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12-08-2009, 01:12 PM
Over on SI you can read Kings All Decade (2000s) team along with some other interesting lists. Its your typical Manning, Brady, Pats love fest but some good nods to the Steelers:

All decade team

Hines Ward

I've got a big and athletic competitor, Moss, on one side of the field. On the other side, I want a feisty receiver who produces and blocks and wins. Ward is one of the top five blocking receivers in NFL history. You'll say this is a counterculture pick, but Ward has 24 more catches than Terrell Owens in this decade, though Owens has 41 more touchdowns and 1,700 more receiving yards. But this is an all-around-receiver pick.

Aaron Smith

He's the upset pick of the team. But the mostly anonymous body of work over the decade makes the 1999 fourth-round pick a worthy choice. The Steelers were the top-rated defense three times in the last half of the decade, and the 6-5, 298-pound Smith's ability to shed blocks as a 3-4 defensive end and stop the run was a vital part of their success. "He can't be blocked," defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said. Well, almost.

Coach Lebeau

With the Bills in 2003, he parachuted in and built the league's No. 2 defense. (Buffalo shut out the Pats in the season opener.) Then he went to Pittsburgh, refined his fire-zone concepts (linemen dropping in coverage, back-seven players rushing) with solid talent, and in three of the five years that followed, he had the top defense. What's more, his players borderline-worship him. Five current and former Steelers defenders have pushed me to select LeBeau for the Hall of Fame when his candidacy comes up this year.

Faneca and Morey also got mentioned.

There is a list of the top 10 games of the decade. Steelers Cardinals Super Bowl was #1. Also mentioned was the 2006 AFC divisional game, Steelers Colts