View Full Version : Some Steeler Stats

12-13-2009, 11:07 AM

Scoring offense: #12 (talent-wise I think we are top 10, just not getting it done)
Scoring defense: #21 (quite simply, the other team scores when they get the ball)
Pass offense: #5
Pass defense: #20 (surprising)
Rush offense: #12 (somewhat surprising)
Total defense: #15 (first time in a long time I remember them being out of the top 10)

Kick coverage: #27 (not surprising)
Punt coverage: #24
Kick & punt returns: #6 (surprising)

The defensive backfield may miss some of Troy's talent, but I think there is a glaring lack of leadership back there. Just trying to think who would be taking command of that group, Clark?, Carter?, Townsend?, Ike? just not seeing it....