it was. We didnít do well in our division and that cost us not getting in the playoffs this year. He said it to us earlier and I guess we didnít listen good enough.Ē

Q: How frustrating was it for the defense to struggle? How much of an impact was it missing Troy Polamalu and Aaron Smith?

A: ďIt was definitely a disappointing season for our defense as a group, we definitely feel like we didnít do a lot of things well at the end of games, we cost the team, we didnít play as well as we couldíve played, we had some plays out there that we left on the field that cost us games. Definitely having Aaron Smith and [Troy] Polamalu out, those are basically our two best players on defense, having those two guys out really affected the way we went out there and played. It was tough out there for us. Having those two impact-type of players not out there, I think it hurt us a little bit.Ē

Q: Are you concerned about the age of the defense?

A: ďNot really. Weíve been getting old for a few years now. I think itís all relative and it is what it is. If youíve got it, youíve got it. If you donít, you donít. I donít really think about the age issue.Ē

Q: Do you think youíve lost a step as youíve gotten older?

A: ďYou lose a step every year. I feel like every year is going to be different. You canít get faster every year, eventually youíre going to slow down. I definitely think my age is getting up there and I mightíve lost a step, but I think my mental part of the game helps me keep up pace. I think thatís what it is for a lot of older guys, if youíve got the mental capacity, and youíre able to be smarter than the other guy, it keeps you on the same pace.Ē

Q: Do you need some inside linebacker help with that being said? Should Lawrence Timmons help you out more?

A: ďNo, Lawrence (Timmons) is a great player and heís going to be a good player in this league in the years to come. I think everybody has their own responsibilities and itís up to us to just go out and do our job. We donít need to emphasize anybody else doing something different. Weíve all got our jobs, we can do it.Ē

Q: Are there similarities between the two seasons (2006 and 2009) after winning the Super Bowl?

A: I think itís a little different. I think this year was probably different than any other year Iíve been around. I think it was pretty much a tale of a couple different seasons put together in one. We started off slow, off to a 1-2 start, we got hot, won five straight, then we got extremely cold, lost five straight and then we tried to rally back at the end, but it was just a little too late. Iíve never been a part of a season like this, it was definitely tough. I donít think it really compares to the first time, I think it was a whole different situation.Ē

Q: Do you expect changes this year?

A: ďI think after you sit and take a step back and look at it, right now itís too early to try and make decisions about it, the seasonís still fresh. You need time to go back and think about everything. I donít know if weíre going to have a lot of changes but that happens every year, thatís a part of the business. Thatís something that we go through anyway, win or lose.Ē

Q: ďWhat would you change if you could?

A: If I could? I wouldnít change nothing. I like this group, I like this team, I like the coachesÖĒ

Q: Iím sorry, I meant about the season.

A: What would I change about the season? We would take a couple of those games back, some of our division games we let slip away. Some of the games that came down to communication errors, not usual of our defense, Iím just speaking in defensive terms when Iím talking.Ē

Q: What are your thoughts on Coach LeBeau coming back next season?

A: Iím looking forward to Coach LeBeau coming back next year and next year will be no different than any other year coming into the season. He didnít have a whole lot to say to us, but he was glad to work with everybody. Itís going to be 31 teams mad, in our same position, itís only one team that can to win the championship. If you donít win it then everybodyís in the same boat, that was pretty much his message to us. Weíve got to go back to work, next yearís going to be a new start and itís time to go back and try and do it again.Ē

Q: You have no doubt on him not coming back?

A: ďNot really. He told us in a meeting a couple of weeks ago. I think the rumors had started going around again about him retiring and not coming back again. He laid it to bed with me. He told our defense theyíre going to have to kick him up out of here so I took his word for it.Ē

stlrz d
01-05-2010, 12:19 AM
LeBeau will be back!

/waves goodbye to the 4-3 that never was meant to be