View Full Version : Lack of creativity on offense means Bruce needs to go

12-11-2009, 09:54 AM
Tired of the 5 WR sets, that teams play press man on our WRs
No roll outs or moving pocket for Ben
The no FB single back run when Kemo pulls is getting old and teams know its coming
Play action seems to be a naughty word lately
Wheres the screen that we used to run better than anyone in football before Bruce came here
The WR screens are a joke when DB's are playing up on the line.
Keeping Heath in to block on almost every other play is silly
The 20 yard patterns our WR's seem to run while Ben is going down is a sin
Running the ball when we have a lead went out the window
The fake handoff then quick toss to the opposite side(Oakland ran this w/ success) dissappeared
The no -huddle that seemed to have worked wonders has not been seen or heard from
This offense Bruce is running lacks creativity,is predictable and the Offensive Gameplanning has been horrendous this year.
Also the lack of adjustments that are made during the game prove Bruce Arians needs to go.
Tomlin needs to make this decision after the year and if he keeps this guy he needs to go also.
I love Tomlin but he needs to wise up....

My 2 cents

12-11-2009, 09:56 AM
Yup, offensive play calling has been pretty sad but the defense has been the problem this year.

12-11-2009, 10:05 AM
The defense has been the problem in the 4th quarter only.
Lets not forget about Special Teams.
6 points against the Browns and FG's in many games spells out sputtering offense.
We won last year because of Ben's feet.
Many games were won when the play broke down.
We didnt win because of Bruce's fabulous playcalling.
We pass on 3rd and 1
We toss sweep to our slowest RB on 3rd and 2 against KC.
The WR screen has become our M.O.
The thing that bothers me most is the lack of any GAMEPLAN week after week, and doing the same thing that doesnt work in the beginning of a game at the end.

12-11-2009, 11:21 AM
Old Arians again this game. I can't see how a guy just consistantly tries to impose his will on a defense even though the are telling you, "You are not going vertical"! Doesn't matter if it is the Browns...They are still an NFL team. His answer to try to get them out of that D is WR screens. OK...That is one way but we saw last night that the WR was gameplan against just to take it away. I'm not getting paid to run this offense but here's some free input. First...You are an idiot! Good...Got that off my chest. Second..."Page 320" of your play book has some RB screens. Also, on "Page 450" there might be some shuttle pass plays. Some more plays you could use to get the defense to adjust out of that scheme. I'm guessing those pages are in volume 2 at your house and you don't bring them to the games. You want to run vertical routes...Fine. Use them. You have the man-up guys with there backs to the QB and the Ss 20+ yards downfield. Big Snack was on the sideline thinking, "I could fit the Buffet from Hoss's underneth and not get in anyones way!" Here we go again. If you recognized the blocking for the OL presnap (See Below Sidecars)...You could have Miller, Moore, & Mendenhall delaying underneath. Just take what they are giving you. We had so many 3rd & 5-10...Just think of what could have been if you were not taking a sack or throwing an incompletion 20 yards downfield on 1st & 2nd down.

Man Under with Cover 3 or Quarters behind is how any team can beat you Arains. Walking the Man-up guys to the LOS to show blitz confuses the OL. We really saw that last night. The "Bunch" actually is a good weapon against this coverage...As long as you have intermediate routes coming out of it. Bunching the players up and running 2 vertical routes is a recipe for disaster against that defense. Coverage sack...IDIOT! And if you give Ben 1 or 2 sidecars presnap with no shift or motion...You are hurting the OLs blocking recognition. Man-up guys on the sidecar(s) can fake blitz. If you go 2 sidecars...Get the play in quicker or go muddle huddle, line-up 1 sidecar, shift to 2 sidecar, motion the other sidecar out & back. This is the NFL...You should know that. That is an in-game adjustment. SHould have been done last night around the 3rd drive. The OL recognizes who is in man and who actually is a possible blitzer from all of this motion. Thank God some type of adjustment was done into the 2nd half. Still not a fan of having the C come out to the outside to take a free man but good job by Hartwig in the second half trying to pick it up. You could have accomplished the recognition for the OL with the shifting & motion and just had the OL roll protection to short side.

That all being said, I fear Arians will be given another year. He might be the only CO left after DL retires & Ligash is fired. Changing a OC sometimes has years of recovery to a system. Might be counterproductive. Might be better served to bring in an assistant to Arians. That way, 2010-2011 transition (IF needed) would be easier if you want to promote the assistant. If you want to go vet...Possibly names like Gailey, Martz, Jagodzinski. Maybe Mularkey & Zorn if they are fired. If you want to go young...Maybe Curtis Johnson of the Saints or Mike miller of the Cards. Just some names...