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7. The Steelers going for it on 4th and inches in the first quarter … Diedorf called it a sign of respect for what the Miami offense had done on the opening drive. What a dork.

Or lack of respect for his own defense...just sayin


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Redundant Thoughts 2009 Week 17 @ Miami

3. Dolphins making it look easy on their opening possession. That’s typical for a DLB defense though. I just keep telling myself that they’ll adjust and shut them down, they’ll adjust and shut them down, they’ll adjust and shut them down etc …

Yeah, I kept waiting for that too. Didn't happen until Woodley woke up.

5. I finished typing #4 and I just saw the Wes Welker injury report.

Hallelujah! Let's pray for a full recovery ... right AFTER NE is knocked out. 8)

7. The Steelers going for it on 4th and inches in the first quarter … Diedorf called it a sign of respect for what the Miami offense had done on the opening drive. What a dork.

Dan Dierdork. It was 4th and frikkin' 3 inches or something.

9. After the Dolphins first field goal Stefan Logan has another decent runback … is it possible the Steelers have finally met a team with crappier special teams than their own?

It sure looked like it.

11. Great play by Townsend on that int in the 2nd quarter. Looked like he was the primary receiver.

If it had been Gay, it would have slipped right through his hands into the receivers chest for an 18-yard gain. :P

12. Holmes throws a pick deep. Mendenhall was getting tackled before the ball got there. No flag. That was a terrible play call.

Yup, the DB interfered on Mendy. Still a terrible play call and a terrible throw. We need ARE back. :P

13. The Dolphins completed a forward pass that gained -10 yards. And the Steelers D promptly gives up 23 yards on the next play for a first down.

Story of the season. 2nd and long or 3rd long is downright high percentage against us.

15. Woodley is playing a great game ... two sacks on the 2 minute drive at the half. He is forcing the Dolphins to take action which will only help our secondary in the second half right guys? …. Right? ….

Two words ... William ... Gay. ;)

16. Every time I see the Troy P Head and Shoulders commercials I laugh. I’m not sure why.

Maybe he can do a knee-brace endorsement next season.

18. Miller! What a freaking catch for a TD! Santonio/Wallace/Heath style TD catch. Ward needs to get in on the act.

It seems we make the tough ones and drop the easy ones.

19. Ensuing kickoff was into the endzone and the Steelers managed to tackle that returner before he got to the 20! How many times has THAT happened this year?

I thought tackling before the runner got to the 30 was against Ligashevsky personal philosophy.

20. Pat White looks like he is 14 years old.

And throws like it too. :)

21. And hello Tyler Thigpen.

A virtual god ... against our secondary. Second only to Bruce Gradkowski.

23. Stefan Logan makes something out of nothing … return to the 50 and ran about 200 yards doing it. Why yes, the Steelers have indeed met their inferior in regards to Special Teams.

Let the "keep Logan or let him go" debate begin again.

27. Tyler Thigpen was spanking those idiots. I mean I should probably cut the Steelers D some slack right? I know Tyler Thigpen is a world-beater at QB and all … you talk about franchise QBs its: Brady, Manning, Thigpen right?

No argument there. ;)

29. It appears that Ike Taylor’s biggest mistake was taking Pat White out.

HYSTERICAL! I was telling myself almost that very thing. It was more in the form of "the Phins just can't sustain a drive with this White guy at the helm." I was hoping he'd get back in for some more reps. :)

32. Ryan Clark makes a play! I can’t believe it. Actually Tyler Thigpen makes a terrible decision and a lousy throw.

The D seemed to suddenly wake up. I think they've been taking off plays all season.

33. I am shocked that Ben is still playing … and playing well at that. They are actually moving the ball.

I was hoping that arm thing was a ploy to make the 3-seed seem more attractive to the Bengals.

34. Taylor puts the cap on it. “Hugs the ground as his friend.”

He should hug an opthalmologist at some point in the off-season. PLEASE!!!!

36. I saw the highlights from the Texans post-game in which I saw something I had never seen before: a broadly smiling Gary Kubiak celebrating the Texans first winning season. They had beaten the Patsies and at the time were still alive for a playoff spot. This isn’t exactly a profound or original thought but it certainly rings relevant this fine morning: it occurs to me how spoiled we Steeler fans are. Incredibly spoiled. Some teams celebrate 9-7 and a glimmer of hope while we tend to rage at the little things that keep our team from collecting more and more hardware. Maybe one day the Texans will know the curse of the Super Bowl trophy lust but for now they celebrate what they can only dream of while our team sits on 6 of those suckers. Warning to all you wanna-be teams out there: one is never enough.

Uh, 6 is not enough. ;)

Nice read, RM.

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Redundant Thoughts 2009 Week 17 @ Miami

35. Houston wins as do the Ravens and just about every team the Steelers needed to lose. Just as well. This team has been dead man walking for a month.

Dan Kreider pounds the point home...


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