View Full Version : Steelers radio station change in Columbus - games still on!

12-21-2009, 01:31 PM
In the ever changing world of radio (as a Comm. major and a former intern at DVE I should know), a little after 12 PM I turned on our local Steelers affiliate, 103.9 Talk FM, as it was the last station I had tuned to from last night to hear the postgame show. Much to my surprise, instead of whatever talk show was supposed to be on, I heard Lynyrd Skynyrd and then "Lucky Man" by ELP. Hmm. Well, turns out that they are now "Classic Hits 103.9 FM". Their new web site makes NO mention of the Steelers, however.

Fortunately, a call to their main office line confirmed that they will STILL broadcast the Steelers games. I let them know that the web site didn't say that, so hopefully they'll update it. Anyway, just wanted to give anyone a heads up in case they flip it on and wondered what was going on like I did.