View Full Version : Dallas going down ... Wooo-Hoooo!!!

12-13-2009, 08:00 PM
Down 17-10, inside 2 minutes, and Chargers on their 20.

Yes, I'm small-minded and petty. If my team can't win, I will take pleasure in the loss of other teams I don't like. :twisted:

12-13-2009, 08:36 PM
Dallas went down. The day is better across America.

12-14-2009, 09:28 AM
plus...did you see jerry jones get all upset in his private box..makes me feel happy....if the cowboys, rats and pats dont make the playoffs than all will be okay...

12-14-2009, 09:52 AM
Uhh, believe it or not, a Dallas win yesterday would have helped the Steelers.

stlrz d
12-14-2009, 09:57 AM
I don't like the Cowboys, but I don't feel the same hatred for them that I did back in the day when they were relevant. I actually picked them to win yesterday. At the very least I was hoping for a shootout since Rivers is my FF QB.

The only time I take pleasure in a team losing is when it's a true rival. And usually only when we are having a good season.

I always, always, always take pleasure in a Ravens loss though. Always. :D