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12-13-2009, 03:16 AM
Bires: Team's troubles are at the top

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Friday December 11, 2009 07:03 AM

AP photo by Mark Duncan
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin argues with field judge Jim Howey in the fourth quarter of Thursday's game in Cleveland. Pittsburgh lost their fifth straight, losing to the rival Browns 13-6.

CLEVELAND — The Steelers obviously have a lot of problems, and one of them is Mike Tomlin.

He may be the main problem right now.

He has lost control of his team.

For a coach, it doesn’t get any worse than that.

Three weeks ago after the Steelers lost in Kansas City, Tomlin personally accepted blame.

I didn’t agree with him at the time. I even told him that at his weekly press conference. My point was that players have to be accountable. I still believe that.

But I also believe that Tomlin and his two coordinators — Bruce Arians on offense and Dick LeBeau — are not performing up to their lofty standards. Part of the Steelers’ problems is that other teams have figured the Steelers out.

Yes, the players continue to self-destruct and under-achieve. But they’re not getting enough from their coaches, starting with Tomlin.

“We got beat in all three phases,” Tomlin said after the loss. “Schematically and performance–wise. When that happens, we all share the blame.”

When the Steelers (6-7) lost Thursday night to a 1-11 Cleveland Browns outfit, they accomplished a rare and dubious trifecta.

They have now lost to a one-win team (the Browns), a two-win team (the Chiefs) and a three-win team (the Raiders).

Losing to the Chiefs was uncalled for.

Losing to the Raiders was shocking.

Losing to the Browns, 13-6, may have been the Steelers’ worst loss since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970.
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These Browns have been in utter chaos all season under first-year coach Eric Mangini. They’ve had quarterback issues. They’ve been crippled with injuries. They traded their best wide receiver (Braylon Edwards) early in the season. They have a roster full of guys most pro football fans have never heard of.

Yet, they beat the Steelers.

The Steelers were dominated in most phases of the game.

How about those stats at halftime when the Browns led 13-3?

The Browns had a 179-75 edge in total yards.

Ben Roethlisberger was sacked five times.

The Steelers were 0-of-6 on third-down conversions.

The Steelers did play better in the second half. Still, they couldn’t even score a touchdown.

The men in those Steelers uniforms deserve blame. But so does the coach.

I guess this is what happens when you “unleash hell in December” as Tomlin promised two weeks ago after a loss in Baltimore.

Well, hell freezes over and the one-win Browns beat the Steelers.

This was once a 6-2 Pittsburgh team that looked super at times.

Now the Steelers have lost five straight. They are all but dead. Their Super Bowl defense will likely be a repeat of 2006 when they missed the playoffs.

What has happened to the Steelers is a total meltdown by players and coaches.

And if Tomlin wanted blame three weeks ago, he certainly deserves it now.

12-13-2009, 03:31 AM
It's true, this loss was such a lumping to the team, I doubt they can craw bck out of it by the seasons end. I don't see us winning another game this year. Hate to be a downer but, when you lose to the Raiders, Cheifs, Browns and might as well put the Bears in the group, this team has some major problems.

It now all falls upon Tomlin and why couldn't he keep things together and he obviously can't get it together.

12-13-2009, 04:57 AM
:nono dont blame the coach you'll be drawn and quartered round these parts.
how bout our secondary yeah our version of the Tampa 2 or Tampon 2?
when Troy plays he stops the bleeding.

12-13-2009, 08:51 AM
Tomlin is most certainly to blame... along with the rest of the coordinators and players. This has been a team collapse and the bleeding has to start from the top. There seems to be no remedy in sight and I personally hope they revamp the team. Get new coordinators, get younger and greater talent and refocus in the offseason.

12-13-2009, 01:34 PM
I haven't said a lot in relation to Coach Tomlin, but, yes, he'd better take a share of the blame. OK, I realize that he inherited some of his coaching staff from the previous regime. But some of his assistants are his and no matter whose assistants they are, Coach Tomlin is THE HEAD Coach... he has to bring everyone together.

You people have no idea how pi$$ed off I am about BA STILL being here. The guy is a g-ddam train wreck. He is NOT a Pittsburgh Steeler. He is NOT part of the Steeler Way. F--- Bruce Arians! He is ruining OUR team with the way he handles the offense. It's predictable, unimaginative and is going to get our franchise QB killed.

I don't know what to think of LeBeau. Can't remember who said it here, but someone stated that he's just stayed past the expiration date. I have parroted that sentiment a couple times. I partly believe that he should have just went out after the SB as a winner. Even if we could have contended this year, LeBeau's work is without peer. Much of the reason we won the SB was because his D bailed out a fairly average offense, and the numbers DO bear that out. Benjamin was merely average last year and our running game was nothing special either.

12-13-2009, 04:19 PM
You hit the nail on the head-Head Coach-accountable!! BA must go!!
Special Teams goodbye.
Lebeau a genuis a master but eventually people get hip to his ways.
He is still the best in in the biz though and was a big part of that last SB run and win.

12-13-2009, 04:43 PM
BA is a jack ass & we got old on the defense line real quick. Our secondary is much worse than anyone could of imagined without T. Polamalu. This offseason spend the first 3 picks of the draft on D, sign an Offensive Lineman, & get rid of BA and I'd be happy.